Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday musings

One of the items that the Premier of this west coast province has staked her and her party's political future on is the issue of LNG exports to Pacific countries. LNG being Liquefied Natural Gas and this province has plenty of gas (poor pun indeed) and with extremely expensive non built yet refrigeration complexes (apparently they are supposed to spring into existence in a number of coastal locations).
A tax regime has been devised and is ready to use once this happens.
One problem for the Premier and the citizens that expect this waterfall of riches to engulf them and pay off all bills - many of the targeted countries are rethinking their commitment to LNG and in the case of Japan, are in the process of restarting mothballed nuclear power plants.
So what is it about politicians that are ordinary folks (in the main) before they enter politics and then once elected to govern - become, well, stupid?
They listen to over paid sycophants that blather ego stroking nonsense into their ears (egos) and wake up convinced that their vision of the world is right and everyone else just doesn't get it.
Local, provincial or federal politicians - you have to wonder what is in the kool aid so many seem to be drinking don't you?
No wonder so many citizens withdraw into silence in the hope that they at least tax wise, will not be savaged financially to death by those fools on all levels of government.
In America voters turned over power in both federal government chambers to the Republican Party while the President, Mr. Obama is a member of the Democrat Party. A news video showed one elected person crowing about making those "pigs in Washington squeal".
Legislative gridlock is almost assured as American politics looks to descend into playground and to hell with the American people as the slogan.
This is not to pick sides in American politics as indeed, not many in the world truly understand their political parties and what they represent (myself included!) but the world needs direction and leadership from America and this does not look good.
Entire economies need a strong America and that seems in doubt.
Hopefully this is not going to happen but time will tell and indeed, the fiscal cliff nightmare is already being talked about again and the world will suffer if this happens again.
Russian tanks are back on the soil of Ukraine all the while the leader - Mr. Putin solemnly says again and again that Russia is committed to a peace process.
One seems to remember some dude in the last century saying the same damn words about the Anschluss - maybe my memory is playing tricks on me as I age.
Meanwhile, back in Germany, one of my favourite soccer (football) teams, Werder Bremen finally won a home game in a relegation battle with VFB Stuggart - finally!
Time for a currywurst I think!
The retail world in North America is in full Christmas advertising mode these days. No longer starting after Remembrance Day, now it begins 48 hours after Halloween.
Does it matter anymore?
As it is, already more and more weather reports tell of snow falling in parts of Canada and America and the air waves are rife with pleas for motorists to install winter tires.
Heck, these stories appear every year on almost the exact same date, similar to stories about water rationing in the early summer. Have you ever noticed that local TV newscasts in the evening all follow the same three or four stories? Do you think the reporters car pool? Share the same leads in order to save money?
Seems like it.
Over on the Sandwich Islands, local and State elections were held and most results seem to favour the status quo except on Maui where an initiative to stop all types of GMO testing on crops passed with a margin of 1,000 votes - despite mega millions of dollars being spent by both sides of the discussion. Some see this as a victory for organic living - but are they prepared to pay full price? And what will they say to countries that need such foods to feed their population if the movement spreads?
A tough question but will anyone have the courage to answer?
Somehow I doubt it. 
Been an interesting week here on my Island.
Had a couple reminders that as I call it, the Wheel of Life grinds slowly and inexorably to its conclusion in the matters of humanity.
Said farewell to some old and not so old friends.
Said farewell to some old foes  (cannot remember why and when I do, the reasons seem so small).
Saw how some old friends are changing and drifting away - once again the Wheel turns and we can do nothing to stop it, only accept what happens.
There is a local custom here after Halloween where the local folks do not throw old carved pumpkins in the compost pile right away but rather line a rural road deemed "Pumpkin Lane" with the forlorn relics and people come from near and far to view them.

And to think that the New year is only a month and a half away - where did 2014 go?

take care out there,

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