Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday musings

New Year, new thoughts ( or so most hope!).
Air Asia crash was the third one in 12 months for an Eastern world airline. Many attribute this to an increased demand for air travel and lack of pilots. Left unsaid is how darn crowded the skies now are in that part of the world and how there is a lot of every day horrible weather occasions there. And NO- I will not refer to them as "events"-what nonsense perversion of the English language is this these days?
Anyway, the only difference in this sad event is that some bodies and possibly the main wreckage have been found whereas in the other two - nothing. At least those tin foil wearing conspiracy folks will have no venue to babble forth their inverted view of events, all based on the mysterious "them" doing it to the trodden down "us".
Or a case one could say of "them" stomping on "them"!
Air transportation sure has changed over the last 30 years hasn't it?
Where once seats were spacious and meals tasted like food (and free) now we are packed tighter and tighter in every new plane that is unveiled and even more disappointing is the total collapse of any form of civility by the flying public. Manners and politeness are the exception not the norm. Smelly, shoeless drunk fools and parents incapable of parenting mewling infants rule the skies and woe to the passenger that dares to object to chaos of the masses - they become pilloried on social media and verbally abused by one and all.
Oil continues to slump and hover around $50 USA dollars a barrel and many folks do not understand a possible social and economic blow to some economies such as Canada that will be. Much revenue is pulled via taxation on sold oil and this pays for social programs and general revenue. With this disappearing - well, no need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that something is gonna have to suffer - right? Yet folks are shown on TV smirking over how they are spending about $25 a week less on filling up their vehicle. rest assured the savings do not get put into the bank or used to pay off a credit card or four. Nah, more like another pack of smokes, more latte drinking or entertainment. Those that will in all likelihood be facing reduced welfare payments or social assistance - well too damn bad right?
Unless you are the one that needs it.
Then it is a big deal.
As Spock once said, "the needs of the many versus that of the few" and sometimes we as a society that professes to care, need to "pay" a little more to make sure those without can survive.
And this does not include those namby pamby tree hugging causes that truly are the luxuries of a pampered group.
Troubled times ahead I think.
Many folks are polarized over the so called thaw in relations between America and Cuba.
Perhaps they should see exactly what it actually means.
It does not mean that tourism will explode overnight to Cuba.
It does not mean American style democracy will explode overnight in Cuba.
It does not mean "free enterprise" factories and business will open overnight in Cuba.
It means the opening of a US Embassy for now.
No more.
Time and the change of the political regime via age in Cuba will need to happen.
We need to remember that there is a complete political class on that Island that thrives under the present system and they will literally fight to the death to keep the existing status quo - no doubt about that.
So all the posturing by various political groups, especially in the United States, well, is a little, can one say - off the point?
Speaking of being wrong - what the heck is with the media love fest with stupid tag lines when reporting news or weather?
What intelligent reporter can talk about hashtag whatever?
You know silly bugger crap like #Santabomb for a normal winter storm?
Or #stormofthecentury?
Or #weathernado?
This babblespeak from supposedly trained and educated broadcast professionals?
Oh no indeed.
With it now being 2015, we can expect the political wars leading to the next USA Presidential elections to start in earnest. Total legal gridlock may be the result as each political party tries to score electoral vote points instead of being concerned about doing the job they were elected to do.
Too bad.
The world needs a strong and focused America more than ever these days.
Maybe it is wrong to question the motives of those well financed "greenies" that slag oil producing countries like Canada but ignore, say, Russia or Saudi Arabia or Venezuela for the exact same thing but someone should- right?
And also, where are these vocal chaps when talking about deforestation of the Amazon?
And where are they when it comes to Chinese coal power plants?
Here on my Island, a local controversy is emerging among the citizens of our largest city in regards to the wild deer population. Once again, well intentioned but wrong folks have for years been leaving food outside for the "poor bambis" and of course the result is that the deer have lost all fear of man. There is a yearly huge damage cost as a result of cars hitting these deer as they run across streets in the centre of the city. Also the deer can and do carry disease but now that a limited cull is proposed - well, you would think that the 5 horsemen of the Apocalypse were amongst the citizen.
Heck, the people are more incensed and involved over this item than they are over, say, the homeless, Ebola, AIDS, you name it.
Ah, living on the Left..err..West Coast, what an educational experience it can be.
By request I leave you with this graph of a year in the life of Canada.

Remember my mentioning last year (OK- last week is still last year technically) that on my wish list was to take a submarine ride sometime?
Stay tuned.........
Take care out there,

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