Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday musings

Well, another Sunday, another day of light snow hitting the ground. I doubt if you will find too many complaints on this compared to other places around the world.
Will the Japanese ever get mastery over their damaged nuclear reactors?
I think so.
What is ironic is the mass hysteria on the West coast of Canada and the United States of people rushing to buy iodine pills to counteract the effects of radiation.
Well, so far there have only been trace amounts detected with doubts if there is more to come.
What this has shown in the massive integration of the world economy. American auto production is sputtering due to a lack of parts from Japan. Even production (done in China) of the mighty Ipad is slowing due to a shortage of parts manufactured in Japan.
This all comes at a cost and this is starting to ripple throughout the world economy that has just started taking baby steps towards any semblance of a recovery.
Experts suggest that another recession is imminent. Just what we needed to hear.
On a single person level, why is the world lapping up the disintegration of Charlie Sheen?
Nobody deliberately sets out to live their life in such a train wreck style.
Believe me, I have first hand knowledge of the demons he is living with and can only watch in sadness as those that are supposed to have his best interest in mind, watch this and try to maximize the almighty dollar profit before he flames out.
And flame out he will.
Where will these handlers be if and when he recovers?
You ever wonder why people lose faith in their politicians? Here is a good example. A member of the Canadian Governments Opposition party issued a statement where he condemned wording in an immigration primer that described Honour Killing and female genital circumcision as barbaric.
He said the wording is too offensive to people.
He then retracted when a furor erupted over his comments and said that he kind of, maybe did, should not have said this in such a way.
But that he definitely would have used the word barbaric in private conversation.
First off, honour killing is a b.s. way of putting a nice name on a horrific practise - period.
Second, female circumcision is barbaric - period.
Third, these practises are always directed at females, never males in the society where they originated.
Fourth, he would say one thing in private but another in public just to score political points and pander to a certain group of men?
How hypocritical can one get, and you wonder why people are turned off from politicos such as that?
On another note I just want to say thank you to those that log on to this blog. Readership now comes from Canada,mainland United States, Alaska and a couples of countries in Europe!
Well the first day of Spring is upon us.
This year it could not have come soon enough.
Ones thoughts are slowly moving towards garden planning, yard landscaping, weeding, mowing the lawn and wondering how soon it will be until the first snowfall!
Have a good week and take care out there,

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