Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday musings

Aha - you might think this was late being posted and if you live in Old Blighty - you might be correct.
But since we are on the beach here on the Sandwich Isles - right on schedule.
So, with that bit of advance warning, you would be right in guessing that this weeks blog will be both :
(a) short
(b) have a few pictures
One suspects there will be grateful sighs of relieve to read that this will be short!
As usual, world news goes through the filter of American "eyes" here and more time is spent on Washington news and local farm and state items than things like oil prices, the war in the Ukraine and that.
Indeed the brouhaha surrounding the well known national TV News Anchor "fib" and work suspension is much more important.
Oh well.
And since we are in such a special place, world affairs just are not so urgent anyway.
Submarine ride update.
Much to the sorrow of the noted Saskatchewan painter we know, the head of ValMar productions, the screen door on the sub he warned me about was indeed shut for the descent!
No one told me about the leaky skylight though.....
What a gorgeous and marvellous world there is beneath the water surface.
Humbling really.
Mankind can be so inward looking arrogant at times and when you see this even for a short time, you are taken aback.
Everyone should do this ride.
Today we leave for the island of Hawaii or the Big Island as some refer to.
Looking forward to this our first trip in over 25 years.
I promise a longer blog next week (maybe!) and leave you with some pictures.
A Hui Ho!!!

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