Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday musings

A week after the attack in Ottawa by a madman - the memory dims for the majority of people.
Sad fact but true.
Modern day people seem to have an attention span now measured in minutes - not months.
The biggest apparent result of the attack - probable increase in stealth powers of the police and secret services and loss of some rights by the individuals in the name of the greater good and safety for all.
And the big question - if you dare be honest in your reply - is do you really care if it does not impact you?
Thought so.
And the world careens on.
Halloween comes and goes.
The media is starting to proclaim in various outlets that Ebola is on the decline.
Tell that to the victims please.
Do you also get an uneasy feeling about the Ebola coverage?
Almost like this is a "manufactured" crisis from the media?
That while devastating parts of Africa, in order to make the story "sexy" and more reader involved (hello advertising dollars) we have to now know that - gasp - America is in the deadly grip of Ebola.
Spain is in the deadly grip of Ebola.
Canada is in the deadly grip of Ebola.
Parts of Europe are in the grip of Ebola.
Anyone going to the hospital with a case of flu - now is in the deadly grip of possibly Ebola.
Sense a pattern?
You hope this is not the case, but hmmm, you have to wonder.
Also, how come that there was no possible way to every get a vaccine for Ebola but when America got an actual case - well now it seems that big pharma will have one to release early next year?
What the heck?
 You do not want to be thought of one of those folks that wear tinfoil hats to deflect alien radio waves but gee whiz - something seems off in the coverage and responses from the health industry?
A couple of crashes in the space flight industry this week.
One was a private enterprise supply rocket for the space station.
One was a private enterprise space "plane".
Critics immediately said that this shows the lack of competence of the private sector as compared to NASA.
Hmm.... where were these folks when the same happened to NASA over the years?
Remember Challenger?
Remember shuttle Columbia?
Remember Liberty Bell sinking?
I seem to recall the same folks (or their parents perhaps) yapping about the incompetence of Government versus the private sector?
Different time - different opponent.
Professional complainers never leave - they change causes to suit themselves it seems.
Our future could lie in the stars but sadly we will have probably destroyed this planet long before we get the opportunity to leave it.
Maybe a good thing some might say.
Winter has touched down briefly for the Canadian city of Calgary - snow all over the place but soon to melt before the real stuff comes for the winter.
And on that cold note here is your Hawaiian word for the day - MA'AMA'AMA -illuminated. As in when the sun shines - you say MA'AMA'AMA Ka La - or the sun is bright.
And the lava continues to flow on the Big Island into the town of Pahoa now. A tragically eerily destructive force that we can only watch - not stop or change.
Truly "Mea kaumaha loa"!
 Off to Germany where an insurance salesman who sawed off his own finger and thumb to claim insurance was given a suspended sentence by a court in northern Germany on Friday. The 50-year-old man had qualified as an insurance salesman shortly before the 'accident' in February 2010 and took out four separate insurance policies - with special clauses covering finger injuries - for himself. But a medical expert said in testimony to the court that it was "particularly astonishing" that the rest of his hand remained relatively intact. Local police said there was “very little blood” when they searched the basement for the mans' missing digits, apparently his wife 'found' them outside in the snow a week later.
Surely there is a better and less physically destructive way to get a million Euros isn't there?
As is said in German, the man is a  dumm·kopf!
 Truly sad news from Italy as the country confirmed the end of its search and rescue operation "Mare Nostrum", which has saved the lives of tens of thousands of boat migrants in the Mediterranean. The government had spent some €114 million on the massive naval operation since two deadly shipwrecks in October last year left over 400 people dead.
No help from other European countries to defray the costs.
No other European country offered to step in.
No African country offered to step in.
Not their problem - let the refugees die.
Same old "not in my backyard" crap we hear all the time.
Bet you the Leaders of all those countries live in nice places, eat well and drive fancy cars.
Ahh, the sorrow and the shame.
Here on my Island, the clocks get set back an hour today - something to do with daylight savings time whatever the heck that is.
All I know is that there now is 25 hours on my birthday this year (wonderful eh?) and no cracks about too many candles overflowing my birthday cupcake OK?
We have civic elections this month and apparently in proof that you can come back from the dead a former mayor seems to be back in the mayoralty race many years after passing off this mortal coil.
A Twitter account representing the statue of the late Frank Ney claims to be running for mayor and is drawing some plenty of attention. - See more at:
A Twitter account representing the statue of the late Frank Ney claims to be running for mayor and is drawing some plenty of attention. - See more at:
A Twitter account representing the statue of the late Frank Ney claims to be running for mayor and is drawing some plenty of attention. - See more at:
A Twitter account claiming to represent the late Frank Ney claims to be in race now. One respondent states that "finally a politician that gets it.. I' sure he has a solid base" in an apparent reference to the fact that there is a large statue of the former mayor in a park near the harbour front. What the heck - as some might say, a dead mayor returning might be more pro-active than the present one!
Finally, a serious comment on the upcoming Remembrance Day here in Canada.
This day is the one time of year we all should pause in memory of the ones (male and female) that gave their lives, parts of their bodies and minds in conflicts to preserve our way of life and democracy. They fought against Nazis, Italian fascists, Japanese military, North Koreans, Communist Chinese and many others in many theaters of operation no different than the war that now is emerging from those thugs from ISIS and others.
They were and are heros.
Do them proud and salute them OK?
take care out there,

"Finally ... a politician that gets it!" one user posted. "... I'm sure he has a solid platform to run his campaign on," another wrote. - See more at:

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