Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday musings

In the Canadian province of Quebec, a provincial election will be concluded in the upcoming week. Presently, long nosed, pointy head pollsters are darkly hinting that the ruling Separatist Parti Quebecois is headed for defeat after starting the campaign well ahead in the  so called "scientific" opinion polls. According to these wise guys, oops, sorry, wise men (and women) the seeds of defeat were sown when the Premier refused to agree not to hold a referendum to leave the Canadian Confederation.
Time will shortly tell if these predictions are valid.
Regardless, there are a huge number of problems within Quebec that have to addressed by some government sooner than later.
Firstly the provincial debt is a horror story despite massive subsidies from the Federal government on behalf of the people of Canada. The whole economy would probably collapse if the blank cheques stopped coming in. All the pricey feel good social programs that are so cheap for the users - either gone or the fees go through the proverbial roof.
Second, the sinister religious and racist intolerance that is legislated into law must change.
Third the furious hatred of the Separatist folks against any English speaking person or even a single English word has to stop.
Will this ever happen?
Hard to say.
Many generations of Quebec folks have become so adept at blackmailing the Federal Canadian government that the largesse they get is considered by many a fundamental human right!
A lot of folks in Canada see the people of Quebec as a group of "takers" and never giving anything in return.
Time will tell.
Another shooting in America at a military installation called Fort Hood.
Yet another tragedy.
And sadly the frenzied media jump at the first unfounded rumour of the shooter having "mental problems" to loudly proclaim that there is an epidemic of mentally unbalanced military people running amok in their midst.
That does a terrible injustice to those with mental problems.
Indeed, a few years ago, on all major American TV drama series, the culprit in mass muders and the like was always identified as being "bipolar".
As if being so makes everyone  afflicted a lurking mass murderer.
Cowardly and plain out wrong by the writers and creators of those shows and episodes.
For example, in Canada, in the province of Saskatchewan, one of the earliest Premiers was, what we now might term bipolar and he was no killer, indeed he was perhaps arguably one of the top 3 Premiers ever in that provinces history. He was responsible for the construction of the Provincial Legislative buildings - one of the most impressive in all of North America in fitting with his image of Saskatchewan becoming one of the economic leaders of Canada - sadly only to be dealt a cruel setback by the Depression of the Dirty Thirties.
Some even suggest the First Prime Minister of Canada might have had mental problems.
But these days of ignorant fear based reporting, it is so easy to smear someone for being different and never being held accountable isn't it?
Over in Argentina, the signs of an economy under duress continue to come forward. According to a report published earlier by the Ministry of Economy, the fiscal deficit for February reached a new record at 7.7 billion pesos.
That is just for 1 month.
This is not good news at all.
Something will have to give and sooner than later. It is interesting that the Leader of Argentina is not running for re-election this year.
Some might say that that is very convenient for her.
What is really frustrating about what has occurred on her watch as is the case in that of the former Premier of Alberta with her abrupt resignation or the actions of the present Premier of Quebec, is that many people for years (myself included) have agreed with the philosophy that women in politics were denied their rightful place because of sexism. And that once they gained the halls of power, well things would be different. It was said that women were more consultative and more democratic and had higher standards than those"good old boys" they replaced.
Yet these women showed that they can be just as bad as the men.
Just as corrupt.
Just as petty.
Just as vicious.
And that is a damn shame.
 Spring is truly here in North America, what with the start of American style baseball this past week. Amazing sport where the teams play well over 100 games to have just a select few enter the playoff system More of an endurance contest one would think. Then again in the ice hockey league - the National Hockey League that is - there are even more games played but many more teams get into the playoffs - almost as if mediocrity is actually rewarded. A strange world indeed where an athlete gets paid in the millions of dollars for PLAYING and others (social workers, retail clerks, day labourers to mention a few) get paid paltry sums and in many cases, not even enough to live on without a secondary source of income.
Something is screwed up here.
And one can see scary parallels with society in ancient Rome before its collapse.
Remember my German word of the day?
Well this week it is going to be my Hawaiian word of the day!
Kawele Pepa.
When I first heard it, images of some exotic nature floated in my mind.
Paper towel.
Oh well.
Back here on my Island, well we have had an interesting week. Life has thrown us a couple of curve balls but we will endure, no question. Sometimes it is just a little harder to bounce back than one normally does.
I still am amazed over the variety of wildlife that drifts in and out of our area. Animals I never once saw all those years of living on the Prairie Flatlands seem commonplace here. There are a couple of bald eagles nesting within eyesight of our place. And of course our evening visits from wild deer continue.
And then this bird showed up the other day!

And the rotter saw me and tried to stare me down!
Unbelievable to say the least.
Kind of cool actually.
Take care out there,

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