Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday musings

A day in the life...
After one disengages from the professional world, their satisfaction expectations redefine and what would have been considered a minor blip in the day assume a level of satisfaction with a job/chore well done.
No need to spend huge amounts on new equipment/machinery, no – the threshold changes and that can be for many people a good thing.
You know, at one time doing little “repairs” around the place was a nuisance and usually the end result reflected that opinion.
This week, it was different.
I am, by admission, a hater of painting and wall patching.
No more.
Since moving to our Island (going into our third “winter” now) and into our new house, I have developed a fascination with making sure chips/dents and holes via nails for pictures are repaired promptly and repaired right.
Including painting the spots.
My first attempt occurred about a week after arriving on this Island.
Fixing an “owie” in a wall caused by an encounter between a pushed chair and it.
Took 6 attempts to apply and smooth the patch compound so that it blended into the texture of the wall.
Took 4 attempts with “touch up” paint until the patch faded away and was not visible to the naked eye.
Took almost three days and a lot of frustration.
Fast forward to this week as I was informed that 3 paintings from the front entrance were moving to the study and a couple of study paintings were migrating to other areas of the room.
A much calmer and reflective flatlander52 took this on.
It took about 3 hours of off and on work.
The prepping.
Patch application.
Dry time – and time for a cola and time to listen to AlohaJoe radio streaming on the Interweb.
And then the best part of the process - applying and “feathering” the wall paint over the patches and blending the application into the existing paint scheme.
And bemused satisfaction when the better half said – "where were the holes anyway?"
A job truly well done.
And in its own way, vindication of a maturing approach to life, the good, the bad and the indifference of it.
And while some issues still evince a passionate response, more and more it is a case of asking “does it really matter?”
And that shows the narrowing of the world that occurs to people as they journey through life.
All the big issues still matter but it becomes a choice of asking what does it mean to you and what can you do to effect change.
And if the answer is that no, it does not impact me personally and even if it did – I have no ability to change or help change the situation, well, you shrug your shoulders and carry on with the life you have.
You know you cannot really change the world as you believed possible when a young stripling.
Can't change everything.
Some call it quitting.
Some call it growing up.
Whatever, as the young folks say, that's life folks.
Accept and enjoy what you have or rage against the night.

Pretty soon, our American friends will be celebrating their version of the Thanksgiving holiday and best wishes are extended to them. Especially the people of Buffalo that endured an astonishing 72 hour snowfall this week followed by rain, warm temps and now dangers of flooding.
The American President, Mr. Obama has done a couple of interesting things this week and to many non Americans, they seem, well, strange is the word.
First, he came out against a proposed pipeline to be built from a Canadian province through the States to the Gulf of Mexico. He said it was only for the benefit of Canada and not a penny would go to America.
He conveniently ignored the fact that the oil companies involved are American owned,
That the oil goes to American refineries for processing.
That oil exported from this pipeline must be replaced by American oil at world prices – sold to Canada.
So this hurts America how?
Thought so.
Politics and the first victim is truth.
Then the President has unveiled massive changes to the Immigration program.
From outside America, it seems ill thought out and pandering to a potential voter base and ignores potential socio economic impacts.
Politics and the first victim is truth.
The world had thought Mr. Obama was above this – remember the Nobel Prize?
Sad if true isn't it?
Over on my second most favourite island, the Manapua Bakery in the city of Wailuku was closed for a short while to allow for installation of more appliances. This means the bakery can double their supply of 5,000 manapua per day to 10,000! Obviously Maui had been experiencing #manapuamadness as this establishment was having difficulties keeping up with throng of customers. And about that sign, “So Sorry, We Are Sold Out,” don’t worry about seeing it anymore. According to owners Keone and Natasha, manapua and pork hash will be sold on a first come first serve basis until things settle down.
Now that is a relief!

Take care out there,

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