Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday musings

So elections will be held in the Crimea to see if the people there want to leave the Ukraine and become of a Russian "protectorate".
Foregone conclusion.
Any guesses if this will be the end of the turmoil and that no violence will occur - now or down the road?
Right, only a mugs game that - for sure this is the start of what may be a long and violent path for that country.
In Canada, in the province of Quebec, the governing provincial party - the PQ, which loudly proclaims it goal to destroy the Canadian nation and secede as its own country has issued an election writ. The leader, a Ms Marois says the republic (or is she expecting to become the First Queen?) will of course use the Canadian currency, draw Canadian Pensions where applicable and of course pass the provincial debt back to that evil nation Canada.
Of course this will be done peacefully as she expects the rest of Canada to sigh and say - OK, fine with us.
In some quarters what she and her followers are advocating is termed treason. In some countries traitors of that brand are imprisoned or executed. America had Benedict Arnold and its own Civil War.
What about the strife in Spain with ETA?
History is replete with examples and yet here in Canada, the country  is expected to give a pass to what some call political terrorists?
Just asking my friends.
The civil war in Syria hit the three year mark.
Well done the United Nations - because is not part of your reason for being is to stop such evil as soon as possible?
Canada finishes its withdrawal from Afghanistan this past week in a quiet, solemn manner.
No bands.
No parades.
A few flag cermonies.
What was accomplished in this 12 year mission anyway?
Indeed, the local Taliban in that country tells its forces that they are to "congratulated" for "defeating" the foreigners.
In a way they have, haven't they?
They are still there, now poised to overthrow the apparently corrupt and weak government installed by Western countries, led by a Mr. Karzi. And for sure the perverted version of religious rule they espouse (completely contrary to the teachings of the faith by the way) will soon force females back into covered submission and all schooling for girls will stop.
Brave folks these men of the Taliban - aren't they?
Another word comes to mind doesn't it?
So, that missing airline from Malaysia Airlines still is missing after a week plus.
Maybe it exploded.
Maybe it was hijacked.
Maybe the pilots committed suicide.
Hmm, are you as puzzled as I am in that it seems governments can know all there is about you, track your via phone, banking, drones and the like but a big blasted Boeing 777 kinda vanishes?
Did all the satelites shut off for a while?
Did all the radar stations of every military base and airport in the region shut off for a while as well?
Something does not seem quite right here does it?
 There is a movement these days (oops, sounds a little gross didn't it?) anyway, to ban the word "bossy" as it is deemed by some folks as a bad word.
Well boo bloody hoo to them.
Come on now, everybody is soooo offended by something and immediately in order to spare their poor, hurt feelings - ban it!
Here are a few politically ncorrect words and the suggested replacements for you -
1. broken home - dysfunctional family
2. criminal - behaviorally challenged
3. clumsy - uniquely challenged
4. fat - horizontally challenged
5. foreign food - ethnic cuisine
6. illegal aliens - undocumented immigrants 
7. lumberjack - tree murderer
8. sex change - gender reassignment
9. unemployed - involuntarily leisured
And let us not forget the biggest cop out from these self styled left wing activists - always throw out the emotional dynamite of the phrase "for the children's sake". In way too many cases, any excuse for their own pathetic helicopter parenting skill shortage and the need for someone else to assume responsibility - definitely not them, oh heck no!
There is a small town in the Canadian province of British Columbia where some, in some peoples thinking -selfish, arrogant and firm believers in what you read on the Internet must be true - believe that the policy of vaccinating is wrong. Because, for the children's' sake, measles inoculation ( a proven safe method) is not done to their children and of course - an outbreak happens putting others now at risk. Immunization takes 2 inoculations so all the children that have had 1 and were in line to get the second are at risk. And these believers, what do they say? The usual crap - not their fault or problem. After all, it is for the kids sake they did this.
Ever wonder when the shift in the thinking of folks from being a responsible, participating, caring member of society was replaced by the "what is in it for me at no cost" set of folks happened?
Sometimes it is disheartening to see where we seem to be headed.
 Anyway....... here on my Island the seasons progress along with no care to the foibles of man at all.
I was able to do my (now annual as we have been here for 2 winter seasons now) Island Spring beach walk and while not in hot weather, still was able to wear shorts and stroll the shoreline - surely a sign of good times to come.

 take care out there,

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