Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday musings

And now it is the third last week of the year.
Something parents never told you about was that as you yourself age - that while every day seems so long at times, the weeks/months zip by in a blink.
Go figure.
Anyway, the price of oil continues to slide but you notice how airline ticket prices do not?
Or here on my Island - ferry ticket prices go up rather than down!
Go figure.
Met with a chap this week who wondered why the UN (Useless Nations that is) blathered about emissions produced by Canada when this country apparently produces 3.3% of the worlds emissions. But the same pompous twit from the UN (Useless Nations that is) says nada to China or India which happen to be number one and two in that category.
Go figure.
Ah heck, does it really matter anyway?
Does anyone think that they can make a difference anymore?
Just don't think so.
And the Philippines just got hammered again by another large typhoon - Hagupit with massive water and structural damage happening. Not even a year since the last hit by typhoon Haiyan.
Not fair is it?
73 years ago, on December 7th, the American nation was sucked into the conflict historians call World War Two, by an attack from the armed forces of Imperial Japan. Even after all these years, this is a case of black and white and not the revisionist shades of grey that is so popular with social media wimps these days.
And yes, that was indeed - A day of Infamy.
America might be a bit battered and bruised these days but still is the brightest beacon of hope in this savage world for the average person.
The New Year will see a change in the federal power structure in America with the Republican Party controlling both parts of government and the President being a Democrat in the twilight of his Presidency will probably do as much as possible to hinder any programs they may want to implement. Already he has obfuscated nonsense on a proposed oil pipeline from Canada to the American Gulf refineries in order to appease his voting base in direct contrast to real logic. And this is probably the start of what may sadly called a silly season in American politics.
And the threat of fiscal shutdown is growing by the day - been a while since this old bogeyman has been mentioned right?
The fun and games in American politics is really gonna heat up starting in a few weeks so hold on to your hats folks.
Strange, well really sad, not strange saga unfolding in Canadian politics these past weeks in the accusations of 2 member of an Opposition Party of sexual harassment against 2 members of an other Opposition Party.
All of a sudden the Leader of the Party making the accusations is outraged that the Leader of the other Party suspended the 2 members accused.
He says it embarrasses the 2 accusers.
He says it should have been hushed up and keep quiet and handled behind closed doors.
Does this sound right to you?
Sexual harassment is a serious charge and if true - a horrible crime.
Punishable by a civilized society that has basic human values.
But because this happened in a Government environment - closed doors and no legal accountability?
Wrong and he should be ashamed and apologize for that lack of.....perhaps moral fiber is the best set of words to use.
As it stands, 2 men have their lives and careers destroyed by innuendo.
No chance for it to be proved or disproved.
And that is right?
Oh Canada.
What is with your politicians?
Off to the Sandwich Islands for some good cheer.
This weekend sees the 17th annual lighting of the Banyan tree in downtown Lahaina on Maui. It is arguably one of the most famous landmarks of that town and was planted in 1873 by Sheriff Bill Smith to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the arrival of missionaries to the Island.
The tree came from India and was 8 feet high.
Now it has a dozen main trunks and has spread over an acre.
We have been very fortunate to have walked many times under this wondrous tree in Lahaina town.

Back on my Island we have, as you do, only a few short weeks until Christmas and as mentioned last week, I have indeed been a good person this past year - at least in my opinion!
The malls are full and there really is some sort of bustle all around.
My better half has even put up a number of lights and the like in spite of my whiny grumblings...sigh..oh well...perhaps Santa will leave me 2 lumps of coal this year instead of the usual IOU note!

take care out there,
flatlander 52

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