Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday musings...adieu

Six months have gone by in a blink.....
Welcome back, even if only for a fond farewell...
I said I would wait this long and think long and hard whether or not to continue and so I did....
No regrets....
None at all....
Adieu one and all.....
So thanks and for the last time - take care....
flatlander 52

A Hui Ho!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday musings

Well, back a week now.
Settling back into the same old routines.
Somewhat conforting.
Somewhat saddening.
As usual, the more things change - the more they stay the same - right?
One gets tired of the sameness after time after time of it all.
Just human I guess.
You know I have been rattling on for the last couple of months about the right time to end this blog.
The time seems right.
As in every thing in life, there comes a moment that if you astute enough, you know when to end something.
A politician when the public trough is emptied.
An athlete when the ravages of time become apparent.
A singer when the voice and audience melts away.
A Blogger when they realize that the topic(s) repeat over and over and over and......
You get it.
I have had a great run my friends and I am honoured that every week for the last 4 plus years you logged on and took a chance on my column.
I honestly cannot say if this is the forever end or just a period of hiatus.
Perhaps I will get the "itch" again to rail against the vicissitudes of the world some day.
Can't say.
For now, I am taking some time off to reflect, pause and regroup and smile again.
That's a good thing.
If I do return - look for me in October as that is my cut off moment whether or not to return.
If not, then thanks again - you did much more for me than I could have ever done for you - trust me.
take care out there,

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday musings

That's it
3 weeks on the Sandwich Islands gone in a flash
The world repeats itself this past month it seems.
Want some examples?
Sure, here we go starting with yet another veto by the American President Obama of a proposed oil pipeline running from Canada to American refineries for processing and almost all the profit flowing into American hands.
One suspects he will be vetoing this in his sleep 40 years from now.
Another example, ISIS continues its evil rampage against civilization - with little world opposition.
The ugly war in the Ukraine - still going strong. A cease fire agreed to by Mr. Putin - seems he forgot about that before the ink was dry.
And speaking of Russia - the Leader of the Opposition to Mr. Putin was murdered in the middle of Red Square this week.
Are we seeing the return to a dictatorship by that country or has it already happened by stealth?
Indeed Mr. Putin has personally taken a hand in the investigation of this crime - shades of the corrupt Inspector from the movie Casablanca when he says "round up the usual suspects!"
Drought in California - what year is this anyway?
Iran insults America at the bargaining table with no repercussions.
The three companies with total control of Canadian Internet service raise their rates again with no fear of government reprisal.
Heck the Canadian government seems more intent on explaining how it cannot craft a law within a 12 month deadline from its own Supreme Court on assisted suicide because it is "too complex" an issue. Hmm... too complex but not because there is an election this year and they do not appear to have, oh, let us say, the INTEGRITY to do the right thing because they may lose a few votes in that election?
No honour  is there?
Another example?
How about the sanctimonious attitude of folks about the "whiteness" of the Academy Awards?
Like really?
You mean it never was just a "white" industry?
These are the same people that inflict the Kardashians, the Honey Boo Boo's, the Duck folk on you. And they do so because the viewer laps it up because they are filled with envy and scorn of their fellow humans. And anything that demeans them - well that makes the "common" folks just a little bit better.
So, as said, this month seemed like the movie Ground Hog Day to me.
Too much sun, sand and quietness to get annoyed.
That being said, some things to check into in the coming months.
Argentina - where goes that country with an election this year as well and rampant inflation and stories of corruption and dark "things" abounding?
Greece - default now or in 4 months and what will it cost you?
America - what happens with its lame duck President and befuddled opposition?
Canada - the falling dollar and the hit to oil prices - can you spell recession yet?
France - what will you do to help the fate of Jews in your increasingly polarized country?
Germany - bully or European financial savior?
On a different note and truly a sad one, yet another hero is gone from us.
Leonard Nimoy is among the Cosmos now.
He was an actor and the character he portrayed over the decades is a beacon of light for many.
Look up his life and pause.
Live long and prosper - your rest is well deserved sir.
But enough for now as while you read this (today being Sunday) we are somewhere above the clouds heading back to our Island in the sun on the coast of British Columbia.
Looking forward to seeing home again and flowers starting to bloom in the earlier than normal Spring we are getting this year.
So, aloha to my beloved Sandwich Isles - definitely A  hui hou!!
Mahalo folks.......

