Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday musings

So some nutcase in America gets fired and returns to the workplace and murders a former co-worker. And in this day and age where people seems so desperate to be "somebody" and will mimic/adopt anything that seems trendy on the Web and various forms of social media, he also beheaded the poor person.  And the media jumps on the reports that he was a recent convert to Islam and draws a direct connection to terrorism.
Ah, really?
As sad as the "link" some influential American politician made to an abandoned sports jersey on the USA/Mexico border by proclaiming it to be a Mexican/Muslim terrorist prayer rug.
Ah, really?
A sports shirt?
Come on.
And the specter of a porous border re-emerges from USA politicos - conveniently twisting the reality that it is the USA that leaks into its next door countries and not the other way around.
And yes - really.
India spent some 73 odd million dollars to place a satellite around Mars - compare that to the $100 million spent by Hollywood to produce the sci-fi flick Gravity.
Ah, really?
Something really strange about that isn't it?
So, the United Nations had a PR event this week about climate change where some of the leaders of the biggest industrial countries spoke. The Americans prodded the world to act. Canada sent a junior minister to yap and promised to follow the lead of the Yanks. Thereby casting to the garbage bin of history its' so called solemn commitment to reduce emissions made with a straight face a few years ago.
China said - no - no to the world about reducing its' dependence on coal fired power plants with their incredibly toxic emissions.
And - you guessed it - the rest of the pious,pompous, hypocritical world approved of that by its total and complete silence.
Not a peep.
Not a damn word.
Instead, why not skewer countries that in the big total picture do a lot less but actually respond to criticism?
Like Germany or Ireland.
Not ones like the aforementioned China, India, take your pick in Africa, far East or South America.
Oh no, not them.
How do these leaders and so many "professional" greenies look themselves in the mirror anyway?
And, showing the the United Nations is truly blessed with corruption acceptance reports come out this week that the beloved world body  has given around $130m in financial aid to Somalia. The decision came despite corruption allegations against Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his ministers.
Ah, really?
Doing wrong does seem to pay doesn't it?
The cursed Ebola virus continues its march in Africa and the outlook continues to darken. Residents of the Guinean capital Conakry, hit hard by Ebola, say they are afraid to seek treatment at hospitals for fear of being poisoned by doctors, as the death toll across West Africa passed the 3,000 mark.
 Will an extreme reaction occur if the world community decides to embargo Africa until the plaque dies out?
And rest assured, this could happen.
Did you know that 75 years ago the movie Gone with the Wind was released?
Still a powerful movie after all those decades. And yes, some parts reflect the attitude of the times in depictions of life in the American South of the Civil War era but still, pretty good. Can you name a recent film that would rate this well after 75 years?
Star Wars?
The Muppets movie?
Case closed.
Your Hawaiian word for the day - back again by popular demand - Noho kamoe.
For all the so called armchair quaterbacks in the world - it means your "recliner" chair!
Sadly on the fabled Sandwich Islands, vandalism also flourishes under the guise of social activism in this instance. In Lahaina residents were greeted with graffiti in various locations. The most prominent being on the side of the Lahaina Burger King with the letters GMO-symbol(Assuming the symbol means- Anarchy) sprayed on the windows.In the upcoming elections a referendum on banning GMO crops is to be voted on but there is no thinking from whomever did this stupid act by defacing property. If folks are that involved in any cause - hey deface your own property for a change eh?
This weekend sees the annual Falsetto competition on Maui, to be held in the resort area of Wailea, in the town of Kihei.
And...on October 10th there will be a free ukulele workshop at the MACC in Wailuku town and that defines the word cool - just ask Elvis!
Here on my Island, well the slow advance of Fall continues. Leaves are starting to change colour and indeed some are falling early due to the drought we had for over three months this summer season. Without water (indeed this Island is considered a rainforest region) the stress causes the leaves to drop early - almost like being back on the Prairie Flatlands!
My better half has removed all the summer flowers and is in the process of planting fall/winter ones, still hard to believe that flowers continue to flourish in the winter months here.
 take care out there,

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