Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday musings

OK, how about a mini recap of some long smoldering (well, at least in this age of 120 character messages and 10 second video clip attention span) stories?
The Ukraine - now reports state that indeed, Russian troops are involved in the conflict there. Who would have guessed right? Even Mr. Putin says they are "volunteers" and not "official" troops. Just what kind of fool is supposed to believe that twaddle anyway?
And yes, once again the mighty EU will consider more economic sanctions - ooh the fear that the Russina leader must be experiencing - either that or silent laughter that is.
The latest set of Islamic crazies, ISIS continue their campaign of beheading, executing captives, raping, pillaging - all the usual crap that cowards like that do - and yup, the Islamic world sits by doing squat. Now reports emerge from American media that supposedly "modern" Qatar, while professing to be a moderate and ally of the West actually is secretly funding groups like ISIS.
Said it before and will probably say it again - are we on the possible cusp of a new era of World War based on religion like the Crusades but this time done in reverse?
It is really up to the leaders of world government to decide.
And no - the useless United Nations has no role in this except to drain money from member countries to pay obscene salaries of its fat cat employees that are wonderful at spinning nonsense.
Hamas and Israel continue to attack each other and nothing happens to stop this.
Shouldn't be.
Speaking of the United Nations, there is a process slowly underway, that while in all likelihood will be useless, to bring an international convention/agreement on government debt settlement. This is a result of the continuing legal war waged by an American "vulture" fund and the Argentinian government over its fiscal collapse of 2002. A report from the Buenos Aires Herald says " The G77 group of developing nations, plus China, are requesting that the United Nations hold a General Assembly vote on whether to move forward with a new international convention to regulate the restructuring of sovereign debt. Argentina has received support in its standoff with the holdouts in the past from the G-77, regional bodies such as the Unasur and the Mercosur as well as the Russian Federation, but a push to establish new international law mechanisms would be the one of the first to go beyond the merely declaratory." (This is a direct quote from the paper on August 30th of this year)
Trouble is - one cannot imagine the Americans agreeing to this because one of the extremely wealthy folks would not make a whole bunch of money. Of course a cynic might say that the Yanks might sign if they were in the position of Argentina or other debtor nations, Regardless, this bill is toothless and will fade into history like a wisp of smoke in the wind.
America continues its love affair with weapons as a 9 year old girl kills her instructor with a UZI machine pistol at a gun range.
9 years old.
Oh, and Canada should not be smug about this and thumps its chest because guns are better controlled than in America - oh no, not at all. Because in that country there are no laws mandating a minimum gun shooting age.
The Ice Bucket Challenge - who hasn't heard of this?
Any fund raising campaign for causes as ALS cure are good ones but sometimes folks are sooo stupid in their participation of these events. They have to do the bucket pour in a bigger and bigger fashion as if to say "hey I am special compared to the average joe that does the challenge - just watch this! And they proceed to up the stakes in some spectacularly idiotic way. As in the case of a Belgian man has been seriously injured after his pilot friend dropped 1,500 litres (396 gallons) of water on him from a fire-fighting plane as part of a failed Ice Bucket Challenge. The man is in hospital now recovering from the injuries sustained by the impact/weight of the water that hit him. The pilot who dumped the water has now been charged with negligently causing bodily harm.
That is the amazing thing about humanity isn't it?
Throughout our long and painful history and evolution we still do stupid things and act surprised at the results of such actions.
One hopes that there really is a more intelligent life form somewhere out there in the Cosmos.
Oh well.
Here on my Island, summer is slowly winding down with the start of the school year next week in doubt. Teachers province wide have been on strike for months and support for their position seems to be fading as parents realize that the educational day care system that exists is in danger of not being available for them. And they will have to spend money, and lots of it, to place their children in real day care centers and also lose teaching moments. I cannot speak as to which side (teacher or employer) is in "the right" but will say that it is really arrogant for the teachers to constantly parrot the line that their wage demands are "for the sake of the children",
Balderdash on that.
More money for them does not equal better education - period.
Perhaps the school year should be cancelled and then make the kids go to school next year all through the summer!
 This week saw the leave taking of our friends from the Prairie Flatlands back to their home base. And I really tried by both hook and crook to make sure I won every game of golf my buddy and I played. Somehow, at least so I am told, this did not time perhaps?
As usual, we ate waaay too much but we are thankful for stretch fabric! Hopefully they took happy memories back to the Flatlands to warm them through the cold winter months that will descend on them any day now!!!!

take care out there,

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