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday musings

Another week has passed on these marvellous Islands and yet again another gift to you - a shorter than normal that is!
Well to the surprise of many, Greece has negotiated a 4 month loan extension on its debt mountain much to the apparent disapproval of the German government.
And the money markets responded in a small positive way.
Can't figure out if this is a good thing or just delaying what some call the inevitable declaration of bankruptcy of the Greek state.
A cynic might observe that no matter what the outcome, the bankers and inside traders will win and the lonely taxpayer will foot the bill.
Who said something to the effect of "history repeating itself" anyway?
The latest electronic lynch mob frenzy is sweeping the United States in terms of truth in reporting with yet a second and third well known and respected news reporter being accused of "conflabbing" the truth in their recollections of war zone reporting in the past.
Enough already and how about those nameless, faceless keyboard attackers get a life and move out of their parents garage and get a job and hey - pay some taxes??
Oh, and yes I did spot the typo in last weeks blog but in all honesty, felt too lazy to correct it - blame in on these Sandwich Islands OK?
Speaking of OK, this week the "BOSS" and I got to see a free concert given by the talented Henry Kapono.
A true master of Island music with an engaging personality and marvellous voice.
Last year on Maui we saw Hapa and now this year on Hawaii, Henry K. - does it get any better?

I suspect that it was a good thing that he did not recognize me and ask me to get onstage and sing with him as the entire area might have been evacuated in a few seconds as my better half compares my dulcet tones to that that of enduring a session of fingernail dragging on a chalkboard!
I see on the little bit of TV news we get here that many parts of North America are continuing to dig and dig and dig out from snow or still shiver from lasting cold snaps. Nothing funny about that condition and one can only hope that the longed for Spring will make a dim memory of these difficult times for all involved.
We did the drive from Kailua Kona to Hawi this week and it is educational how much the topography on this side of the Island resembles that of the area around Medicine Hat, Alberta. Typical ranchland is the concept that springs to the mind. 
And yet the other side of the Island is tropical rainforest style. 
And that we will see next week when we motor to Akaka Falls near Hilo.
Oh, we have seen a large number of whales this year.
Simple awesome - really and truly.
And mankind hunts and kills them?
And we are the better species?

What is it with folks these days that when a person dies tragically, whether by roadside accident or in the case of a little boy who wandered outside the building he was staying in and froze to death, that they are compelled to leave visible markers such as teddy bears, toys and the like at the site? Or how the trend is to have interweb fund raising sites pop up to pay for the funeral? Is this a case of people really caring or just a way of exposing their shallow "wannabe part of a group" beehive mentality that is a consequence of this Twiiter \Instagram world that now surrounds us?
Heck, you cannot walk on a beach without seeing almost 90% of the people with their eyes staring at a cellphone while they walk along, totally oblivious to the beauty that is around them.
George Orwell must be smiling one suspects.
Sad, really sad.
A friend from My Island e mailed this week and said that Spring is a month ahead of the norm and plants are starting to "bud out". One suspects that this will be a good year weather wise on the Island but water conservation will be a concern possibly due to a lack of snow fall in the mountains this winter.
Oh well, so it goes.
In the meantime...time to go to Da Beach!

A Hui Huo!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday musings

Aha - you might think this was late being posted and if you live in Old Blighty - you might be correct.
But since we are on the beach here on the Sandwich Isles - right on schedule.
So, with that bit of advance warning, you would be right in guessing that this weeks blog will be both :
(a) short
(b) have a few pictures
One suspects there will be grateful sighs of relieve to read that this will be short!
As usual, world news goes through the filter of American "eyes" here and more time is spent on Washington news and local farm and state items than things like oil prices, the war in the Ukraine and that.
Indeed the brouhaha surrounding the well known national TV News Anchor "fib" and work suspension is much more important.
Oh well.
And since we are in such a special place, world affairs just are not so urgent anyway.
Submarine ride update.
Much to the sorrow of the noted Saskatchewan painter we know, the head of ValMar productions, the screen door on the sub he warned me about was indeed shut for the descent!
No one told me about the leaky skylight though.....
What a gorgeous and marvellous world there is beneath the water surface.
Humbling really.
Mankind can be so inward looking arrogant at times and when you see this even for a short time, you are taken aback.
Everyone should do this ride.
Today we leave for the island of Hawaii or the Big Island as some refer to.
Looking forward to this our first trip in over 25 years.
I promise a longer blog next week (maybe!) and leave you with some pictures.
A Hui Ho!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday musings

