Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday musings

OK, where to start?
Incredible election results in Ireland this past week. The so called natural ruling party tossed out on its' rump over voter frustration based on the imposed terms of a financial bailout from the European Union. It seems that the public there has had enough of being told that all things bad with the economy were their fault and they would have to pay the piper. They are saying that maybe the banks that created this situation should be held accountable - what a novel idea.
What a stunning contrast to the situation in the United States. There, Wall Street and the Banks were given majour cash bail outs from the Federal Government with no penalties whatsoever. Indeed the bonus structure that was so roundly condemned is back in full force! Who is paying for the depression that was incurred - the middle class of course. In Wisconsin you have a Governor that right after passing tax credits and relief for the wealthy, is intent on passing a budget that attacks unions, middle class, in effect attacking the core of the Democratic Party. It is safe to assume that this is a country wide plan of Republicans to destroy the base of their political opponents in the Democratic Party.
Have you ever looked at the history of South American countries? Would it surprise you that it is older and richer than that of North America? In fact the economies of most countries there is quietly chugging along and doing quite well thank you.
There is a court cased in Manitoba, Canada that troubles me. A judge has basically dismissed rape charges against an individual on the grounds that the victim wore a tube top, high heels and was apparently in a sexual mode - what kind of crap is that anyway? When will these male fossils finally wither away and become irrelevant? They are an embarrassment to men in general and society in particular. How would they feel if they were the woman? I bet you it would be quite a different reaction. What a dangerous clod he is!
On the topic of gas prices in Canada vs the United States. Why is it that when gas prices go up in the states it is pennies per gallon and yet in Canada it is as in Saskatchewan 8 cents per litre? That would be 32 cents in the American market, and yet there is no uproar at all? Is the Canadian taxpayer so beaten down that they are actually grateful that the increase was not more?
That is it for this week, so until next time, take care

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday musings

Well, another week has come to an end.
More unrest in the Middle East. Is it me or does it seem that when one sees videocasts from mainly American news organizations that their correspondents on the ground seem to be almost a spokesperson for the protestors rather than impartial reporters?
That they seem to promote/provoke protest whether peaceful or violent?
On the American deficit front, cannot their legislators see that their inability to formulate and implement true cost control policies will spell the end of the American Dream? They cut programs to help those without a lobbying team such as the old, handicapped and the destitute and instead beef up perks for the rich and the military? Can they not see that a simple item as a 5% national sales tax would dramatically reduce the debt?
In Canada you have a Federal government that promised transparency when running for power and now has the dubious distinction as possibly the most secretive of all time. They have a Minister of Government (Bev Oda) that appears to have not told the truth to parliament yet refuses to admit so, refuses to resign her portfolio and has her Leader be "at her back".
In the Province of Saskatchewan there is an Opposition Party that continues to hold to the belief (in the view of George Orwell) that all people should be of a common low income denominator. That all wealth creation is bad, that the word profit is evil and that the solution to any problem is more government involvement.Meanwhile when they are in power, silently continue to enrich their own in a perverse sense of entitlement as a reward of babysitting the ignorant electorate.
In closing this weeks column, when will Spring come this year? This has got to be one of the wildest and toughest winters that I can remember. Snow so high that for the first time I have had to have my roof cleared off for fear of collapse. Temperatures that even today with the wind chill are in the minus 35-40 degrees Celsius. I look out the window into my backyard where the grapevines are buried by about 5 feet of snow and wonder if they will be a victim of this extreme season. I also wonder at how the poor and homeless cope in these times when more and more of North American society seems to becoming more introspective.
Anyway, that is all for this week, take care and see you next week,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday musings

Well, this has been quite a week indeed.
First off , what a change on the world scene in Egypt. People power at its best. However a few nagging thoughts occur. The first is that the country is now run by the military, parliament is dissolved and the constitution is no more. This sure seems like the days of Nasser and Sadat. Perhaps the people will make a difference this time. The jury in my opinion is still out on this turning out in democracy's' favour. The most surprising aspect was how the Internet was such a huge factor.
Could this ever happen in Europe or North America, or are the institutions of government so different?
If one follows food costs as to their impact on the world scene, an interesting picture emerges. In Saskatchewan, Canada there was a majour crop issue last year in wheat production causing flour and wheat prices to spike. In Asia there are problems with chili production and in Africa there are problems with cocoa production. Did you also know that the heavily government subsidised corn crop in the United States is mainly being used in the production of gasoline and not as a food source?
All these have contributed to increases in basic food prices that poorer countries populace cannot afford, this is adding to the strain on governments all around and as such seem to be a contributing factor to social unrest and upheaval.
One item that is being overlooked is a faction called the Muslim Brotherhood and its role in the new Egypt. Their agenda is focused on putting in a "democracy" of their choosing, that is one that is based on Sharia Law. Perhaps those people that will defer to anything will look at this Law and realize the brutal consequences for women. Maybe it is time to take a stand and stop the endless accommodations that are made to these groups and be vigilant in guarding the aspects of the culture that we hold to be important.
Have you been following the influx of refugees from Tunisia to Italy? Rest assured this problem is going to grow and become a dominant political issue in Europe in the next number of years.
Now to the who cares category - is everyone just as glad that the American Super Bowl is now over? The incredible assumption that the winner is "World Champion" makes one laugh.In soccer there is a true world championship process while the Americans only are champions in the United States, indeed there is also a professional football league (older than that of the USA) in Canada that does not make such an ill founded assumption!
Speaking of Al Gore, where is he now that this winter has been one of the coldest and wildest in many a year?
Finally a question, who invented the symbol for the power icon that is on so many electronic devices? I hope that she/he patented it and is making lots of money off of it.
Take care, until next time,

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome to my world!

Well, talk about a brave new world starting. This is the first of what I hope will be a successful run. I have always wanted a forum or platform to express my thoughts/opinions of  events, items or any number of off the wall topics that are rattling around my brain cage. It might be of local, national or world events or just some little niggling piece of irritation that occupies my thinking at the time. It will be interesting to see if this is an exercise in futility or in fact if it garners some reaction, one assumes that time will tell. I am not sure at this time as to the frequency or length of postings. I only hope that the quality is of a decent caliber.So this is Super Bowl in the United States, I wonder why they list it as the number as they do as the title of Super Bowl was not put upon it for a number of years when deciding the championship was done. You ever wonder why we never, or actually rarely hear of news from South America that is not good - considering that the history of the continent is longer than that of North America, of course with apologies to the Native Americans. You ever wonder where Al Gore is now, now that North America is having one of the wildest winters in modern times and all the glaciers he predicated to disappear are actually growing? He probably is laughing at all the people that bought his snake oil style books and videos all the way to the bank. Speaking of emission controls - wonder why India and China ( two of the top polluters) are not signing on to any reduction accord? And why is it that only the Americans, Brits and the odd Canuck put their lives on the line in the worlds trouble spots and the French, Italian, Spanish etc. are nowhere to be found but reserve the right to denounce the same people that defend their freedom? Speaking of headgear, what would happen to a woman from Europe if she walked bareheaded in Iran? Yet North America must accommodate the reverse?
 Something not quite right about all this I think. Anyway, time I put this to bed and see if this gets a reaction. If so, I will continue this project and probably try to learn how ro spice it up with a better looking page. I must admit to being surprised that I have been able to get so far so fast on this. Until then, take care out there.Flatlander 52