Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday musings

The horror in Paris...what more to say than what has filled the air around us for so many days already?
Why is it that a religion like Islam is so dishonored by so-called adherents?
They are not true believers are they?
No, just "people" so twisted that they pervert a great religion for their own gain...the exact opposite of what the religion talks about.
Let them fade into obscurity - no better punishment than that.
Cowards all.
The cartoonist David Pope speaks for all civilized people in the cartoon below

So oil prices continue to slowly fall and no decrease in air fares right?
The big German bank -DB for short warns about overvalued Canadian housing.
It warns of a housing crash and the fall of Canadian civilization.
About time.
Every other country in the Western world has been hit with this tag since 2008, now it is Canada's turn.
American President Obama is promising to veto an oil pipeline construction project that would carry Canadian crude oil through America to refineries in the American Gulf States for processing. He cites lack of American jobs and all profit going to those dastardly Canucks. Of course he is wrong and spinning this to placate his political base.
The winter cold has really whacked many parts of North America this week and there is no really good thing to say about it except what we used to say on the Prairie Flatlands - "at least it keeps the darn mosquitoes away!" But we should as a society make a better effort at emergency housing for those homeless folks - they can and do die sleeping outside in this cold whether on the streets of Briercrest or the streets of Washington.
And yes, this really does matter.
I have on occasion taken media folks to task over silly and poor reporting and lazy work ethics. And many do deserve this but they really may be contributing to a modern day lynching mind set in people via the breathless coverage of social media diatribes.
We have seen way too many reports of a media storm erupting as a handful (at times and on other times many, to be fair) of people - usually hiding behind a keyboard - viciously and many times without facts attack a person or company just because....
The most recent examples occurred in Canada and the United States.
Canada - where some students in a Dentistry College posted a number of stupid comments on a Facebook page. Instead of being reprimanded and possibly further disciplined the University basically destroyed these peoples future by its' public over reaction. This was prompted by quasi blackmail from some professors who originally complained and decided that the University was not acting immediately on their demands. So they went to the media, used social forums and demonstrated against this "misogyny" until the University responded.
Overkill fueled by the media.
In the United States, a well known black comedian has been accused, tried and convicted in the social media without a formal judicial charge, trial or conviction. Whether he is innocent or guilty does not seem to matter to those attacking him on line or in front of TV cameras.
What happened to innocent until proven guilty in America and Canada?
Overkill fueled by the media.
We are witnessing the tyranny of society by the few with apparent assistance by the media ever hungry for 24/7 news - whether accurate, unbiased or just a damn lie as long as it can be broadcast and get ratings and advertising dollars.
This is the democracy and equality that our previous generations gave their lives for?
I think not.
And we all lose.
Anyway, good things still happen on this planet of ours.
We won $10 on a lottery ticket this week and by my reckoning, have only spent about $100,000 on tickets over the decades to be so fortunate!
My "daughter" the author has recently shown me a few glimpses of her latest book as it emerges from her mind and keyboard and golly, is it a hum dinger!!!
Rest assured I will be posting a link soon as it is published.
I do so admire her and her talent.
And yes, it seems that in a few short weeks,  we will be back to the Sandwich Islands as we just cannot seem to get enough of that fabled spot.
So be prepared for the odd pineapple photo!!!
take care out there,

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