So I mentioned last week about Spring being at the front door - well, tell that to the east coast of North America or even the British Columbia Rockies and area.
Boy oh boy did they get whacked with snow blast after blast after blast.
My bad.
But..... the rhododendrons are starting to bloom in select areas around here on my Island and the local ski mountain has closed for the season due to no snow anymore.
So a famous American News person is admitting to "conflabbing" the truth about an episode in a war zone involving (or not) him.
Since when is the word conflab the same as lying?
Babble speak so as to minimize the impact.
From a reporter no less.
As bad as those "talking heads" that look at a TV camera solemnly and say they cannot comment due to privacy laws. And yet in the large majority of instances these pompous twits would not know privacy requirements if it bit them in the ass.
A smokescreen to hide behind and not be accountable.
You notice more and more in society people are making sure they get all they can and yet refuse to be accountable and spend untold time and resources to avoid responsibility yet piously attack via faceless keyboard anybody who is not "vanilla"?
And what of those folks that refuse to vaccinate their children?
Either because they are lazy or as some might say - stupid.
The autism society of America has flat out said vaccines do not cause autism - but do these "parents" care?
Do they think?
How about making them financially responsible for medical expenses incurred when their infected children infect others because of their irresponsible attitude?
How about making them accountable for the sorrow caused if someones child dies from measles supplied by their infected "free choice" offspring?
A selfish me first generation.
And they have no excuse for this - none - period.
Take your pick but they are wrong.
Heck, they probably vaccinate their dog or cat with no second thought!
The American store chain called Target is shuttering its Canadian operations and it is educational to see a couple of things happening in the process.
First, in line with a somewhat blase approach to consumer - signs indicating stock liquidation ranging up to 30% actually were meant for a small, small, small amount of merchandise. Almost a disdain for the shoppers that came out for the "sale". That being said, it is interesting to see the self entitled spoiled arrogance of the shopper that loudly proclaims to be insulted by the lack of almost free "stuff".
Selfish me first folks - embarrassing to think they are my fellow citizens.
And yes, Canucks can be arrogant in their so called self proclaimed humility when it is exposed to the world.
The Canadian Supreme court has ruled on doctor assisted suicide this week in favour of those wanting the right to do so.
The Federal government has vowed to take the full year extended by the Court to change legislation.
Funny that.
A full year is needed.
Oh, did I mention there is a Federal election this year?
And in the House of Commons, not a single question from the Opposition side on this matter to the Government.
Not one.
Makes a person wonder why.
And the irony in this is that Health care is a Provincial matter by law - and yet no one in the media is mentioning that.
Hello news networks - do some homework OK?
And the dirty vicious wars in the Ukraine, Middle East and elsewhere flame brightly - was it only a month ago the airwaves were full of wishes of "goodwill to all men"?
A slow trickle of news reports now becoming a small torrent is about a demanded restitution of goods seized in the Cuban revolution of over 1/2 a century ago to Americans as a condition of better relations.
One assumes that the American government of the day made restitution to those affected by their war of Independence?
This might be a tough sell to the Cubans and the world community.
Next thing you know, native Americans might demand the same from Washington!
There were and are a lot of treaties made with them and Canadian First Nations as well by Governments that were never honoured - a fact.
 Next week - my submarine ride and that is gonna be cool to say the least.
Hmm, assuming that I can be wedged into the darn thing!
take care out there,
oh- gone fishing!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday musings

