Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday musings

Well, to start off this week I offer a mea culpa for a line in last weeks posting about the saw mill we visited in Port Alberni. I was under the impression that the mill only milled a few logs for the visiting tour folks but was informed that it indeed is an actual working mill and produces cut wood products for the consumer industry. Which is actually a good thing as it provides a source of revenue for the site and there is never enough funding for such deserving projects. In fact there is a report that a book is going to be produced and if interested in the book and/or the whole adventure package, just Google the link - and hit the contact button for help.

I admit that I do enjoy the occasional feedback I get from my postings as it shows that people do actually read it!
In fact I am surprised over and over again to see where in the world readers come from. Every part of the globe has at one time or the other signed in and I do appreciate that...
I have mentioned about the power of the web for good and bad and I have to say that I think that there is the tendency for abuse of people becoming more and more common these days. Specifically the case of a somewhat well known person in the United States, Ms. Paula Deen. In a TV interview recently she said that while younger that indeed she used what is termed in America as the N Word in regards to African Americans. She is a lady well into middle age and is a product of the American South with all its attendant history. She further explained that she does not do so as an adult and does not condone such language. Of course the twitterverse went batcrazy and slammed the heck out of her. Abuse and condemnation flooded the airwaves and print media as well. Almost all her corporate sponsors have now dropped her and she also has lost her TV show as well.
Well, I have a couple of problems with that.
First is the fact that there is probably not a single person who when hopefully only as a young person, used derogatory words or phrases describing an individual or race.
And honestly, all the political correctness we now live in is a product of mostly the least decade or so.
Back in the 60's and 70's where were the gay rights? Where were woman’s rights? Of course the right to abortion is still under attack today by so called freedom advocates in the States, but I digress... Where were a lot of the things we take for granted now?
And also, it does seem like a one way street at times. A person is slammed for using the N Word but people who are coloured use it on TV talk and award shows with impunity and no criticism. And where is the social storm when a white person is called a “cracker” or “honkey”?
Just saying....
Double standard anyone?
The same applies for drug use by average people -arrest/fines/jail and the famous celebs who post pictures on line holding so called blunts – not a peep from the authorities.
Sad, really sad.
An example of the waning power of the union in Canada came out this week from a University in North Saskatchewan in the small city of Saskatoon. It seems that the University there, with the active consent of the union representing workers, fired/laid off/terminated (take your choice of word here) 29 unionized staff and on the same day posted the exact same job openings but at a much lower pay rate.
As in the case throughout history, the pendulum of fairness and equality in the workplace never sits in the middle but swings from one extreme to the other. One of the biggest factors in the founding and success of the union movement in North America was the pursuit of a fair working wage and safe working conditions. That pursuit succeeded too well as many contracts over the decades became over rich and bloated. Just look at sick days for certain government employees, pension plans and the like.
Just remember that contracts are signed by the employee and the employer though.
After the latest great depression of 2008 hit, many feared for their jobs and the mad dash for cost savings in government and industry began in earnest. And of course the unions were easy targets.
As long as my job is safe – to heck with anyone else seemed to be the mantra.
This is not a defense or attack on unions but more of an observation at how the “pendulum” as I referred to, moves.
At the end of the day, we are still talking about people, with all their hopes, fears and aspirations – we are talking of you and me my friends.
And honestly if all the good well paying jobs are sourced out or lost – then at what cost?
And who is left to buy all the fancy consumer goods and toys?
Think about it.
If the middle class is wiped out – where does the present high standard of living many now enjoy come from and who pays for it if there are no more middle class taxpayers left but only the ever increasing non tax paying poor and the uber rich who bend politicians to help them legally avoid paying any tax at all?
Any suggestions ?
Thought not.
Nelson Mandela is slowly fading away and leaving this mortal world. Cannot the health system and media let this titan go out in peace and on his own terms?
He did so much for humanity in such a tumultuous life and for no personal fiscal gain, we are privileged to have lived at the same time, He will rub shoulders in the afterlife with giants such as Gandhi, Confucius, Socrates and the like.
Egypt seems to be stirring again as more and more pro and anti President Morsi protests erupt. Many observers see this as a fight between religious society control versus democratic society control. It seems that all through the Middle East dictatorial hard line parties hiding under the guise of religion are trying to take over countries. And it seems like the ones to suffer the most as a result will be women. Many wonder why so many men there are so terrified of the prospect of women being accorded the same rights and privileges as men.
And in Syria, continued fighting has claimed more than 100,000 victims according to some reports. And the world sits by.
And sits....
And sits....
Keep an eye out for news from the region of Kashmir as coalition forces leave the Afghan region, tensions that were moderated over the last decade seem to be flaring again. More reports of sporadic violence are emerging and this will have an impact on how New Deli reacts.
Never a peaceful moment on this planet it seems.
Meanwhile on my second most favourite Island, the Maui Brewing Company brewpub will host a fundraiser for Maui's native forest birds.
How cool is that?
We had lunch the other day with our “daughter” the realtor in the small town of Ladysmith and spun many a happy tale and had a great time. She mentioned a rhododendron plant that was over 100 years old and now resembles a tree!
So, here is a photo of it.

