Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday musings

Come and gone in a blink...what the heck?
Yah, you wait 51.75 weeks for Christmas and that's it.
So now the short few days of ennui before the start of the New Year and the world slowly cranks up to speed again.
All the things that seemed to be far in the future - you know, "next year country", well, all of a sudden it really is next year now for crying out loud!
Time to plan the year unfolding and making sure all checkpoints are identified and slotted in some sort of timeline.
Did I mention learning to sky dive maybe? 
I suppose the submarine excursion yearned for, well did I forget to mention that as well?
Oops again.
Speaking of oops - it appears that I am the cause of an uproar online these days due to yet another small "oops" that happened in last weeks' blog.
Yes, someone actually does read the blog!
How cool is that???
Anyway, apparently when I modestly mentioned that we hung Christmas lights this year on our ramshackle abode, well........instead of the photo of the 3 tiny l.e.d. bulbs spasmodically flickering dimly in the night, a photo of the lights from the folks across the street was inserted!
And now the buggers want and demand royalty payments from your impoverished blogger!
Oh the pain.
Maybe they will be satisfied with a hand delivered copy of one of my travel vignettes from Goats R Us Productions?
Maybe not.
Oh well.
 I have been asked to make a few predictions (wild guesses actually) about some items of interest for the year 2015 so - here goes.
1. The petro dollar - down now but by mid year back up-up-up again.
2. Crimea - quiet now but hmm, could be a smoldering fuse there.
3. Ebola in Africa - this will not go away quietly.
4. Civil unrest in America - scary thing that.
5. Canadian election - possibly more of the same.
6. Argentina debt and inflation - worrisome to say the least.
7. Odds of me winning the lotto? Still less than zero
That is it for projections and in all likelihood all wet except for number 7 and that will be something to look forward to.
That being said, one would be remiss if, at this year end blog we did not thank all that took a few moments to read the odd blog during its almost 4 years of existence.
Not sure at this time if there will be a year 5.
Not be easy to do this week in and out and not become stuck in a whiny groove endlessly repeating the same old rant.
Some say that that is too late.
Others demure and still enjoy the words.
So with this, the last blog of 2014, I leave you with a few photos and thanks and best wishes for a great 2015.

take care out there,

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