OK, still torn between continuing this blog or walking away....
Until I make up my mind... let's continue for as long as the road beckons.....
I know a smattering of history, will never claim to be a scholar but do know that many great minds and good people were and are produced by the Muslim culture.
The same can be said for the Christian, Pagan, Buddhist and others.....
And this only shows the incredible disservice to their religion (or so they claim) and to mankind that the "people" involved in the terror group ISSIS do with their foul deeds and thinking.
And now 2 more hostages beheaded.
There seems to be no way to have a dialogue with them.
History will unfold, envelop and dismiss them - a fact to be proven over time.
Eventually mankind tires of petty tyrants and fanatical groups and grinds them into memories.
No one will or should miss them when it happens.
The Canadian dollar continues to slide downward in value compared to the American greenback. Only a short time ago they were equal and now the Cdn is worth less than .79 USA. Apparently this is good for some manufacturers and exporters but the average citizen will pay more for any and all imported goods and think 2 or 3 times before venturing abroad as the cost of living outside Canada will be much higher.
Some blame the falling value of oil.
Some blame the banks.
Some blame the lazy Canadian worker (never seen many of those in my life).
Some blame the infamous "them".
Maybe it is just a cyclical thing.
Greece is getting used to having a "leftist" style government is power.
Still baby steps at this point and the next 3 months will set the tone for that country and indeed the whole European Union.
Will it be able to write off a whole boatload of debt?
Heck, many big businesses do so without apparent penalty but one digresses.
And if it does, will Portugal, Argentina and Venezuela be far behind?
Speaking of my beloved Argentina, troubling times there as a special investigator is murdered and some pundits point fingers at the President herself as being behind this.
Hmm...not sure about that but the country does need answers sooner than later one thinks.
As it is, the economic health of Argentina could use a little boost these days and maybe one day those vulture loan lawsuits will end once and for all and the country can move forward.
A person should see that land at least once in their lives, it is so wonderful and the people are special.
In America, political gridlock is almost upon the country as we see the specter of an incumbent, soon to be retired, President determined to impose his will on the Houses of Government - regardless of what the people voted for in recent elections.
That makes one ask - does any politician care, really care about the folks that pay their wages?
It has been said here before, that the world needs a strong America, not a bemused, becalmed befuddled and impotent America.
In a sign of intolerance in Europe, reports are stating the many French Jews are fleeing that land to live in Israel. Sad to say, a silent fact is how deep was the collaboration of the French authorities with the Nazi regime during the Second World War in the murder of those of the Jewish faith. And yet one of the true safe havens for Jews in Europe seems to be Berlin.
Intolerance whether of religion, colour or nationality is unforgivable in a civilized world and yet many people terrified at the loss of economic stability, plain fear, greed or envy cannot resist base cries against others.
The old canard - better them than me - is their sad justification.
Hey, remember reading here about a possible submarine ride?
Yup, gonna happen.
I will set sail soon on a short trip aboard the Atlantis submarine.
Hope they shut the screen doors when we head out!

In a sure sign of Spring here on my Island, our letter carrier folks are into walking shorts so Winter must be finished - right?
take care out there,

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday musings

Just numbers.
Some with meaning and some... without.
In America next weekend, the championship of American rules football (sorry to my friends the Yanks, it is not a world championship) takes place under the grandiose markings of Roman numerals.
The insane number of people killed by Ebola since last year this time - meaningless really.
The insane number of people killed by that dirty civil war (many say funded by Russia) in the Ukraine - meaningless really.
How does one relate to those numbers anyway?
Don't think you can in all honesty.
One sheds a mental "tear" at photos and videos of corpses strewn about - then you shrug and carry on.
The number of dollars CEO's of large companies receive for firing people in order to generate profit on the bottom line for avaricious investors - just numbers aren't they?
People celebrate folks who live into their second century.
Amazing considering that in the last century life expectancy was in the 50-60 year range.
But still - just a number.
And then....
208 is a number.
Divide it by 52 and there you go - the number of years this blog has existed as of this posting.
It started out one early Sunday morning, born out of frustration and a sense of futility at strange, weird, goofy, evil and incomprehensible actions of people around the world.
Heck, this blog has tilted at any pompous human windmill and everything from strange German words to debris flow from a tsunami to emergency winter housing for those less able to afford so.
It talked of black organic tomatoes and of the admiration I have for three young ladies that have been part of my life.
Week after week, the work of putting thoughts and emotions on electronic "page" forged a routine that never varied, whether on my Island here on the Left Coast or wondrous Kihei town in the Sandwich Islands, magical Buenos Aires,  cheerful Toronto and quiet Briercrest.
Week after week, trying to keep focus and not allow the blog to devolve into whiny blather.
Hopefully successful.
Perhaps not always so.
But one tried.
Where does the blog go from here now?
Not sure my friends.
Not sure.
I have seen readers log on from all over this darn world.
Humbling is the word that I use.
Never thought folks would read my ramblings more than once.
I was wrong it seems.
Heck - I even got a couple of comments from you!
How cool is that?
And no, the readership is not in the millions per week, heck more like 40-60 on average and still, remarkable to me at least.
I repeat - where to now?
I read this past week a blog where the writer "signed" off because he said it was "time".
I understand what he meant by that.
And yet....
I still feel that there are a few more stories and grumbles to vent in me....
What do you think?

