Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday musings

So, with America exporting "fracked" oil there is a glut of oil on the world market with an amazing drop in the price of crude.
Just a couple of years ago we were told oil was almost all gone and would soon top $175 a barrel US Dollars.
Now it is under $65 US Dollars a barrel.
And in Canada, one of the worlds largest oil exporting nations, some provinces that became dependent on oil income instead of using only some for general expenses and saving the rest for "rainy days" are in quiet desperation facing soon to be bare fiscal cupboards.
Their populations have become used to ever increasing expenditures for road repair, health workers wages, fire and police workers wages and a wider funded social safety net.
Soon the politicians will have to say - "no more or even worse, we will have to reduce the money allocated" to these groups and programs.
Will the doctors, nurses, teachers, police, social workers agree to perhaps a 15% wage cut?
It might happen and if it does - it will not be pretty.
The health care industry is one of those sacred cows no one wants to talk about.
Specifically the obscene money pit involved by the drug firms, machinery firms and health staff in the cruel profit centre of extending life to the last possible second - at whatever cost.
Who has not had someone they loved  live in a coma for years with no brain activity or chance for recovery kept alive by mechanical means that rolled in the dollars for the health industry?
The same sanctimonious industry that says all life must be extended regardless of the toll on people and families and that the individual has no bloody right to decide when they want to die.
As if to say that thinking, mature adults all of a sudden become incapable of intelligent decision making on this topic?
How many people suffering from slow and  excruciating cancer have begged to be allowed to die and be callously told -NO?
How many people facing years of decay from the grip of ALS have begged to be allowed to die and be callously told -NO?
How many people that are just old and done with life have begged to be allowed to die and be callously told -NO?
What if it was you?
Instead we have cowardly politicians always being led by the nose by the so called death industry to maintain and enhance fiscal revenue streams.
These same politicians that have no problem with increasing their pensions and health plans with no oversight - yes them.
Bloody cowards - all of them.
And what is it with these fools that honestly believe that everything on the InterWeb is true?
Specifically those that prattle on how vaccines are evil and kill children or cause autism?
They repeat lies - plain and simple.
They are in essence, accessories to the spread of measle epidemics and the like.
But they are not accountable financially for the costs their insanity occurs are they?
And you notice how most of these blatherskytes are "whole earth gestalt" folks?
Natural birth advocats?
Mother Nature at all costs fanatics?
NO, they are not guilty are they?
Actually they are just plain wrong and they do not give a damn over the damage they do.
Winter is really whacking the North American continent these days isn't it?
On the Canadian Flatlands, blizzards followed by minus 30 some temperatures are pounding the population - these are February temperatures, not end of November for crying out loud!
And America has fared no better with many parts of New York State having exhausted their entire snow removal budget for the year before "normal" winter weather usually arrives.
But on the plus side, forecasts indicate that next week California and its border states will get a large and intensive soaking of rain - after years of prolonged drought - great news indeed.
And the Canadian Weather Service said in September that it thought the winter to come would be a mild one by their standards.
What kind of Ouji Board do those folks use anyway?
Even here on my Island we had a couple of strange weather days this week.
Indeed on Thursday the temperature was a balmy plus 15 C (61F) and then by Saturday morning it hit a body numbing minus 1 - the blasted horror!!
This weekend saw the annual Santa Claus visit with the old fella coming in via float plane (Harbour Air did the honors) and was greeted by throngs of rapturous youngsters - yes, myself included and indeed I have been a good boy this year!

take care out there,

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