and I though that they were only cut plants from my many years on the prairie flatlands!
Well this week will see celebrations of national pride here in Canada – July 1- Canada Day and in the United States – July 4th – Independence Day and best wishes to all on those days. May your countries, as in the words of Spock from Star Trek, live long and prosper!

Hopefully you are enjoying these dog days of summer...
take care out there,

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday musings

In the province of Alberta, Canada, a massive series of rain spells created a flood whose size has not been seen in over 100 years this week. Over 100,000 people were evacuated from the city due to flooding and will not be able to return to their homes before mid week at the earliest. Damage estimates range in the 1/2 billion plus range. Sadly, Canada's foremost environmentalist jumped into the public discourse by proclaiming that the floods were a result of mans impact on the environment. Many people were outraged by the insensitivity of his remarks in the wake of this disaster when compassion is required, not criticism. One could find more fault with civic administrations that have allowed settlement in historical flood plain areas instead while in the continuing reach for more tax revenue and expansion.
Iraq is in the throes or more internal car bombings that are killing scores of innocents. When did society change where such evil is allowed and not rooted out and destroyed? The line of "one mans terrorist is anothers freedom fighter" sure wears thin when the body count always involves women, children, and the elderly.Many ask why there is such a difference in reaction from authorities and people when these attacks occur in countries such as the United States as compared to Iraq. When an attack happened in Boston and now in Irag. Totally different reactions and results. Some pundits point to the difference in cultures both politically and religiously. I do not know if this is correct, all I know is that the people who were murdered did not deserve to die that way.
I mentioned the other week that the Greek government decided to immediately shut down the national state run TV networks as part of its austerity drive.The results were predictable as some of the coalition parties have quit supporting the government in protest. and now reports come out indicating that some 2,000 of the fired 2,600 workers will be hired for a "new" state run TV network.
So what savings did this action and reaction really accomplish anyway?
Government action by inaction and shuffling of the chairs seem the preferred method of operations for all governments these days.
Not too much in the news about Cyprus and Spain these days is there?
A feature of today's media is how quickly it loses interest in a topic in pursuit of the ratings and advertising money.
Pensioners in those countries continue to suffer, students are still underemployed and immigrants still face hostility and rage.
That has not changed at all.
These people are no longer the "flavour of the week".
 On a brighter note, a mens underwear firm in France has released a new line of fragrence scented briefs. Really good to know that the French are on top of the biggest problems facing mankind.
Kind of makes you sleep better at nights doesn't it?
And now for your great German word of the week - Kummerspeck.
Speaking of flooding, many parts of Germany, France and India also are being hit with devastating results. One German politician wonders if rather than trying to restrain rivers with dikes and concrete channels, that allowing them to run along their origional courses would be better. Many would agree with this. At least let the construction of mega dollar homes on the edge of rivers be curtailed. Or just cancel any insurance for those that want to build in this areas. As if any politician would have the termitity to try such a thing!
Speaking of hyperbole, ever notice how the media now always speaks in terms of "storm of the century" or "trial of the century" or as in the case this weekend of a wonderful sight of a full moon larger thand normal in the night sky ' a "SUPERMOON"? What gives with that?
Anyway, we went up island this week for a ride on a restored mid 20th century steam engine triain. It went for a trip through a forest to a "living museum" sawmill and logging site in a small town called Port Alberni. The mill and logging site do not produce product for the consumer market but rather run when the tours come through to show people how trees were cut down and then cut into boards for export. A fascinating trip back into a rugged and yes, dangerous era but well worth preserving and seeing.

