Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday musings

During the Crusades, the "Christian" warriors committed a huge amount of atrocities against the so called "godless" Muslims yet the history records say little about that and modern society shrugs and continues.
Yet.... when a Muslim commits an act of cruelty, specifically the beheading of an American reporter, the sheer evil of the act takes ones breath away.
And yet.... the outrage, especially in America seems muted.
What has happened to the strong determined American Way that the world saw after the First and Second World War?
Has it been sapped by Viet Nam, the 2 Gulf Wars, the conflict in Iraq?
Something has changed and to many observers, not for the better.
When the worlds' policeman seems to hesitate or stumble - all nations hold their collective breath and wait.
And where is the condemnation of this filthy barbarism from Muslim nations?
Or is there only deafening silence?
You be the judge.
Perhaps America would be justified to tell these cesspools to implode on themselves.
But the children and the women - what of them?
Once again - where are all the Muslim nations of the world on this?
Argentina decided this week to issue payments to creditors through its own banks due to a lower American court "judge" voiding bill payback procedures in order to line the pockets of a billionaire (from coincidentally the USA) through his vulture fund purchase of old Argentine debts. So of course the judge ruled this action by the Argentinians was illegal.
Hmmm, an American judge ruling on the workings of a foreign government in its own land?
One wonders how Uncle Sam would react if, say, Australia did that to their government in a similar instance?
Yup, thought so.
The cease fire in the Middle East is truly a farce isn't it?
Both sides sign on to another cease fire agreement, take a deep breath, reload and start firing rockets and shells again and blames the other.
Any semblance of reason and sanity is long gone and bloody genocide by whatever name you want to call it is starting to happen on the ground. Neither side will budge until the other is beaten into a pulp.
One side is backed by Russia and the other by the Americans.
What a tragedy this is.
And no, we individuals cannot make a difference can we?
Speaking of the Middle East, one was wondering how long it was going to take for unnamed "experts" to solemnly proclaim that "any day now" oil prices will sky rocket because of the conflicts happening there.
Started on Thursday - figures.
A pox on these profiteering cretins already!
Just like in Canada where for 4 years now, in every major news outlet on alternating weeks, stories abound about the housing "bubble" and the crash that will come any blasted day and throw the country into a black economic hole the likes you have never seen before.
Enough already - all these fools want is max their profit margins and figure the average citizen is stupid enough to believe them if they babble it enough times. well, these citizens somehow made it through school, had/have life partners (in the main) and many have successfully raised children. paid taxes and lived a decent life - I think they are a pretty savvy bunch.
And as anticipated here is your Hawaiian Word of the Day is Heenalu. Hee meaning slide, and Nalu meaning wave. When put together it is the act of sliding on a wave; surfing!
Stay cool brah!
Once again, this is a truly shorter blog and I apologize but faced with the happy choice of showing our friends from the Prairie Flatlands around our Island, something sadly has to suffer.
But I will end this weeks offering with a few snaps of things seen and done so far...

take care out there,

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