Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday musings

Now in Canada.
Twice in recent days, incidents happened in Canada, that caused reverberations around the land.
Both were done by mad men.
Mad as insane.
Pick your word.
Both, lonely, lost men.
They grabbed onto a religion in the hope it would solve all their problems.
They forgot that solving ones problems starts with the individual not society.
Both flamed out against representatives of an orderly society - the military.
Both murdered a member of the military.
Both also are dead.
One made it as far as the inside of the Canadian Parliament Buildings before his life and insanity was ended by a hero.
Media says - this is the day Canada changed forever.
Not really.
Groups of people congregate and light candles and sing the national anthem.
A sign of today's society that is lost without a beehive mindset of inter connectivity to make sense of things and removing personal responsibility and maturity from the discussion.
A sad reflection on the diminishing of the human spirit itself through technology.
The military for now is told not to wear uniforms while out in the public.
Just like the murder of those innocent women years ago in Quebec or the murder of First Nations women in Canada - Highway of Tears, the incidents from 9/11 - this will fade not disappear over time.
To say that this is a result of Islamic terrorism - not really even if the blowhards that hide so cleverly online say so.
Even if the media desperately tries to say so.
Even if some frightened politicians say so.
Two insane folks clinging to anything, something to justify their failed lives committed murder.
We cannot shut down Parliament buildings as a result.
We cannot shut down the military as a result.
We cannot trample the liberties of some groups in a knee jerk reaction as a result.
We cannot allow cowards to spray paint mosques under the cover of darkness as a result.
We are Canadian and we stand proud, free and cowed by no one person, group or country.
Yes to confiscating passports of Canadians that become foot soldiers in terrorist organizations in other countries - but also help start the World Court to try these war criminals as well OK?
Yes to sharing intelligence with other countries in this fight - but have intelligent guidelines and effective review of what our intelligence departments accomplish. Does every e mail ever transmitted need to be kept forever or can items like that have a "shelf life" before they are forever deleted?
Yes to a well prepared, supplied and financed military - no more leasing equipment or ships or airplanes or tanks. But also build an effective military with enough ships,guns and planes without buying multi billion dollar toys. One needs to see how effective terrorist groups are with little in the way of obscenely priced airplanes etc. to see that throwing money at projects may not be the best use of the money.
Canada is a little sadder now.
Canada is a little wiser now.
Those losers and other of their ilk never had and never will, have a chance of succeeding - ever.
I also know that this is, indeed a time of sadness.

We all need to take care out there,

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