Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday musings

No world commentary this week, we all have had just about enough of the constant Cassandra type bleatings of the media for now.
Middle East - been there, done that.
Global warming/climate change - been there, done that.
Obama - good or incompetent? Been there, done that.
Mankind exterminating itself via pollution, etc by 20... you pick the year - been there, done that.
No rain, too much rain - been there, done that.
Drought, famine, pestilence - been there, done that.
Enough already.
This week, just for something different, sit in a chair, read a good book, go for a nice walk, talk nicely to someone.
Be young again and like life for a few precious days.
Here on my Island, as stated before, Summer is fading and Fall is sneaking about. And in a funny way, now that I live in a part of the country where snow and cold is a possibly one day event, well, the seasons seems shorter even as they stretch out longer.
Go figure.
Yup, the year is really starting to zip by now.
On local TV this week was a report about the first snowfall of the season in Canmore, Alberta.
Snow already.
Halloween ads appear on the TV as well.
First couple of leaves swirl down from trees and weather news talk about possible frost next week on the Canadian Flatlands.
I swear I saw my first Canadian Tire ad on the tube for blasted winter tires!
Winter tires!
I even looked into different nooks and crannies here to see where I left my winter mitts for crying out loud.
You know what this means don't you?
Pretty soon the old guy will be mourning...err...celebrating yet another birthday.
There soon will not be a cake big enough to support the groaning mass of fire hazard inducing candles will there?
Is it not amazing how the first 2 decades of your life are soooooooo long?
Then the next two are a blur as you settle into society, learn the cost of paying bills and become one of "them".
Then the following pair are another blur in the frantic race to establish parameters, plan for the future and survive in the cruel corporate world.
But then after the somnolence of the fifth decade, the sixth explodes in your face.
60 - gone.
61 - what happened?
See a pattern emerging?
Oh the cruel irony of it all as your biological age increases, time accelerates correspondingly.
And it continues into warp speed it seems.
Rats indeed.
And it really does seem like yesterday I was planning the soon to happen long road trip to the Prairie Flatlands in June and now it is a dim (and hazy!) memory.
And even in the months before, after returning from my beloved Sandwich Islands, we were wistfully wondering if and when we might have yet such another adventure on the horizon.
Now in the waning warmth of the shorter and shorter (daylight only though) hours of September, my Google calendar reminds me of the days left before our next voyage of discovery starts in the New Year.
Hey, I had a list of things to see and do when the summer hit - and now - it is FALL?

take care out there,

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