Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday musings

Aha, told you so, back to the "normal" heading this week!
OK, where to start?
How about in that tattered ruined land once called Iraq where the area seized by that fanatical Muslim group of thugs called Isis has declared that the caliphate is in effect.
Yup, the same "gentlemen" who cut off folks right hands for offenses that they consider important. 
Why the right hand you say? 
Well, look it up in your local history tome and you will see the awful impact of this for the person in their social strata - horrible.
The same gentlemen who execute any of their supporters they consider too moderate?
The same gentlemen who consider women just a fraction of a step ahead of a goat in relevance? 
Yup, these wise guys.
So one has to ask this simple yet obviously complex question because no answer has been forthcoming at all so far.
And that is, where are the comments and reactions from all the leaders of any and all Muslim led countries in this?
And these leaders say they are fit to lead?
Hmmm, about as much courage and integrity as a bag of salted peanuts one can assume.
More bullets flying and blood flowing in the Ukraine these days. The Russian Bear seems more pre-occupied with censoring the Interweb and any critics of that marvelous great leader monsieur Putin than to clean up the brutal mess it started there.
Speaking of Mr. Putin, it seems Ukrainian astronomers have named a star in his dubious honour - Putin Huilo, which roughly translates into English as Putin is a d*ckhead.
Definitely ouch indeed.
 Sure glad that I am not on their list of naughty people!
And the violence, cruel death and mayhem bubbles up again in Israel and the West bank. Three Israelis killed and in retaliation, an Arab teenager burned alive by the Israelis. Those folks really live by an eye for an eye and to the devil with you.
Those girls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria?
Still missing and probably all dead, or sold as slaves, raped, tortured or some other vile combination of evil at the hands of yet another faction of men that hide behind the cloak of religion as an excuse for being animals that walk upright.
Where is the outrage from nations in Africa anyway?
It seems that the nations on the African continent are known for blood diamonds, oil export, war, Ebola, war, religious fanaticism, incredible corruption but darned if any positive stories are ever told.
Why do they get a pass on the human condition?
Look at the woeful inept United Nations that leads the list in hurling charges against countries like Canada for the past and continuing treatment of its First Nations people and contrast that with its total silence about treatment of people in countries - say, like North Korea or Ethiopia?
And yes, the treatment of First Nations people in Canada was terrible in the past and must change from what it is today, no question. Yet what about the treatment of Armenians by Turkey? The First Nations peoples of the rain forest countries in South America? Gypsies in Europe? The list goes on but the common link is that many so called enlightened people who monopolize the electronic media have a free pass to savage countries that show some resolve to better the human condition of their minorities but turn a blind eye towards those that do not even acknowledge that they might have an issue to look at.
One says to those people - look in your own bloody backyard and do something there for crying out loud, then you just might have some right to yap against others.
Speaking of countries that just might be on the edge of turmoil - keep an eye on Egypt. This country has gone through a President being overthrown and a military member being "elected" to replace him and the banning of a religious based party with a fair amount of strife but in the total picture, rather calmly but now news emerges about something that can become a big deal there. The country is set to raise mainstream fuel prices by up to 78% in an attempt to ease the increase in the huge budget deficit. All hell might break lose as this hits the poor people the most and their reaction will be swift and violent one suspects.
This past week has been roughly hard on the Flatlands of Saskatchewan and its sister province of Manitoba with an incredible amount of rain falling in a short 48 span that has created a virtual wall of water and destruction that has and is still sweeping through large tracts of the 2 provinces. The damages are expected to exceed those of the floods of 2011 - which were then deemed "the flood of the century" Hmm, must have moved into the next century when I wasn't looking!
Over on the island of Kauai, fire crews battled valiantly against a stubborn fire in the historic Coco Palms Hotel. 
Why is this of note you ask?
Well.....that was the location for many scenes from the movie "Blue Hawaii" starring the crooner, old swivel hips himself, Elvis Presley.
OK, probably most folks do not care or even recognize the name but I am sure some of us "ol' geezers" do!
And over in Honolulu, an outrigger canoe race that started its yearly run in 1943 celebrated its 71st running this past week - how cool is that?
And in a sad tradition, once again a number of brush fires were started the past 4th of July on Maui by irresponsible folks intent on following their "right" to have fireworks detonated by themselves rather than professionals.
Amazing folks, my friends the Yanks, determined to protect any and every self determined right and freedom - whether right, wrong, illogical or in the odd case - stupid.
I still take them over folks like those from that nutcase group Isis though!
Have you looked at the American economy lately and its stock markets?
They are rattling off some impressive numbers and the rest of the economic world better pay attention as it seems that the Yanks may be coming out of the doldrums in a bloody hurry.
And...good for them.
Browsing through various "letters to the editor" from near and afar in North America, one theme that, at least as picked by the "impartial" editorial staff is that all the woes of the health/education-pick your option- system would be fixed by a tax hit to companies and a "tiny,tiny" tax to consumers. One recalls the comments from the early 1960's when programs like welfare and social assistance were introduced, in that it was pouring money into a black hole and never fixing a darn thing. That thinking may just apply nowadays.
Just see how much of your local government budget is consumed by health and education - be prepared to be shocked ant outraged by what you get in return because it does not seem fair at all. More money does not mean better. 
It really doesn't.
Here on my island, not too much to report on as the summer lassitude is well upon us and somehow the that feels just fine thank you.
My "daughter" the Realtor just informed me this week that she was in the process of crossing off one of her bucket list items - that of flying in a small plane around this island and boy am I jealous!!
Good on her though.

take care out there,

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