Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday musings

Well, definitely a short blog this week as the trip to the flatlands in 2/3 over by now.
Perhaps a short series of observations is in order.
So... there will be a hell on earth emerging in the shattered land of Iraq as the country "liberated" from the evil grasp of Saddam Hussein by the Americans lead coalition a few short years ago is being ripped apart by a group of thugs deemed too violent by Al Qaeda seize control of a vast area of the country.
What response from the rest of the world will we see?
In the Canadian province of Ontario an election returned the sitting government which has a proud list and history of corruption, greed, waste and possible lawbreaking to its' credit. The same result happened in the province of B.C. a little while back. Either the electorate is becoming stupider by the day or the lack of intelligent, HONEST and caring politicians has made people prefer the little bit of evil that they know than the possibility of a lot more from the opposition parties.
Oh Canada indeed.
Hillary Clinton, wife of former USA President Bill Clinton whined in an interview this week that the family was essentially "broke" when they left the White House for private life. An enterprising reporter located their tax returns for the following year.
They barely made 12 MILLION dollars that year.
I think we all wish we were that broke.
Really Ms Clinton, be honest with yourself OK?
The World Cup for soccer is underway.
Rumours of fixed scores, riots and immense fiscal wastage abound.
This nonsense has to stop.
Who will have the courage to say no for the first time?
There is more evidence of a strong swing to what many term extreme far right politics in America these days as more and more people supporting the views of the radical Tea Party faction of the Republican Party seize power and seat nominations from what are considered moderate Republicans who just a few short years ago were termed extreme themselves. Some observers see this as the triumph of fear and paranoia against reason and compassion. Whatever it is, there is a growing divide between those that seem to want isolationism, protectionism, curtailment of right, freedoms and privileges of "ethnics" at almost all costs in order to preserve their myopic view of what the "American Way" should be.
Oh America indeed.
The extreme far right is emerging in power in France and has shot into prominence in England. And so called experts said the era of right wing regimes aka Nazism etc. was long gone.
Maybe not but then again.....
Ahh...enough of that for the now as the week of driving across a huge track of this land and the stress (yes - stress!) of visiting friends and families is taking a toll...heck, I may need a vacation when I return to my Island sometime in the following week!
One a closing note, I travelled many kilometers from my Island to here on the Prairies and continue to be amazed and moved by the beauty of this land I call home.
I am truly a lucky man.
take care out there,

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