Sunday, June 29, 2014

I remember

Yes, a slight change to the masthead banner for this edition of the blog.
I was sitting in my well used chair the other night and thinking of time, people, places and things of times ago.
Not so much a somewhat sad journey down memory lane or even a lament for what might have been but never was but instead, a gentle reflection of the life one has led.
Like my favourite chair, my life is slightly worn on the edges, comfortable and hopefully regarded as somewhat dependable.
Memories can tend to gloss over tough times and paint good things in a nice soft fuzzy light can't they?
The days when kids after supper were told to run outside and play with friends at the local schoolyard until dusk with no fear of the predators that lurk nowadays - ah, I remember
The days when people did not hesitate to pay taxes as they were deemed fair and were expected to be used to pay for things likes roads, schools, and basic social programs to help the truly needed not the self entitled fools that demand everything for free these days - ah, I remember.
The days when teachers actually taught classes like Canadian history (Pierre Berton where are you?) and were allowed to fail an underachieving student whereas now, no one fails and parents have forced teachers to become babysitters because of their lack of parenting skills - ah, I remember.
The days when building something, anything was considered a sign of progress and something for the common good instead of being reviled as evil or destructive to the planet or some special entitled feeling portion of society - ah, I remember.
The days when professionals like teachers, firefighters, nurses and police worked because of the ideal of the profession and were adequately compensated instead of earning large amounts of money and holding people hostage by threats of "for the kids" or "potential riots" or scheduling shifts to take advantage of overly generous overtime regulations - ah, I remember.
The days when politicians actually believed they worked for the public that hired them instead of willfully plundering the economy to benefit themselves, friends and relatives - ah, I remember.
The days when projects like the Trans Canada highway were considered good things and doable. Projects like decent cross country health care, railway travel and participating on the world stage in peacekeeping matters were considered the decent and Canadian thing to do - ah, I remember.
Three channels of over the air TV for free - not the 24/7 gazillion channels of (sadly) American gossip focused narcissist crap we now endure. Where are you Front Page Challenge and Friendly, our happy Giant?
Ah, I remember.
I was at the local hair cutter this week and she had no idea of what the name Craigallachie meant to this wonderful country of ours. Canada is now a country without a past, but it was different just a few generations ago and yes, I remember.
I understand times change as this is a constant in life yet I seem to echo the lament of many folks that once were my mentors in that change for the sake of change may not be the best solution.
One cannot go back to yesterday except in the corridors of their mind but can we not stop as a society and take a look at what we have become?
The days of future past - ah, I do remember.
Here is a song from my second favourite Island - that of Maui that kinda reflects my thinking these days.

Speaking of Maui, it is the annual Pineapple Festival July 4 & 5, 2014 in Dole Park on beautiful Lana'i and that is an event one should attend at least once in a lifetime as it is fabulous!
Also as a sign that progress marches on, the state’s first flashing yellow arrow traffic signal has been installed on Maui in the city of Kahului and will be activated at 12:30 p.m. on Monday, June 30, 2014.
Wow indeed. 
And yes, I really do miss that wonderful place in the sun. It seems like one of the few areas in the world where I can be truly at peace, both with the world and with myself. It is my one hope that my last journey ends there one day whenever that happens.
Here on my Island, news emerges that the long talked about pedestrian (foot) ferry service that once ran to Vancouver will restart services in the upcoming year.
Something to look forward to one suspects.
The coming week brings on the first- Canada Day and on the fourth - American Independence Day, congratulations to folks of both these great countries. Perhaps one day in the not so distant future, groups like First Nations, Native Americans, LGBT and others may become welcome parts of the celebrations. As the late Rodney King once said "why can we not just get along?"
Well said and asked I think.

take care out there,

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