Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday musings

OK, where to start?
Incredible election results in Ireland this past week. The so called natural ruling party tossed out on its' rump over voter frustration based on the imposed terms of a financial bailout from the European Union. It seems that the public there has had enough of being told that all things bad with the economy were their fault and they would have to pay the piper. They are saying that maybe the banks that created this situation should be held accountable - what a novel idea.
What a stunning contrast to the situation in the United States. There, Wall Street and the Banks were given majour cash bail outs from the Federal Government with no penalties whatsoever. Indeed the bonus structure that was so roundly condemned is back in full force! Who is paying for the depression that was incurred - the middle class of course. In Wisconsin you have a Governor that right after passing tax credits and relief for the wealthy, is intent on passing a budget that attacks unions, middle class, in effect attacking the core of the Democratic Party. It is safe to assume that this is a country wide plan of Republicans to destroy the base of their political opponents in the Democratic Party.
Have you ever looked at the history of South American countries? Would it surprise you that it is older and richer than that of North America? In fact the economies of most countries there is quietly chugging along and doing quite well thank you.
There is a court cased in Manitoba, Canada that troubles me. A judge has basically dismissed rape charges against an individual on the grounds that the victim wore a tube top, high heels and was apparently in a sexual mode - what kind of crap is that anyway? When will these male fossils finally wither away and become irrelevant? They are an embarrassment to men in general and society in particular. How would they feel if they were the woman? I bet you it would be quite a different reaction. What a dangerous clod he is!
On the topic of gas prices in Canada vs the United States. Why is it that when gas prices go up in the states it is pennies per gallon and yet in Canada it is as in Saskatchewan 8 cents per litre? That would be 32 cents in the American market, and yet there is no uproar at all? Is the Canadian taxpayer so beaten down that they are actually grateful that the increase was not more?
That is it for this week, so until next time, take care

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