Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday musings

OK, still torn between continuing this blog or walking away....
Until I make up my mind... let's continue for as long as the road beckons.....
I know a smattering of history, will never claim to be a scholar but do know that many great minds and good people were and are produced by the Muslim culture.
The same can be said for the Christian, Pagan, Buddhist and others.....
And this only shows the incredible disservice to their religion (or so they claim) and to mankind that the "people" involved in the terror group ISSIS do with their foul deeds and thinking.
And now 2 more hostages beheaded.
There seems to be no way to have a dialogue with them.
History will unfold, envelop and dismiss them - a fact to be proven over time.
Eventually mankind tires of petty tyrants and fanatical groups and grinds them into memories.
No one will or should miss them when it happens.
The Canadian dollar continues to slide downward in value compared to the American greenback. Only a short time ago they were equal and now the Cdn is worth less than .79 USA. Apparently this is good for some manufacturers and exporters but the average citizen will pay more for any and all imported goods and think 2 or 3 times before venturing abroad as the cost of living outside Canada will be much higher.
Some blame the falling value of oil.
Some blame the banks.
Some blame the lazy Canadian worker (never seen many of those in my life).
Some blame the infamous "them".
Maybe it is just a cyclical thing.
Greece is getting used to having a "leftist" style government is power.
Still baby steps at this point and the next 3 months will set the tone for that country and indeed the whole European Union.
Will it be able to write off a whole boatload of debt?
Heck, many big businesses do so without apparent penalty but one digresses.
And if it does, will Portugal, Argentina and Venezuela be far behind?
Speaking of my beloved Argentina, troubling times there as a special investigator is murdered and some pundits point fingers at the President herself as being behind this.
Hmm...not sure about that but the country does need answers sooner than later one thinks.
As it is, the economic health of Argentina could use a little boost these days and maybe one day those vulture loan lawsuits will end once and for all and the country can move forward.
A person should see that land at least once in their lives, it is so wonderful and the people are special.
In America, political gridlock is almost upon the country as we see the specter of an incumbent, soon to be retired, President determined to impose his will on the Houses of Government - regardless of what the people voted for in recent elections.
That makes one ask - does any politician care, really care about the folks that pay their wages?
It has been said here before, that the world needs a strong America, not a bemused, becalmed befuddled and impotent America.
In a sign of intolerance in Europe, reports are stating the many French Jews are fleeing that land to live in Israel. Sad to say, a silent fact is how deep was the collaboration of the French authorities with the Nazi regime during the Second World War in the murder of those of the Jewish faith. And yet one of the true safe havens for Jews in Europe seems to be Berlin.
Intolerance whether of religion, colour or nationality is unforgivable in a civilized world and yet many people terrified at the loss of economic stability, plain fear, greed or envy cannot resist base cries against others.
The old canard - better them than me - is their sad justification.
Hey, remember reading here about a possible submarine ride?
Yup, gonna happen.
I will set sail soon on a short trip aboard the Atlantis submarine.
Hope they shut the screen doors when we head out!

In a sure sign of Spring here on my Island, our letter carrier folks are into walking shorts so Winter must be finished - right?
take care out there,

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