Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday musings

OK, remember the number of times I have "bleated" about the obscenity called the Olympic Games - not so much the athletes but the corrupt "royalty" that runs it?
And the incredible ransom they demand from host countries for the "privilege" to run these events including lavish never to be used again facilities?
Well... news emerges that Olso has dropped out of the race for the 2022 Winter Olympics because the population would not agree to spend boatloads of money on this nonsense thus leaving China and Kazakhstan as the 2 countries left in contention.
Well... congratulations to these two countries for wanting to blow their fiscal sanity to the winds in order to appease their leaders bloated sense of importance in the cosmos.
Could have spent the roughly 50 billion on pollution control in China.
Could have spent the roughly 50 billion on feeding the people in Kazakhstan.
Could have but won't.
What is wrong with people anyway?
In a sad statement on the deadening of outrage by the instant gratification brought to you by social media and the 24/7 news cycle - the latest beheading of a British captive by the thugs of ISIS barely rated a line in the media and usually in a minor column - so different from the world wide horror of a few short weeks ago.
Guess most folks care more about photos of the big rear end of some ex porn star than they do about evil and tyranny.
What is wrong with people anyway?
So the Ebola virus has been diagnosed in America. A mini hysteria fit has swept that mighty nation totally driven by irresponsible "news" reporters. Did you know that any one victim can only infect 2 people and that is by fluid contact only? And a noted black leader in the States has solemnly declared that the Ebola virus was created by white men to kill blacks?
I am sorry, but he is a fool.
And a racist of the kind he hates.
What is wrong with people anyway?
Interesting news from America this week in regards to employment and wages.
It seems that the unemployment rate has dipped below 6% for the first time since 2008 but that the average wage earner in the States has had virtually no real increase intake home wages since 1999. At the same time, the infamous 1% wealthy apparently had their net worth increase by 28%.
Wonder what the rates are for Europe and Canada?
Maybe it really is some for some to pay more because one might argue that the trickle down theory of wealth creation is no longer valid and a larger segment of society is actually subsidizing a small (wealthy) group via tax cuts and subsidies with zero return on investment.
Remember - there is only one taxpayer and when the pool is reduced by preferential treatment - services and quality of life suffers for the majority.
So, will the politicians have the courage to do the right thing?
Or more of the same?
I bet you the Hunt brothers in America and their equivalents in Europe and Canada are just a shaking in their boots.
Did you know that it was 25 years ago that the start of the destruction of the Berlin Wall occurred and the re-unification of the two Germanies begun?
A wealthy West absorbed a impoverished East with massive debt and devastated economy and landscape with a large amount of skepticism and angst. And while problems are still abundant, the progress has been nothing short of remarkable.
The Head of the Central Bank of Argentina surprised many by abruptly resigning this week and predictably the Argentine Peso dropped against the American dollar to a new record low. And for a country blessed with s much, this is just another setback in its struggle to control a rampant inflation cycle and controversial debt repayment scheme.
One can only hope that this wonderful land soon emerges from this latest set back.
Now for the Hawaiian word for the day - AWE pronounced aw-way and that means backpack!
And at Kihei on the Sandwich isle, for the 79th year, the local County Fair was staged and by all accounts, yet again was a well attended success.
And for your German word of the day -  Frostschutzmittel which means automobile anti freeze. Thankfully that is not needed on my Island!
 Indeed, here we are in the midst of selecting our "winter" plants to be bought and put outside to tide us through 'til Spring arrives in late February.
Oh well...

take care out there

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