Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday musings

Well, back a week now.
Settling back into the same old routines.
Somewhat conforting.
Somewhat saddening.
As usual, the more things change - the more they stay the same - right?
One gets tired of the sameness after time after time of it all.
Just human I guess.
You know I have been rattling on for the last couple of months about the right time to end this blog.
The time seems right.
As in every thing in life, there comes a moment that if you astute enough, you know when to end something.
A politician when the public trough is emptied.
An athlete when the ravages of time become apparent.
A singer when the voice and audience melts away.
A Blogger when they realize that the topic(s) repeat over and over and over and......
You get it.
I have had a great run my friends and I am honoured that every week for the last 4 plus years you logged on and took a chance on my column.
I honestly cannot say if this is the forever end or just a period of hiatus.
Perhaps I will get the "itch" again to rail against the vicissitudes of the world some day.
Can't say.
For now, I am taking some time off to reflect, pause and regroup and smile again.
That's a good thing.
If I do return - look for me in October as that is my cut off moment whether or not to return.
If not, then thanks again - you did much more for me than I could have ever done for you - trust me.
take care out there,

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