Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday musings

OK, two rants today.
The first is about the media and the second is about politicians.
Previous postings have noted my not too fawning adoration of the media these days.
From their inability to actually report on real news such as the mess in Venezuela as compared to the number of pimples on some waste of space Canadian warbler AKA: Justin Bieber to the hounding of "famous" reality stars who pimp themselves in front of their cameras (and then complain about a lack of privacy - ha!). And... the complete callous almost evil disregard for the grief of families/friends in the case of a disaster. Take a look at the following picture taken with the recent reports of a missing, presumed downed airliner in the Far East-
The faces of the affected have been blurred but count the news vultures surrounding them - at least 5 of these emotionless turds.
Have they and their employers no sense of human decency?
Or is that question just an moronic type of redundant question?
And these "media folks" say - the people have a right to know and see this.
I cry bull shyte on that and them.
It is time that the media rethinks itself and its obligation to the public and the boundaries that they should respect.
Enough of their arrogant attitude - as pathetic as some politicians contempt for their employer - the electorate.
And that brings up the second rant - politicians.
Why are they incapable of ever, ever, ever saying they made a mistake?
Or that they are wrong on something?
Instead they spin, twist, outright lie and expect that the stupid electorate does not understand squat.
An example here in my province where the transportation minister says that a crippling of a certain ferry service will not be noticed by anyone or have any effect on any part of the economy that the soon to be discontinued ferry service of the islands and coastline that were once serviced on a regular basis. Oh no, this blatherskyte say that tourists will flock to an alternative ferry that will take 9 bloody hours to travel and may, just may have on board services improved to include - are you ready? maybe some BOTTLED WATER and maybe some WIFI and maybe COLD SANDWICHES! And he thinks people and tourists will just love that.
What the hell is wrong with these people?
They have no problem in increasing fees, charges and the like - but then again, they get automatic self decided cost of living increases don't they?
On one hand they bleat about "infrastructure spending" as a necessity for an underground rail line expansion in their constituency but use the nasty, evil word "subsidy" when something like ferry service in an opposition politicians riding is discussed.
Take a look at the crisis in the Canadian grain transportation system created by the 2 railroads. They are the sole means of transport for grains to the east and west coast export terminals and yet this winter they have moved very little product preferring to ship oil instead. There is more money in transporting oil than grain - a fact. So, the federal government after months and months of blasted begging by farmers, provincial governments and even end customers finally issues a demand that the railways up their game and ship buckets and buckets of grain immediately or face a fine of $100,000 a day (payable not to the affected farmers, oh hell no, but to the Federal government!) and all this was said with much pomp and bluster. The railways that only a couple of days before blamed all the travail on a cold winter (honestly, when have you ever heard in all of recorded history of a damn hot winter in Canada?) and smooth faced declared it was something that was impossible to remediate - well, lo and behold, they now mumble that, well, OK, maybe we can do something - wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
A pox on the politicians and a pox on the scavenger media all of them are fit bed fellows for each other!
Honourable professions - not anymore, not by a damn long shot my friends....
A pox on them but enough...
In the Ukraine, bad goes to worse and that seems to be just the start. The portion of that country called Crimea is set to split from  the country and joyfully be swallowed up by the Russian Federation. This so looks like the Sudetenland tragedy from pre-World War Two doesn't it?
And really, Europe and the world can do nothing about it, right?
So what is next?
Another Phoney War similar to what happened from September 1939 to April 1940?
Or nothing but a shrug and casual acceptance and burrowing your head into some tabloid gossip magazine?
Speaking of saying one thing and doing yet another - French president François Hollande said a controversial sale of two state-of-the art warships by France to Russia was still on. But the French government will boycott the Winter Paralympics in Sochi due to the events in the Ukraine.
Money before ideals - right?
I must admit some skepticism about the will and integrity of Europeans in this matter. A simple recollection of history showed that until all of North America (Canada and the United States) entered the 2 previous European conflicts of the last century, appeasement was the norm and armed conflict was a last desperate resort.
The question unanswered so far is this - is this quasi conflict only at the behest of one man - Mr. Putin or do the Russian people and those in the Crimea strongly support this?
As history has shown ad nauseam, logic and rational thinking flee when the banner of patriotism is stuffed in ones face - right?
To poorly and probably incorrectly misquote the words of some famous writer - this is the Spring of discontent in the Ukraine and indeed Europe and the Russian Federation.
No good will come from this one fears.
That unknown little priest from a small parish in Buenos Aires celebrates the one year anniversary in his new position. Hmm, you know - the Pope? It seems that his popularity is the envy of many politicians world wide. Amazing how honesty and sincerity are rewarded by the people isn't it?
Good for him.
From the "are you surprised at all" file - reports from the Middle East indicate the likelihood that the folks supplying long range missiles to a terrorist group in Gaza is the peace loving rulers of Tehran.
Another great left us this week. 
The Spanish flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucía has died aged 66 of a heart attack while on holiday in Mexico with his family, according to official sources in his home town of Algeciras in Andalucia.
Enourmous talent, silenced too soon.
In a rare case of showing integrity, Sweden has said it will halt all state-to-state development aid to Uganda after the East African nation passed legislation curtailing the rights of homosexuals according to its the international development minister. The sad side of this is that many people needing the aid will suffer as a result.
You know, sometimes it is so darn tough looking at the way the world is these days.
Bu then again, has it ever been really any better or worse?
There still is a quiet beauty in a sun rise.
The call of lonely eagle.
The fullness of a long, deep breath of clean, fresh air here on my Island.
One can only hope.....

take care out there,

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