Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday musings

Lets talk about the impact of recent weather ( that is over the past three years) on things like clothing, fuel and food. Did you know that with the floods in the far East that availability of cotton is a a record modern era low? This is forecast to drive the cost of clothing up  by 10% or so after April 1st?
Also, do you enjoy your daily cup of coffee? Columbia has three years of bad weather and watch how cup sizes are shrinking and prices are going up steadily - with no relief forecast for at least a couple of years.
We all know of the fighting in Africa - did you know that the majority of the worlds' coco crop comes from there and experts warn that all supplies will end by the year 2014 under current farming practices?
Did you know that the continuing mass subsidization of the American corn crop to turn it into ethanol is causing corn prices ( corn being a food staple of many so called third world countries) to skyrocket and in part is a contributor to food riots around the world?
In fact did you know how much corn is used to create a single gallon of gasoline?
You would be shocked.
Combine all this with the seemingly world wide attack on the middle class by the wealthy and you have a very grim prognosis for the future I believe.
Now to go from the serious to the idiotic - American football billionaire owners and the rich (by ordinary peoples standards) player are going to possible not have a season this year - and the owners stand to possibly get a cash payment from the TV networks of a billion to tide them through the possible strike? What is going on here?
Pampered owners/players on one hand and struggling average wage earners on the other?
Is the world going insane?
Take a deep breath, exhale and do it again.......
Spring is around the corner and that always holds the promise of better things to come. Maybe we can hope that this is true this year.
I just want my tomato plants to survive without blight this year - surely this is not too much to ask for is it?
I also realize that it is a privilege to be able to be in a country where if one works hard, that there can be results that many of the rest of the world desperately would want to have.
Clean drinking water.
Good health care.
Good housing.
The list goes on.
There but for the place of birth............well you know what I mean.
Well, that is it for this week, taker care out there.

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