There really is a "cool"factor to riding the rails. I remember with fondness my trips on them in Europe when I was so, so much younger and sharing meals and wine with complete strangers in a companionship of travellers, great times indeed.
Today we are off to another farmers market in the hamlet of Cedar in the search for freshly harvested strawberries and creamed honey - way too much fun this life on the Island!
take care out there,

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday musings

Do you remember American President Obama saying that there is “a red line” in Syria that cannot be crossed without dire consequences? Well, this week the line apparently was crossed with the long known but now publicly confirmed (ha!!) chemical weapon usage by the government on opponents. The dreaded response?
Would it be as swift and crushing as what was done to Iraq with its suspected weapons of mass destruction?
Instead there will be some mortars and RPG's (rocket propelled grenades) supplied at some point by the Americans to the opposition forces.
Even former President Clinton is now questioning the resolve of Mr. Obama in situations like these now.
This does not bode well for American influence in many parts of this troubled world sadly.
Argentina has had another majour rail line crash this week. Just a year after the last one. Once again fingers are pointing everywhere but at the real reasons for these crashes. Say what you may about unions, but they are correct in stating that lack of funds for maintaining and refurbishing and replacing rolling stock that in some cases is said to be 100 years old is the likely cause.
And that is the fault of government.
Plain and simple.
Now, no government plans to kill citizens through actions of neglect but that is what happens when money is tight as a result of inflation, corruption – you name it as officials spend money on things like police, military, mega projects, and hope that needed infrastructure work can wait a year – then another – and then another and then........
And then it hits the fan and people die.
Sometimes governments do act very quickly, which is surprising as they seems so addicted to opinion polls and making sure that the least number of people get upset over an action. This was the case in Greece this week when it was announced on TV that the State broadcasting Corporation would be shut down due to the ongoing fiscal crisis. And a couple of days later in the middle of a news broadcast, the plug literally was pulled shutting down the system and resulting in the dismissal of all staff without recourse and apparently without compensation.
Of course here in the province of British Columbia, the newly re-elected government, just a day or so after getting sworn back into office, showed how sensitive they are to the economic problems of the taxpayer by signing off massive increases to senior staff (some whose titles changed from Manager to Chief of Staff – La De Da indeed!) many who were defeated party hacks in the election and hired because of their “superior” qualifications (do they think voters are really so stupid as to believe the shyte they spout BTW?) immediately after said election?
Heck, some even earn more now than the elected Members of Parliament.
Nope, wrong, a day later it seems that in a show of stern stuff, the raises were rolled back a couple of thousand dollars so they were just a little less than the MLA's.
And people used to speak about South America as the land of Banana Republics!
Welcome to Canada my friend.
Federally in Canada Senators continue to be exposed for creative usage of lax rules of account reporting.
And the sad thing about it all?
None will ever be charged with fraud or theft of public funds.
If the average citizen did this, the Police would be knocking at their door and charges would flow swiftly.
Once again, one set of rules for the politicians (notice how many are lawyers by the way?) and one set for the common folks.
Iran has a new President now. It is difficult to get too enthused over a possible thaw in the relations of that country with the rest of the world as the real and final power and say still remains firmly in the hands of the clerics.
Oh well.
France once again will try to start discussions with employers and unions about changing pension benefits. The government wants to increase the amount of years that the worker must pay into the state plan in order to claim as well as raise the retirement age levels.
Good luck with that.
The sad part in all this pension “reform” is that the older worker has little job security at all these days and after they retire, to return to the workplace is almost impossible. So how does a person who has retired a couple of years ago find work after his pension is cut and he/she needs more income? And after all is said and done, when it comes to overgenerous pensions – it took 2 sides to agree to them. Both the worker AND the employer.
Not quite fair is it?
And once again, it seems easy to take money from a retired person with little political clout and at the same as a legislator, ensure that you have a wonderful pension, retirement transition fund and other little goodies – all tax free of course.
Sad, really....
OK, we know Spain has had a tough time these past few years but really this?
Police in the port city of Cádiz have complained the 'uncomfortable situation' of having no toilet paper in their headquarters and are urgently awaiting supplies. It seems the supplier of record has been changed and one thousand new rolls have been ordered but it may up to a month before the delivery arrives.
From the land of lederhosen and curry ketchup comes the latest wonderful strange word – Quadratlatchen
Yes indeedy do, wild and very descriptive.
Another report from Germany indicates that 80% of people looking for jobs apply on line only. What a drastic change in the way employment is looked for. When on line job posting first came out, many employers were very dubious of applicants and rarely even interviewed any people that did apply this way. The times, they are a changing....
It has been over 6 months since that horrific massacre of children in a school in a town in America called Newtown. Immediately afterward, the American President and many other politicians spoke strongly against the proliferation of automatic weapons and the need to restrict their use – ostensibly for the sake and safety of all children in America. They said future generations would look back at this moment and judge accordingly.
Well.... nothing has happened has it?
So... pretty easy to figure out how the future will judge the courage and mettle and integrity of those people isn't it?
But did anyone expect anything other than inaction to occur?
Naw, didn't think so.
Oh the children...
It seems that the innocence of people using the Internet knows no bounds as there is so much “outrage” over revelations that governments in America (ha-in all honesty this is world wide and not just in America) are gathering data on messages and other data from the 'Net and its majour companies such as Microsoft, Google and the like ( or so it is alleged by media folks).
Really? Did anyone think this is and was not being done?
If you are that naive, then someone somewhere has swampland in Arizona for you to buy.
Face it , anything you post on line is forever.
Just like postings on Facebook or Twitter or any social networking site, what is posted there stays there forever. And a word spoken in haste, stupidity, anger or plain ignorance can and will be stored somewhere by someone. And that can come back to haunt you, rest assured. And saying that you were joking, just does not cut it in this world anymore sadly.
The Web is amazing both for the incredible good it can do but as well as for the incredible harm it can and does do to people.
Life was easier when all we had was the telegraph machine wasn't it?
This week, on my second most favourite Island, that being Maui, we will see the launch of the 14th annual Maui Film Festival. With outdoor screenings under the stars and set in between palm trees and backgrounded by the sound of the gentle beach surf – what better locale than that can one imagine?
Maybe one year.....
Meanwhile, here on MY Island, Spring is giving way to Summer and so far it has been a great year in the weather department. We (that is, my better half and I) went to the local Street Fair/Festival this Saturday and were suitably impressed. A large number of outdoor displays with many local food wares and displays with a number of different ethnic groups proudly represented. A feature of Canada to be proud of I believe. One can be proud of their heritage and not cowed into complete assimilation and be a great citizen still.

