Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday musings

I have referred to this movie in the past and will do so yet once again now - Groundhog Day.
Indeed, just repeating a reference to it confirms the premise of the movie where events (or in my case, referring yet again as before to the movie) repeat themselves day after day. The repetition I refer to is in order (1) events in the Ukraine (2) Malaysia Airlines missing flight (3) United Nations reporting that the planet is doomed.
Too much has been written on the first two items. Events in the Ukraine are just starting and one suspects Europe is in for a trouble and possibly conflict filled period. The tragedy of the doomed flight - well soon the media juggernaut will tire and move on and leave the families to grieve. This has happened many times before and will again.
The UN report - another waste of space by a waste of space orginization.
What has it done, say on matters like the Ukraine, Syria, Ethiopia, North Korea, Democratic republic of Congo, Venezuela?
Let it die.
Canada and other nations should walk away from that failure and sooner than later.
Want to bet  that it does not happen?
Political egos and points will prevent it.
And humanity is the loser.
So, in the American city of Glendale, California, a story has emerged that shows how extreme political correctness crap has infiltrated the world. The City has offered a self defense course for women and girls for years. Many would say that this is a good thing in a tough world. So....of course a group dedicated to the rights of men has filed a discrimination complaint against the City for not offering the same course to men.
Pathetic is too nice a word.
Someone should tell that men's group to grow up.
Meanwhile in France just the opposite has been reported.
Women there may have to ditch their high heels next time they get behind the wheel of a car after the Supreme Court ruled that wearing the footwear was a breach of the country's highway code. According to a court judgement wearing heels was in breach of the article R. 412-6 of the highway code which states drivers must be able to "execute conveniently and without delay all the necessary manoeuvres".
Come on.
Think that Spain is coming out of the last recession (circa 2008) any time soon?
The full scope of Spain's evictions epidemic has been revealed in figures from the General Council of the Judiciary which show that 67,189 people lost their homes in 2013. That works out to over 184 Spaniards a day.
Cold comfort for them.
Remember the teachers strike in Argentina where a some 20%plus increase was rejected by the teachers?
According to the front page of the Buenos Aires Herald the other day, one article declares that the 2 sides are still apart and will meet again on the first of April. While in the column right beside it is an article proclaiming that the strike is over and classes will resume on April first.
That being said, this is an example of how modern technology has in essence "dumbed down" the human workforce. Before computers and spell check, all newspapers (indeed all printing companies as well) employed "proofreaders" whose function was to read articles to check for  (gasp) accuracy, spelling, correct terminology and structure, syntax and the like.
No more.
Instead the people that own/run those papers have eliminated the position of proof reader and sadly embraced the thinking that the machine Spell Check function is perfect and cannot screw up.
Hmmm.... something like the way some governments operate in their contempt for the people that elected them.
On the lighter side, over on the Sandwich Islands a state legislative committee has approved a bill that would end an unusual provision in Hawaii law that permits police to have sex with prostitutes.
Golly, some people want to take all the fun out of being a police office on the Islands don't they?
Remember where a little while ago I ask for some suggestion for my "things I want to do" list?
I was not sure if anyone would respond but am pleased to say a number of you did. I am in the slow process of setting up my list and those suggestions that actually make it, well I will acknowledge them and the writer in a blog posting!
That being said, there is still time for those of you that may have hesitated to speak up - just click on my photo/handle and send me your suggestion.
And now the month of March ends.
One quarter of the year is over.
What the heck?
I thought Time slowed down after you turn old - say, 45 or so?
Instead you blink, you snooze, you lose and it is the day after the day after!
Not quite fair is it?
The East Coast of Canada was visited by yet another late winter blizzard and in telephone conversation with folks back on the Flatlands of Saskatchewan, one tells us that there is still 1-2 feet of the white stuff on the ground.
Here I am still surprised by the early (according to my Flatlander background) Spring times and hopefully will always be so. I was at a local shop the other day and stopped to marvel at the small flower display outside.
Only 6 months or so until the first snow flakes of winter come!!
take care out there,

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