Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome to my world!

Well, talk about a brave new world starting. This is the first of what I hope will be a successful run. I have always wanted a forum or platform to express my thoughts/opinions of  events, items or any number of off the wall topics that are rattling around my brain cage. It might be of local, national or world events or just some little niggling piece of irritation that occupies my thinking at the time. It will be interesting to see if this is an exercise in futility or in fact if it garners some reaction, one assumes that time will tell. I am not sure at this time as to the frequency or length of postings. I only hope that the quality is of a decent caliber.So this is Super Bowl in the United States, I wonder why they list it as the number as they do as the title of Super Bowl was not put upon it for a number of years when deciding the championship was done. You ever wonder why we never, or actually rarely hear of news from South America that is not good - considering that the history of the continent is longer than that of North America, of course with apologies to the Native Americans. You ever wonder where Al Gore is now, now that North America is having one of the wildest winters in modern times and all the glaciers he predicated to disappear are actually growing? He probably is laughing at all the people that bought his snake oil style books and videos all the way to the bank. Speaking of emission controls - wonder why India and China ( two of the top polluters) are not signing on to any reduction accord? And why is it that only the Americans, Brits and the odd Canuck put their lives on the line in the worlds trouble spots and the French, Italian, Spanish etc. are nowhere to be found but reserve the right to denounce the same people that defend their freedom? Speaking of headgear, what would happen to a woman from Europe if she walked bareheaded in Iran? Yet North America must accommodate the reverse?
 Something not quite right about all this I think. Anyway, time I put this to bed and see if this gets a reaction. If so, I will continue this project and probably try to learn how ro spice it up with a better looking page. I must admit to being surprised that I have been able to get so far so fast on this. Until then, take care out there.Flatlander 52

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