By my count we have found at least 8 walking parks here and our list of great eating establishments continues to grow. I figure with every pound dropped from all the walking I gain them right back from the superb eateries!
Take care out there,

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday musings

You ever get a case of deja vu?
As one gets older, the instances happen more and more often as many situations that arise are eerily similar to what you have gone through earlier in life.
I have had that happen to me in the past and once again encountered the feeling this week while sitting down at my keyboard and thinking about the blog. As per my wont I troll through the odd past posting and after this weeks excursion find myself a little uncomfortable in the realization that, gasp, I have locked myself into a set of repeating observations/rants.
The easiest one to spot is my “love” for that oh so excellent organization, the UN.
Another is the one sided bias on much of today's media.
And for that, I issue a mea culpa.
I have been accused of becoming predictable and, oh no, boring!
Unfortunately, while this may be a correct assessment of my thinking, I cannot change it.
The UN is a waste of time and money as it stands today.
Unless enough people speak out and by doing so make their respective governments demand that the UN do what it was intended to, nothing will change.
Any hope for the stopping of much of the insanity of the world will be lost forever.
The media?
A good media is vital for the health of democracy. One that exposes real corruption and ineptitude and wrongdoing and evil is one of the bulwarks of a free and involved people. One that is driven by its own agenda and done so to help subvert the freedom and goals of a democratic society must not be allowed to flourish.
What ever happened to truth in reporting anyway?
Yes, many news reports are correct but they are seemingly written with an eye to compete with gossip news tabloid style report agencies. And it is scary when main line agencies in countries like Canada, with the CBC and CTV and Global, use a source like Gawker as their main news supplier without any question as to the accuracy or objectivity of the report.
And no one questions them as to why.
So, yes I have written many times on a few specific topics, and sadly will probably continue to write even more on them.
And yes, I am also tired of these topics but someone has to keep talking about them.
So, on a different note, I spent some time the last couple of days updating and sorting through my digital photos file system I am so glad that I became enthralled with taking pictures as the same time as digital electronic photos came of age. I shudder as to what I would have spent by now in getting prints done for all of them over the years and the time and effort used to assemble them into photo albums. And what about the space they would take up – and in all likelihood in the knowledge that no one would ever look at them again? At least a small closet would be needed I suspect.
So I copied, moved and sorted lots (10's of thousands maybe millions!) of photos and now am content and happy that the deed is done. OK, maybe not millions but after a few hours it sure seemed like it.
One pleasant part was taking the odd moment to open some of the files and see the opening of small windows of my past. I was fortunate enough to be able to have scanned a good number of projector slides (a big pastime for viewing decades ago) and rediscovered pictures of my grandparents that brought back good memories of them for me. And some really strange ones of myself – gawd I was really ungainly and awkward those many years ago, no question.

