Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday musings

It seems like American President Obama has reluctantly decided to commit America to some form of armed response to the ISIS criminals.
Reaction in the States ranges from condemnation to lukewarm support.
He can't win for losing can he?
Dammed if he does and the same if he doesn't.
Faceless critics that have so much vitriol and courage - wonder how tough these people would be if they had to be doing their spewing in public, on camera with name being shown?
Yah, they would run for the hills.
One wonders how the rest of the world leaders that matter, will react and what if any support will they offer.
Or is yet once again, the Yanks trying to stem the hordes of insanity and barbarism by themselves, bleeding lives and money so the rest of us can sit on our fat behinds and do nothing?
You tell me OK?
So the African "Blade Runner" is not guilty of murdering his female partner but guilty of killing her.
What the heck is the difference except for a twisting of some semantics?
Dead is dead - right?
Violence against people is wrong right?
Well....there is a professional football league in the United States that sure seems to think that this concept takes a back seat to profit and its selfish view of the world apparently.
Now this league has special status as a non profit organization from the US government.
Super rich team owners that force cities and state governments to bankroll extravagant new facilities and generates gazillion of dollars in revenues ranging from tickets to the games, TV broadcast rights, memorabilia and the like.
Cool right?
So this rich persons state supported professional league has a curious response to violence and drug abuse.
To wit, a player can be suspended for drug (marijuana) use for 6 games.
A player beats the living crap out of a woman - 2 games.
A video showing this, well, the league never asked to see it and after a tabloid TV show asked for it and then showed it - well,  the head honcho said - oops, no one ever gave it to us but now, he is suspended indefinitely.
The same league has a proud history of allowing players accused of being involved in murders to continue to play. Indeed, a statue to one has been erected in front of one stadium.
And now reports emerge that a star running back from one team has been indicted for child abuse and he is suspend with pay for one game?
Gee whiz, what is wrong with these people?
And America, how can you let this continue?
A piece of long lost Canadian history has been found in the high Arctic this week. One of the 2 hips from the fabled Franklin Expedition that was lost while searching for the North West Passage has been found, partially intact in shallow waters in the North. After decades and decades this piece of Canadiana is now found and interestingly enough, many maritime experts state that this should further bolster Canadian claims to its sovereignty on the high Arctic over those of Russia, China and the Americans who want the newly opened waters declared international waters.
Why international waters?
That is all about money sadly.
Anybody going to stick up for the fragile ecosystem that is soon to be real peril once tankers and exploration takes off?
Thought so.
Well, I guess the world has to perish one day - right?
Might as well be on our watch one supposes.
And on the Home Front....
Now there are none.
The list of folks coming to visit us on our Island this summer is complete.
We ferried our last visitor back to the mainland airport this last Friday after a week filled with sightseeing, good food and, dare I say - interesting conversations?
The summer fest has allowed us to share our part of the world with these folks and show them what we consider a tiny part of Paradise. We know that some may never journey this far west again, either due to cost, distance, other life matters - whatever, but now they know part of the reason for our planting roots on this Island we call home and are so pleased to be here.
Now we just have to work on one last person - my better halfs' brother, who while having a distaste for flying, is a pretty cool dude and I think might have fun here.
Time will tell.

take care out there,

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