Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday musings

Well, another week has come to an end.
More unrest in the Middle East. Is it me or does it seem that when one sees videocasts from mainly American news organizations that their correspondents on the ground seem to be almost a spokesperson for the protestors rather than impartial reporters?
That they seem to promote/provoke protest whether peaceful or violent?
On the American deficit front, cannot their legislators see that their inability to formulate and implement true cost control policies will spell the end of the American Dream? They cut programs to help those without a lobbying team such as the old, handicapped and the destitute and instead beef up perks for the rich and the military? Can they not see that a simple item as a 5% national sales tax would dramatically reduce the debt?
In Canada you have a Federal government that promised transparency when running for power and now has the dubious distinction as possibly the most secretive of all time. They have a Minister of Government (Bev Oda) that appears to have not told the truth to parliament yet refuses to admit so, refuses to resign her portfolio and has her Leader be "at her back".
In the Province of Saskatchewan there is an Opposition Party that continues to hold to the belief (in the view of George Orwell) that all people should be of a common low income denominator. That all wealth creation is bad, that the word profit is evil and that the solution to any problem is more government involvement.Meanwhile when they are in power, silently continue to enrich their own in a perverse sense of entitlement as a reward of babysitting the ignorant electorate.
In closing this weeks column, when will Spring come this year? This has got to be one of the wildest and toughest winters that I can remember. Snow so high that for the first time I have had to have my roof cleared off for fear of collapse. Temperatures that even today with the wind chill are in the minus 35-40 degrees Celsius. I look out the window into my backyard where the grapevines are buried by about 5 feet of snow and wonder if they will be a victim of this extreme season. I also wonder at how the poor and homeless cope in these times when more and more of North American society seems to becoming more introspective.
Anyway, that is all for this week, take care and see you next week,

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