take care out there,

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday musings

Sometimes one wonders how, if at all, people think.
Seriously, do folks let their petty jealousies and envy completely skewer their view of the world?
Why the heck do they only get happiness in their sad attempts to drag everyone else else down to a lower socio-economic level than their own?
Specifically the almost unholy vicious glee of those anonymous keyboard hacks on social media that cheered the announcement this week in Canada of the closing of 133 American owned Target Department stores.
Do they not have a single gram of intelligence or compassion in their brain cage?
Do they not realize that over 17,000 TAX paying employees will be out of work?
Do they not realize that those 17,000 may apply for social support - paid by the rest of the working folks?
Do they not realize that store closings means less property taxes paid to cities that in turn provide services demanded by these chortling fools?
Who picks up the tab for that?
What is wrong with those people?
Maybe the Interweb should be dismantled and banned.
For all the good it does, look at all the bad - heck evil, it allows.
Reputation destroying media campaigns, sometimes based on nothing.
Instructions on how to destroy.
Promotion of racism, bigotry, hatred.
I dunno... I know everyone wants "free" access and information from the Interweb but when crazies and evil folks pervert it - are restrictions needed?
A worrisome thing.
I have no answer.
The PC crowd - that is to say, the Politically Correct talkers - have gone overboard with relentless attacks on anything that is not "vanilla" bland.
You cannot say anything that might offend a single person or they will unleash their digital wrath on you.
A lady in the United States is reported by media (1 person makes this newsworthy?) to be outraged/offended/humiliated -take your choice - after she saw taillights on a school bus that in her unbiased opinion, illuminated the sign of Satan.
Come on.
There is a famous saying " that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" and rest assured that this has happened many times in history and for all the good that has changed in western society in terms of rights for minorities, gays, cultural groups - well the forces that are opposed to this will eventually become aggressive in opposition.
And that is wrong and sad my friends.
Why cannot the middle ground work?
I dunno but I fear for the future.
Over in Germany in the city of Leipzig a mob of 600 people stormed the downtown area on Thursday evening, attacking local government buildings, smashing shop windows, destroying police vehicles and spray painting anti-fascist slogans along the way.
Really - this is how intelligent civilized people act?
 Not really, just an excuse to destroy and loot behind a mob face with less fear of being arrested and charged for being a criminal.
Less than a week before the elections in Greece and the party touted to win is promising free spending on the populace as a plank.
This has got to worry the bankers and governments as Greece has been considered a professional welfare case country in the European community and mainly kept financially afloat by Germany and France and England.
That will end at some point and the hardships the Greeks have endured the last number of years may seem like a picnic compared to what happen when the money spigot finally shuts off.
And not a word in North American media about this.
Wonder why.
A top European rights official warned Spain on Friday that it risked destroying its asylum system if it passed a law authorizing police to immediately deport migrants from its north African territories.
Germany imposes a road tax on on highways used by out of country vehicles (tourists).
All signs of a retreat from world integration and a push to isolationism.
And who pays for this?
Yes, the lonely taxpayer.
Get used to it.
Oh well.
Enough already of the gloom stuff.....I saw the first Spring plants for sale at the local shops this week. Primroses for $1.29 each were the big item but already the shelves are filling and with the robins back in full force, it looks like we are in the last throes of what has been a mild "winter". Hard to imagine being back on the prairie flatlands and looking forward to another 3 months of snow and the like.
Turning into a west coast wussy it seems.
Enough to make me want to stamp my sandal shod feet and spit out some chai latte!

