Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday musings

Well, this has been quite a week indeed.
First off , what a change on the world scene in Egypt. People power at its best. However a few nagging thoughts occur. The first is that the country is now run by the military, parliament is dissolved and the constitution is no more. This sure seems like the days of Nasser and Sadat. Perhaps the people will make a difference this time. The jury in my opinion is still out on this turning out in democracy's' favour. The most surprising aspect was how the Internet was such a huge factor.
Could this ever happen in Europe or North America, or are the institutions of government so different?
If one follows food costs as to their impact on the world scene, an interesting picture emerges. In Saskatchewan, Canada there was a majour crop issue last year in wheat production causing flour and wheat prices to spike. In Asia there are problems with chili production and in Africa there are problems with cocoa production. Did you also know that the heavily government subsidised corn crop in the United States is mainly being used in the production of gasoline and not as a food source?
All these have contributed to increases in basic food prices that poorer countries populace cannot afford, this is adding to the strain on governments all around and as such seem to be a contributing factor to social unrest and upheaval.
One item that is being overlooked is a faction called the Muslim Brotherhood and its role in the new Egypt. Their agenda is focused on putting in a "democracy" of their choosing, that is one that is based on Sharia Law. Perhaps those people that will defer to anything will look at this Law and realize the brutal consequences for women. Maybe it is time to take a stand and stop the endless accommodations that are made to these groups and be vigilant in guarding the aspects of the culture that we hold to be important.
Have you been following the influx of refugees from Tunisia to Italy? Rest assured this problem is going to grow and become a dominant political issue in Europe in the next number of years.
Now to the who cares category - is everyone just as glad that the American Super Bowl is now over? The incredible assumption that the winner is "World Champion" makes one laugh.In soccer there is a true world championship process while the Americans only are champions in the United States, indeed there is also a professional football league (older than that of the USA) in Canada that does not make such an ill founded assumption!
Speaking of Al Gore, where is he now that this winter has been one of the coldest and wildest in many a year?
Finally a question, who invented the symbol for the power icon that is on so many electronic devices? I hope that she/he patented it and is making lots of money off of it.
Take care, until next time,

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