Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday musings

Well, it is the last Sunday before Christmas and as is the norm, the pace of my life has slowed to a crawl which is OK.
It is difficult to get wound up about this and that around the world.
Just not so into it right about now.
So....let's catch up on a few things and people alright?
Remember over the years ( can you believe that we are almost done with the 4th year of this blog?) my talking about my three "daughters"?
Well, one is now a mother twice around and this winter her house has been recognized online as one of the "sparkle" homes (Christmas light festooned that is) in the city we used to live in.
Pretty special person she is.
"Daughter" number two is vacationing right now in a sunny and warm spot with her better half and looking forward to the upcoming wedding of one of her own daughters.
Pretty special person she is.
"Daughter" number three continues to weave her literary magic with three books published in the last year and yet another in the final stages right now.
Pretty special person she is.
And yes, to all you naysayers reading, these are not my actual daughters but I would have been proud and honoured to be their actual father.
They have enriched my life over the years.
What better continuing Christmas present could one hope to ask for?
And receive?
Thought so.
On another small, yet totally immodest note - a vignette from my own film production company (thanks for asking - it is called Goats R Us Productions!) is making the rounds of the Interweb!
And there is talk of possibly an invitation to the Short Film Festival held on the Sandwich Islands next year, now who woulda thought eh?
We had friends and family visit us throughout the summer this year and loved to show them our "new" home here on this fabulous Island.

And yes, sometimes it seemed a little chaotic but when all was said and done - it was a lot of fun.
We continued to explore this Island called home and spent a wonderful time on the shores of the wild, west side - truly awesome in scope.

 Visited the Prairie flatlands after 3 summers away and was re-introduced to wind and mosquitoes the size of small ponies but still nice to do again.
Flew in a floatplane for the first time - striking yet another item off our so called "bucket list" and wow, what a treat that was for us to experience.

Heck, even put up Christmas lights for the first time in over 30 years - what is going on here?
Perhaps I can put that on the shoulders of Mrs. Claws?
Ya think?

And yes, we were so very fortunate to once again spend precious time on those marvelous Sandwich Islands - second only in affection to my own Island.
And yes, many decry the place and criticize the sometimes over the top schmaltzy portrayal of life and the people that live there but there is a certain magic that no one can deny. the spirit of goodwill that exists so briefly among us at this time of year, count your blessings and take a moment to savour what you have.
For many it is not anywhere near as good as what you might complain about at times.
And truly...take care out there,
flatlander 52

and of course- Merry Ho Ho from the Elves!!!

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