take care out there,

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday musings

The horror in Paris...what more to say than what has filled the air around us for so many days already?
Why is it that a religion like Islam is so dishonored by so-called adherents?
They are not true believers are they?
No, just "people" so twisted that they pervert a great religion for their own gain...the exact opposite of what the religion talks about.
Let them fade into obscurity - no better punishment than that.
Cowards all.
The cartoonist David Pope speaks for all civilized people in the cartoon below

So oil prices continue to slowly fall and no decrease in air fares right?
The big German bank -DB for short warns about overvalued Canadian housing.
It warns of a housing crash and the fall of Canadian civilization.
About time.
Every other country in the Western world has been hit with this tag since 2008, now it is Canada's turn.
American President Obama is promising to veto an oil pipeline construction project that would carry Canadian crude oil through America to refineries in the American Gulf States for processing. He cites lack of American jobs and all profit going to those dastardly Canucks. Of course he is wrong and spinning this to placate his political base.
The winter cold has really whacked many parts of North America this week and there is no really good thing to say about it except what we used to say on the Prairie Flatlands - "at least it keeps the darn mosquitoes away!" But we should as a society make a better effort at emergency housing for those homeless folks - they can and do die sleeping outside in this cold whether on the streets of Briercrest or the streets of Washington.
And yes, this really does matter.
I have on occasion taken media folks to task over silly and poor reporting and lazy work ethics. And many do deserve this but they really may be contributing to a modern day lynching mind set in people via the breathless coverage of social media diatribes.
We have seen way too many reports of a media storm erupting as a handful (at times and on other times many, to be fair) of people - usually hiding behind a keyboard - viciously and many times without facts attack a person or company just because....
The most recent examples occurred in Canada and the United States.
Canada - where some students in a Dentistry College posted a number of stupid comments on a Facebook page. Instead of being reprimanded and possibly further disciplined the University basically destroyed these peoples future by its' public over reaction. This was prompted by quasi blackmail from some professors who originally complained and decided that the University was not acting immediately on their demands. So they went to the media, used social forums and demonstrated against this "misogyny" until the University responded.
Overkill fueled by the media.
In the United States, a well known black comedian has been accused, tried and convicted in the social media without a formal judicial charge, trial or conviction. Whether he is innocent or guilty does not seem to matter to those attacking him on line or in front of TV cameras.
What happened to innocent until proven guilty in America and Canada?
Overkill fueled by the media.
We are witnessing the tyranny of society by the few with apparent assistance by the media ever hungry for 24/7 news - whether accurate, unbiased or just a damn lie as long as it can be broadcast and get ratings and advertising dollars.
This is the democracy and equality that our previous generations gave their lives for?
I think not.
And we all lose.
Anyway, good things still happen on this planet of ours.
We won $10 on a lottery ticket this week and by my reckoning, have only spent about $100,000 on tickets over the decades to be so fortunate!
My "daughter" the author has recently shown me a few glimpses of her latest book as it emerges from her mind and keyboard and golly, is it a hum dinger!!!
Rest assured I will be posting a link soon as it is published.
I do so admire her and her talent.
And yes, it seems that in a few short weeks,  we will be back to the Sandwich Islands as we just cannot seem to get enough of that fabled spot.
So be prepared for the odd pineapple photo!!!
take care out there,

