Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday musings

Sometimes as the world seems to "shrink" due to mass communications and the like, something comes up that is almost beyond ones' ability to fathom.
This happened this week in the terrible case of the Korean ferry sinking with a huge loss of life, mainly young students. What kind of societal training is there that seems to make it seems normal for the captain of the vessel to instruct all passengers to remain in their cabins regardless of the situation and is obeyed without question?
And the people do so?
I do not understand this.
Is this normal action in Korean society?
Or by assumption, all types of Oriental society?
I have no idea about this at all.
Is this a consequence of so many people living in a limited land space that in order to survive and thrive, this is the norm?
Or is this a fallacy?
I do not understand this except that this is so wrong and sad on so many fronts.
We lost another giant this week.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez at the age of 87, a Nobel Laureate passed away in Mexico City from pneumonia. To rank him as a peer of Shakespeare would not be far off in many peoples opinion.
To list his works would require many lines so perhaps look him up, read some of his work and enjoy what many Spanish speaking people have enjoyed over the last number of decades.
Some sort of brokered peace was arrived at this week in regards to the "conflict" in the Ukraine but it seems that no one told the pro Russian folks there that are seizing government buildings that. So the tense and volatile standoff continues. One suspects that if Mr. Putin went on TV and told them to back off, things would happen but his crafty silence is informative isn't it?
In Germany, proof emerges that people of any age will try to avoid paying duty at border crossings. Customs officers stopped what is reported as an "elderly" man and his wife in a routine road check on Wednesday near Trier, which is close to the border with the tax haven of Luxenburg. Officers found four bundles of cash taped to the man’s genitals worth a total of over €200,000.
Unbelievable to say the least.
Headlines in the American press on this week blared about France’s supposed latest measure to protect its "lazy, striking" workers. According to the media, a law was passed that banned the employees from checking emails after 6pm. Once again, the stupidity of media folks for reading something on the Interweb and not fact checking. Because to their inept thinking - if it is on the Web, it has to be true - right?
Nope, not at all in this case.
The fact is that a law as passed making sure that if an employee did not respond to an e mail after 6 p.m., that they would not be subject to a reprimand!
And adults moan about the younger folks twisting reality - way to go!!!!
A lot has been made in the media about a number of huge American companies (Canadian too) parking vast amounts of cash out of country to avoid paying taxes. Well.... perhaps the average consumer can take heart that eventually justice and decency will prevail in these cases as shown by what happened to the world famous company of Armani of Italy this week. It seems that the firm relocated some out of country manufacturing sites back to Itay and missed paying the proper taxes for a while.
Actually from 2002 to 2009.
A settlement was reached where the firm will pay € 270 million in fines. It would be nice if the American and Canadian governments had the courage to do the same wouldn't it?
As if.
Meanwhile, on the Sandwich Islands, designers and staff at Architects Hawaii Ltd. took egg decorating to a new level by creating animal exhibits, all of them made out of eggs and these will be displayed until April 27th at the Honolulu Zoo.
Perfect for this Easter season.
Cool indeed.
Then again reports are stating that Easter is now third behind Thanksgiving (#2) and Christmas (#1) as the top gift giving time.
Come on folks - people whine about over commercialization but hey - who buys into the marketing and spends money on toys/chocolates to give the kids? Yes - you the adults that complain so much.
A pox on your hypocrisy.
It is so annoying to see those "helicopter" parents so earnestly moaning on TV about how social media has bullied and exploited their kids all the while refusing to admit their willing help in doing so by giving the same kids computers/smart phones with no rules and training and set expectations. No, they give and walk away - assuming that lack of any parenting about perils in life is a good thing and heaven forbid that they no longer are "buddies" to their kids instead of parents teaching them about life and how to grow up in a tough, tough world.
Has a year already passed since that cowardly attack on innocent people at the Boston Marathon?
Say what one wants about America, the American people are strong and resilient and good for them.
But when will the trial ever start for the one person accused of being part of the evil deed?
Seems nowadays that justice is never swift anymore.
OK, can the world just stop doing celebrity group "selfies"?
Enough of these idle, spoiled, uber rich folks smirking in groups for a selfish photo and posting it on line - do they not realize how it soooo diminishes them?
Probably not.
How about some good cheer?
A fellow blogger, a much braver person than myself has recently celebrated her 1,000th post.
Her name is Yoani Sanchez ( ) and she proudly posts from Cuba.
She is one of my heroes in this world.
Meanwhile here on my Island, well, life has been different to say the least. My better half has been cat "sitting" for a friend for the week and it has been, shall I say, "interesting"? We both forgot in our fond reminisces of cat pets past (passed as well) some of the actually drudgery associated with them. The buggers eat 24/7 and this one is no exception! As well, constant cuddles, hugs, walks outside, litter cleaning - it is almost like having an infant around!
Indeed, my better half would say I now have competition in that department.
See if I let her scratch my head anytime soon!

take care out there,


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