The sad part of this is, just like what happens to people all over the world with many photo memories, these matter only to a very few people and once they are gone, they become worthless.
Like the story about how important a person really is? As important as the effect on a glass of water when you put a finger in it and then remove it – not important at all.
The realization of mortality can be sad if you let it be.
Ah, but what the heck, it is your life and you should enjoy it while you can because youth, and vigour only come around once so why not appreciate it and enjoy the great memories in your dotage?
You know about “paying it forward”?
The custom of doing something, for no reward financially or socially or politically, for someone or a group in the expectation that they may do the same for someone down the road of life when they are able to do so?
Well, I have tried to do so for a number of years now and this week was able to do so again.
And yes, it was in a minor way but each long journey is started with a small series of steps. I, as many know, have an affinity for tech “stuff” and have waaaay too many computers, tablets and various devices of the sort. So, I thought rather than take an old unit to the local electronic recycle shop which would strip any usable components outs and sell them for scrap, I would search out any person or organization that needed one for learning about computers and the InterWeb, but did not have the money to spend to do so. I indeed did find someone and he took a laptop, laser printer and a Wii and Nintendo Ds for some kids on a reserve in the area.
A good man trying to make a difference and I was happy to be able to help contribute in a small way to helping some kids maybe get a step ahead in the world.
Paying it ahead – try it and feel good about life and yourself.
And that is it isn't it? There are so few people that can effect change on a global scale by themselves and many individuals are consumed by angst and rage against “the man” and “the system” and what they think “he” and “it” does to them. Maybe an answer is to do what little changes you can in your own little corner of the world. Paying it ahead, picking up litter, helping a senior across the street, not loudly swearing in conversation while in public, because doing many of the little things can and does make a difference. Maybe if more people did just a little extra, things would be better. It does not take tons of money nor time but like said before, a long journey is started with small steps.
Food for thought folks.
So here on the Island we have had some news that a friend is retiring and moving out here. Kind of cool to hear. I now have a walking stick if you can believe it. I thought that since my better half has been taking me (and shows no signs of stopping!) for bloody long walks nearly every day over terrain that can sometimes resemble goat paths in some of the parks we have discovered, that I needed something to lean on as I stumble along in the distance behind her. With all my wheezing and puffing, there is no chance that the wildlife will ever be surprised by our approach – that is a certainty!
And yet, I seem to be in better health now and actually look forward to these walks.
Sure do miss the old recliner though!
I knew the temperature was moderate here but this week re-discovered a grove of palm trees growing near the city centre here, hard to believe for a former flatlander who grew up in minus 40 winters!

Well, made it through a week without mention of Syria, the UN and some other bug a boos.
take care out there,