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday musings

New Year, new thoughts ( or so most hope!).
Air Asia crash was the third one in 12 months for an Eastern world airline. Many attribute this to an increased demand for air travel and lack of pilots. Left unsaid is how darn crowded the skies now are in that part of the world and how there is a lot of every day horrible weather occasions there. And NO- I will not refer to them as "events"-what nonsense perversion of the English language is this these days?
Anyway, the only difference in this sad event is that some bodies and possibly the main wreckage have been found whereas in the other two - nothing. At least those tin foil wearing conspiracy folks will have no venue to babble forth their inverted view of events, all based on the mysterious "them" doing it to the trodden down "us".
Or a case one could say of "them" stomping on "them"!
Air transportation sure has changed over the last 30 years hasn't it?
Where once seats were spacious and meals tasted like food (and free) now we are packed tighter and tighter in every new plane that is unveiled and even more disappointing is the total collapse of any form of civility by the flying public. Manners and politeness are the exception not the norm. Smelly, shoeless drunk fools and parents incapable of parenting mewling infants rule the skies and woe to the passenger that dares to object to chaos of the masses - they become pilloried on social media and verbally abused by one and all.
Oil continues to slump and hover around $50 USA dollars a barrel and many folks do not understand a possible social and economic blow to some economies such as Canada that will be. Much revenue is pulled via taxation on sold oil and this pays for social programs and general revenue. With this disappearing - well, no need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that something is gonna have to suffer - right? Yet folks are shown on TV smirking over how they are spending about $25 a week less on filling up their vehicle. rest assured the savings do not get put into the bank or used to pay off a credit card or four. Nah, more like another pack of smokes, more latte drinking or entertainment. Those that will in all likelihood be facing reduced welfare payments or social assistance - well too damn bad right?
Unless you are the one that needs it.
Then it is a big deal.
As Spock once said, "the needs of the many versus that of the few" and sometimes we as a society that professes to care, need to "pay" a little more to make sure those without can survive.
And this does not include those namby pamby tree hugging causes that truly are the luxuries of a pampered group.
Troubled times ahead I think.
Many folks are polarized over the so called thaw in relations between America and Cuba.
Perhaps they should see exactly what it actually means.
It does not mean that tourism will explode overnight to Cuba.
It does not mean American style democracy will explode overnight in Cuba.
It does not mean "free enterprise" factories and business will open overnight in Cuba.
It means the opening of a US Embassy for now.
No more.
Time and the change of the political regime via age in Cuba will need to happen.
We need to remember that there is a complete political class on that Island that thrives under the present system and they will literally fight to the death to keep the existing status quo - no doubt about that.
So all the posturing by various political groups, especially in the United States, well, is a little, can one say - off the point?
Speaking of being wrong - what the heck is with the media love fest with stupid tag lines when reporting news or weather?
What intelligent reporter can talk about hashtag whatever?
You know silly bugger crap like #Santabomb for a normal winter storm?
Or #stormofthecentury?
Or #weathernado?
This babblespeak from supposedly trained and educated broadcast professionals?
Oh no indeed.
With it now being 2015, we can expect the political wars leading to the next USA Presidential elections to start in earnest. Total legal gridlock may be the result as each political party tries to score electoral vote points instead of being concerned about doing the job they were elected to do.
Too bad.
The world needs a strong and focused America more than ever these days.
Maybe it is wrong to question the motives of those well financed "greenies" that slag oil producing countries like Canada but ignore, say, Russia or Saudi Arabia or Venezuela for the exact same thing but someone should- right?
And also, where are these vocal chaps when talking about deforestation of the Amazon?
And where are they when it comes to Chinese coal power plants?
Here on my Island, a local controversy is emerging among the citizens of our largest city in regards to the wild deer population. Once again, well intentioned but wrong folks have for years been leaving food outside for the "poor bambis" and of course the result is that the deer have lost all fear of man. There is a yearly huge damage cost as a result of cars hitting these deer as they run across streets in the centre of the city. Also the deer can and do carry disease but now that a limited cull is proposed - well, you would think that the 5 horsemen of the Apocalypse were amongst the citizen.
Heck, the people are more incensed and involved over this item than they are over, say, the homeless, Ebola, AIDS, you name it.
Ah, living on the Left..err..West Coast, what an educational experience it can be.
By request I leave you with this graph of a year in the life of Canada.

Remember my mentioning last year (OK- last week is still last year technically) that on my wish list was to take a submarine ride sometime?
Stay tuned.........
Take care out there,