Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday musings

Sometimes one wonders how, if at all, people think.
Seriously, do folks let their petty jealousies and envy completely skewer their view of the world?
Why the heck do they only get happiness in their sad attempts to drag everyone else else down to a lower socio-economic level than their own?
Specifically the almost unholy vicious glee of those anonymous keyboard hacks on social media that cheered the announcement this week in Canada of the closing of 133 American owned Target Department stores.
Do they not have a single gram of intelligence or compassion in their brain cage?
Do they not realize that over 17,000 TAX paying employees will be out of work?
Do they not realize that those 17,000 may apply for social support - paid by the rest of the working folks?
Do they not realize that store closings means less property taxes paid to cities that in turn provide services demanded by these chortling fools?
Who picks up the tab for that?
What is wrong with those people?
Maybe the Interweb should be dismantled and banned.
For all the good it does, look at all the bad - heck evil, it allows.
Reputation destroying media campaigns, sometimes based on nothing.
Instructions on how to destroy.
Promotion of racism, bigotry, hatred.
I dunno... I know everyone wants "free" access and information from the Interweb but when crazies and evil folks pervert it - are restrictions needed?
A worrisome thing.
I have no answer.
The PC crowd - that is to say, the Politically Correct talkers - have gone overboard with relentless attacks on anything that is not "vanilla" bland.
You cannot say anything that might offend a single person or they will unleash their digital wrath on you.
A lady in the United States is reported by media (1 person makes this newsworthy?) to be outraged/offended/humiliated -take your choice - after she saw taillights on a school bus that in her unbiased opinion, illuminated the sign of Satan.
Come on.
There is a famous saying " that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" and rest assured that this has happened many times in history and for all the good that has changed in western society in terms of rights for minorities, gays, cultural groups - well the forces that are opposed to this will eventually become aggressive in opposition.
And that is wrong and sad my friends.
Why cannot the middle ground work?
I dunno but I fear for the future.
Over in Germany in the city of Leipzig a mob of 600 people stormed the downtown area on Thursday evening, attacking local government buildings, smashing shop windows, destroying police vehicles and spray painting anti-fascist slogans along the way.
Really - this is how intelligent civilized people act?
 Not really, just an excuse to destroy and loot behind a mob face with less fear of being arrested and charged for being a criminal.
Less than a week before the elections in Greece and the party touted to win is promising free spending on the populace as a plank.
This has got to worry the bankers and governments as Greece has been considered a professional welfare case country in the European community and mainly kept financially afloat by Germany and France and England.
That will end at some point and the hardships the Greeks have endured the last number of years may seem like a picnic compared to what happen when the money spigot finally shuts off.
And not a word in North American media about this.
Wonder why.
A top European rights official warned Spain on Friday that it risked destroying its asylum system if it passed a law authorizing police to immediately deport migrants from its north African territories.
Germany imposes a road tax on on highways used by out of country vehicles (tourists).
All signs of a retreat from world integration and a push to isolationism.
And who pays for this?
Yes, the lonely taxpayer.
Get used to it.
Oh well.
Enough already of the gloom stuff.....I saw the first Spring plants for sale at the local shops this week. Primroses for $1.29 each were the big item but already the shelves are filling and with the robins back in full force, it looks like we are in the last throes of what has been a mild "winter". Hard to imagine being back on the prairie flatlands and looking forward to another 3 months of snow and the like.
Turning into a west coast wussy it seems.
Enough to make me want to stamp my sandal shod feet and spit out some chai latte!

take care out there,

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