Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday musings

You know, sometimes you can really find truly wonderful items on the InterWeb.
Ever see a hummingbird in slow motion flight?
Check it out.
And yet the same InterWeb is a trolling ground for thugs and sociopaths that determined to destroy societies that they fear.
Check it out.
And that I guess is one of the tenants of life - choice.
True humans try to better their lives and those of others by effort and compassion.
Scum only strike out based on their pathetic twisted sense on entitlement to hate and greed.
Sad to see that the sum of societal evolution to date is so halting and patchwork.
Just the way the world is I guess.
The G20 held another one of its photo op summits this week.
As usual, nothing gets done.
Money spent profusely on security and media correspondents issuing 30 second sound bites.
Professional protestors milling about chanting and screaming - hey, who pays their tab anyway?
As usual, nothing gets done.
Just the way the world is I guess.
Seems like the Ebola death toll is over 5100 people now.
Slowly the focus of the media is shifting isn't it?
We knew that would happen didn't we?
Just the way the world is I guess.
Maybe that is the reality of life in that the lesson for all that exist on this planet is that we start out full of idealism and hope then as we age and life batters us to our knees over and over again, we slowly resign ourselves to the fact that for so many of us - nothing changes and nothing we do has any impact except for a closed group immediately around us.
Mortality can be a time for sadness can't it?
Enough already.
There are some beacons of light in this world we live in.
YOANI SÁNCHEZ of Cuba is one - read her blog ( and her courage makes my meandering comments sometimes seem silly.
Jeff King ( on my second favourite Island almost single-handedly runs a weekly newsblog dedicated to life and issues on Maui with no fabulous salary - a labour of love as much as anything.
All the volunteers throughout Canada during the Christmas season that stand hour upon hour besides plastic collection kettles for the Salvation Army to raise funds for the homeless, needy and lost to society.
The list goes on....
The European Space Agency landed a probe on a comet at the conclusion of a 10 year flight from Earth.
And it survived, took photos and transmitted data back to this planet before the batteries powering it slowly diminished and failed.
Awe inspiring at a minimum.
Makes spotlight seeking "people", that, sadly mainly American media, love to promote and sponsor seem....silly.
Hello Kim K.
Hello Kanye.
Hi Justin.
Laughable at best.
Fools at least.
Oh well.
Remember about a decade or so ago when all the "smart" people were forecasting the end of crude oil supplies globally and all the eco folks were demanding immediate switch over to solar and hydro power?
Now it seems we are "awash" with new sources of oil.
Solar power panel production creates incredibly filthy toxic waste products yet no eco person says anything about that.
Or how the blasted wind turbine towers slaughter thousands of birds with their huge blades.
Here in Canada, in the small Flatland city of Saskatoon there is a world class facility called the Synchroton. It has shown that its machinery can produce radioactive isotopes used in medical examination procedures using electricity instead of that of a nuclear reactor. And the black humour in this? Well, it seems it will take Health Canada two years to test and approve this product.
A environmentally safe way to produce something vital in health testing protocols worldwide and two years?
How many weeks did it take for Canada to decide to help bomb ISIS?
Unbelievable isn't it.
Cynics in Western Canada speculate that if the facility was in Ontario or Quebec - 2 months maximum for approval.
Hard to disagree with that line of thought.
Here on my Island, I am discovering the intrigue of drone flying/video.
It comes with a responsibility though both to wildlife and people.
Common sense and discretion are paramount when doing this.
Still, pretty interesting.
This weekend we saw local elections all over the province and hopefully the voter turnout was large.
Many people are so spoiled in this country with a life of living in a democracy that they do not realize that freedom won is freedom that must be forever maintained or it will erode piece by piece until one day it is forever altered or gone and then that is too late for all.

take care out there,

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