Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday musings

Just numbers.
Some with meaning and some... without.
In America next weekend, the championship of American rules football (sorry to my friends the Yanks, it is not a world championship) takes place under the grandiose markings of Roman numerals.
The insane number of people killed by Ebola since last year this time - meaningless really.
The insane number of people killed by that dirty civil war (many say funded by Russia) in the Ukraine - meaningless really.
How does one relate to those numbers anyway?
Don't think you can in all honesty.
One sheds a mental "tear" at photos and videos of corpses strewn about - then you shrug and carry on.
The number of dollars CEO's of large companies receive for firing people in order to generate profit on the bottom line for avaricious investors - just numbers aren't they?
People celebrate folks who live into their second century.
Amazing considering that in the last century life expectancy was in the 50-60 year range.
But still - just a number.
And then....
208 is a number.
Divide it by 52 and there you go - the number of years this blog has existed as of this posting.
It started out one early Sunday morning, born out of frustration and a sense of futility at strange, weird, goofy, evil and incomprehensible actions of people around the world.
Heck, this blog has tilted at any pompous human windmill and everything from strange German words to debris flow from a tsunami to emergency winter housing for those less able to afford so.
It talked of black organic tomatoes and of the admiration I have for three young ladies that have been part of my life.
Week after week, the work of putting thoughts and emotions on electronic "page" forged a routine that never varied, whether on my Island here on the Left Coast or wondrous Kihei town in the Sandwich Islands, magical Buenos Aires,  cheerful Toronto and quiet Briercrest.
Week after week, trying to keep focus and not allow the blog to devolve into whiny blather.
Hopefully successful.
Perhaps not always so.
But one tried.
Where does the blog go from here now?
Not sure my friends.
Not sure.
I have seen readers log on from all over this darn world.
Humbling is the word that I use.
Never thought folks would read my ramblings more than once.
I was wrong it seems.
Heck - I even got a couple of comments from you!
How cool is that?
And no, the readership is not in the millions per week, heck more like 40-60 on average and still, remarkable to me at least.
I repeat - where to now?
I read this past week a blog where the writer "signed" off because he said it was "time".
I understand what he meant by that.
And yet....
I still feel that there are a few more stories and grumbles to vent in me....
What do you think?

take care out there,

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