Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday musings

The news continue to get worse for my beloved Argentina as the Argentinian Peso continues to slide against the USA dollar and the rate of inflation climbs and exports drop, almost the same drama as is happening in Venezuela. These two countries were once the best and brightest beacons of economic and democratic hope in South America and the world looked to them for emerging global leadership and influence.
No more it seems.
It does no good to point fingers or single out particular people but rather a time to mourn for what might have been and no longer is.
And yes, life is not fair.
Still not a sign of those kidnapped girls from Nigeria.
How is it that they can "vanish" or a jetliner do the same yet spy satellites can spot you scratching you nose in your backyard with no problem?
And I ask you once again, where the hell are all those pious African Nations that constantly attack the West for its colonial attitudes in this mess?
Are their Leaders any better at all compared to those they mock?
Sure does not seem like it does it?
Presidential elections are coming in the Ukraine amid more killing and looting and general civil war. Sure happy to read reports that the Leaders of France and Germany telephoned Mr. Putin to wag their fingers at that bad little boy and were promptly ignored. Good on the pompous European Union that figures it is superior to governments in the USA, Canada and Japan for their total lack of courage in dealing with this bloody war created by Mr. Putins' regime. Rest assured, nothing would have happened without active or at a minimum, tacit approval from Russia.
Have you noticed how in the last few years. folks that trumpet "individual" rights as sacrosanct have terrorised anybody with an ounce of common sense in submission?
Take the following item reported in Spanish media this week where officials say a paraglider is recovering in the hospital after getting tangled in high-tension power cables that had to be shut down, causing a power outage on part of the Canary Island of Tenerife.
Will this paraglider pay for the repairs and lost economic impacts done by their demand to fly wherever they want to?
You get the same attitude from hikers in the mountains here in British Columbia after costly rescue missions save them from mainly stupidity and arrogance in ignoring posted warnings against hiking or skiing at certain times of the year due to foul weather and snow conditions.
Fools on ATV's ( All Terrain Vehicles) with no formal training are continually running roughshod over private property destroying fragile ecosystems or farm crops as well as animals.
These folks refuse to think that perhaps their activities should be done in areas set aside for that purpose. You know, something like dog parks have been created for dog owners perhaps?
No, not for them as they consider their right to do what they want more important than the rights of others.
Some people call that selfish and petulant.
In a posting a number of months ago I mentioned that strife was escalating in the Central African Republic and to keep an "eye" on that country. Well, reports are filtering out that show that French troops are waging larger and larger battles with Muslim rebels there. It is going to get a lot worse one suspects.
And that raises a questions about the latest spate of conflicts around the globe over the last decade or two. That is, whether it happens in Chechnya, Syria, Nigeria or Iran, when there is a conflict between the government of the day and a group or groups opposed to it, the group (s) are always referred to, at least in Western based media, as Muslim terrorists. So, is this a case of a continuing religious war that has tormented mankind for centuries? A deadly campaign for world domination by one religion versus the other, that is Muslim vs Christianity? A new type of Crusade that Christianity did in the Middle Ages but in reverse?
Or is this just a convenient way for political leaders and media types to label one side of these conflicts in order to win support for military action?
And how would reaction be in countries if the terrorists were labelled Christian rebels?
Food for thought.
One thing to remember, killing people is murder no matter what the rational used and there can be no place for this in a truly civilized world - right?
Another giant left us a little poorer this week with his passing. German photographer Michael Schmidt, who documented post-war Berlin, has died at age 68. He was born in Berlin months after the end of World War II, and was known for capturing the city's inhabitants and its concrete landscapes in stark black and white images. A true genius in his profession.
However on a pleasant (if belated) note I send best birthday wishes to my good friend Lubuc (not his real name but the "handle" he is known by) in Germany. And the same to our own Lady Di residing in the prairie flatlands of Saskatchewan.
Over on my second favourite island of Maui, the Ben Franklin store will be hosting their annual Spring Craft Fair on  the 1st Level of Queen Ka‘ahumanu Parking Garage in Kahului town. And yes, those folks know how to host a heck of a craft show!
Here on my Island, we took a couple of days to visit the west side coast area and were impressed by the same yet different look of the area as compared to our side. It looks and "feels" more like the east coast of Canada with a ruggeder shoreline and definitely more vigorous wave and surf action than we have here.
We had the pleasure of staying at a great B & B in a place called Ucluelet named the Ocean Mist, hosted by Kelly and Rod, a great couple and had a fabulous time.
Of course I cheerfully walked  (hmm.. maybe cheerfully is a bit of a stretch!) my 10,000 steps over and over again on the great trails and town site.
 On that note, I bid you farewell,
take care out there,

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