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday musings

Well, the war in Syria is back in the news again for all the wrong reasons. Anyone naive enough to want a peaceful settlement to the conflict should now have all their illusions shattered. In the UN (big surprise here) Russia blocked a “declaration of alarm” over the turmoil in the city of Qusair.
First off, a “declaration”?
As the hip youth say, WTF? Or as we older farts says, what the hell?
A “declaration”?
That's it?
With all the death and destruction?
A “declaration” and no more?
Toothless, useless organization, the UN.
A waste of money, time and space.
Also in Syria, reports are emerging that the regime is getting new MIG fighters, and missiles from Russia these days.
Does the UN do anything about that?
It is enough to make mountains weep....
There is a body of opinion that the European Union and related agencies are nothing more than a paper castle of technocrats running roughshod over individual countries and their economies and rights. People point to the soulless rulings on the banking system of countries like Cyprus and Spain and the devastation on the lives and savings of the average citizen while the the technocrats live in Versailles like splendour away from day to day realities secure in wage protections and the like. Well, now comes word that indeed the EU has 2 combat battalions ready for deployment in armed conflicts in Europe. The fact is that they have never been used as the EU technocrats are afraid of adverse public opinion. So in cases like Bosnia, they had “foreigners” aka Yanks, Canucks, fight their bloody war for them. And of course criticized the crap out of those countries for doing what they lacked the courage to do.
So, the moral of this is, if you want a zero risk, well paid, underworked, many day off career – join the EU military!
Never have to work a day at all!
Oh the absurdity of the EU, and also the sheer hypocrisy of the Continent in the way it views the rest of the world.
Slam the Americans and to an extent the Canadians, but at least they put their people in harms way to protect democracy.
In Toronto, the Mayor has been under attack by media and some say, special interest groups over alleged drug use and probably the fact that he is overweight and they just do not like him. So they organized a “massive” public protest this weekend demanding that he resign. All reports indicate that in a city of millions, only a few hundred or so turned out for the “massive” rally.
Do you think that maybe the media these days seems a little full of itself and its own perceived importance to the smooth running of the universe?
How many times has a video of a demonstration or rally accidentally panned behind the front line protestors to show that oops – maybe a hundred or two hundred people were actually making up the group that some breathless reporter described as being a turnout of thousands, no, tens of thousands?
Something perhaps like the coverage of the Idle No More protests that happened last year in Canada.
What ever became of those anyway?
Or the Occupy Movement?
See where this is going?
Thought so.
We lost another good person this week.
Jean Stapleton left us at the age of 90.
A wonderful actress, great humanitarian, she will always be fondly remembered for being the “wife” of the iconic American TV sitcom hero, Archie Bunker. This show will be recalled by older viewers as one that radically broke the syrupy smooth stereotype image of the American family from one of husband, wife, kids and a dog with glitter and sunbeams all around them to one of a family fighting lack of money, full of prejudices and attitudes and yet, still, with echoes of ourselves in them.
Heady stuff for those days. And she evolved in the series from a scatterbrained lady to one with character and dignity, especially as her character died from cancer in the series.
And she was even more impressive in her private life.
And who are the role models these days?
Not to disparage them, but would you list folks like Justin Bieber or Amanda Bynes?
No, didn't think so.
But who is there for our kids that the media would even acknowledge?
It is all about shock news sadly, so good people just don't cut it do they?
Good news here, newly elected members of Pakistan's National Assembly were sworn in Saturday. This marks the first transition of power between democratically elected civilian governments in the nearly 66-year history of this coup-prone country.
Sometimes there are rays of hope in the world aren't there?
Good for Pakistan.
Have you followed the advent and soon to be full scale introduction of Google Glass?
If not, it is a tool shaped like a pair of eyeglasses that the user wears full time. It has a small image projection on one lens that for all intents is a small computer screen running in real time. So the wearer can access their email, browse the web and other items.
Items such as possibly video taping you without your knowledge or consent.
Or facial recognition.
Of course Google says that this is not in the plans.
This is wrong, plain and simple.
Enough already with worship of technology and damn peoples rights in the stampeded to get the newest, fastest , latest bit of whatever.
Enough is enough.
Speaking of Venezuela, as a result of rampant inflation and resultant shortages, majour black market operations are flourishing apparently. This week police in Caracas seized nearly 2,500 rolls of toilet paper in an overnight raid of a clandestine warehouse storing scarce goods.
How crappy is that anyway?
Is Spain in deep economic trouble?
Silly question as obviously it is and reports are coming out about how deeply affected the health care system there is these days as a consequence. A recently passed law has limited access to health care for foreigners in Spain. In fact there are cases where care has been refused point blank. And this is happening in Europe, long praised by left wing thinkers as the “caring” part of the world as compared to cruel Canada or America.
Something to think about isn't it?
In breaking news from my favourite Hawaiian Island of Maui, there was a small fire in the bakery of the Safeway grocery store in Lahaina town. No damages and the store reopened in a few hours.
Island life, something else indeed.
Here on my Island, the big story is the fact that city council wants to install parking meters in the downtown area! There are some streets that offer 2 hour free parking and that is now in peril. Of course local old timers are in full petition mode and display outrage to one and all.
Island life, as said before, something else indeed.
My better half now walks with a pedometer in order to make sure that the infamous “10,000 steps for good health” is met each and every day. Of course, somehow I am involved in this pursuit of anatomical perfection – whether I want to be or not! I drag my sorry carcass after her on walks around parks, shorelines, harbour fronts, mall, and of course endless plant nurseries looking for the fabled “just one more I promise” plant.....
I need to hire a stand in so I can fall back into my recliner and enjoy the day in slothful bliss.........
take care out there,