Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday musings

When did we lose our humanity and compassion?
To wit, I give you two cases of polar opposite action.
The first case in point is the immediate, ferocious, virulent and scathing social media and news media campaign in North America last year against a company that made women's' stretch yoga pants. A flaw (accidental or deliberate) made them somewhat see through when the wearer bent over and put the pants in a "stretch" mode. Even more so for the type of body figure that is more "statuesque" than most. The furor was immediate and all consuming.
Compare that ferocious media campaign against the almost 3 weeks of total silence of people after 300 plus young girls were kidnapped in Nigeria by animals piously disguising themselves as men of freedom.
Like, come on, all the world leaders have partners in life and no leader or partner prodding the leader did anything?
And yes, now there is a belated attempt by some countries to act but really, how bloody little and how bloody late is this?
Oh, and just on Friday past, the Nigerian Army has decided to leave their comfy barracks and look into this matter?
Where were they in all this time?
What is any country in Africa doing?
Nothing, zero, nada, zip.
And in North America the media is more consumed with finding out the rehab location of the Mayor of Toronto - as if that matters one damn bit.
People - what has happened to you?
One despairs at this.
And all the while, mankind proudly claims to be better with each passing generation - don't think so.
We should all be shamed by this.

I have mentioned many times about people that have left us a little poorer with their passing.
I want to mention two more to you.
The first was a world class author by the name of Farley Mowat who was passionate about the treatment of wild life, especially wolves. By all accounts a man with an irascible wit and approach to living, a true Canadian in many peoples thinking. He touched many around the world with his work.
The other man, his name was Ken Hodges, also a proud Canadian. He spent his career doing splendid work for the Saskatchewan Law Commission and in his career was respected by many but yet his life was like so many of us these days. He worked hard, was a good and decent man and yet when he left us, there was no one to mourn his leaving.
He was a friend of mine and I will remember and mourn him.

Have  you noticed that the economic health of the world has slipped below the attention span of the media these days?
It seems like years ago where every day one saw breathless announcers spitting out dire reports of the impending collapse of Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and yes, even America.
So, what happened?
 Indeed, in Canada for the last three years there were many black themed stories about a housing "bubble" and how it was going to burst (any moment now, OK, any moment now, OK, we go..any moment get the idea) and throw the Canuck economy in a deathspin and every widow and orphan would be on the street begging for crumbs to eat.
Never happened did it?
A sensible person would say,  yes, there have been problems in the world economy but they come and go all the time and really that is the way the world runs. And yes, if you lost your job or savings, this is little comfort but it is probably true.
Will all due apologies to "experts" like Mr. Blitzer in America or Mr. Mulclair here in Canada, your attempt to be Cassandra of legend is wearing thin.
We ordinary folks just muddle through as best we can, right?
And in a case of really, really inept thinking and talking, the official North Korean Press launched an ugly, racist diatribe against President Obama, calling the U.S.'s first black head of state a "crossbreed with unclear blood." The agency also said that Obama "still has the figure of monkey while the human race has evolved through millions of years," and that "it would be perfect for Obama to live with a group of monkeys in the world’s largest African natural zoo and lick the bread crumbs thrown by spectators."
What is wrong with these people anyway?
But of course the United Nations does nothing.
Russia and China, two huge supporters - say and do nothing.
This is politics nowadays -  ignorant race based insults about opponents?
Bah, a pox on all that do so.
The Ukraine slips deeper into the pit of civil war and we watch helplessly it seems.
 Protests continue in Venezuela and sadly American politicians, seemingly seeking to bolster their standings with local voters, come out urging economic sanctions against the country for the way it has dealt with the protests. While the handling has been terrible to say the least, it is really tough for many countries to accept the American position when they look at the way America sometimes deals with its' own protests.
That being said, I will still take America over such great "democracies" like Sudan or Angola.
The Yanks are sending troops to try to find those kidnapped Nigerian girls - who else?
Case closed.
OK, off to the Sandwich Islands for a fun fact.
As a kickoff to the Maui Onion Festival this year, the Hula Grill in Lahaina is hosting the 6th annual Maui Onion Beer Pairing Dinner. Now I ask you, where else in the world is there a festival dedicated to the delights of a local onion?
And that the official drink is beer?
And the Maui Onion (which is probably the best onion in the world with no question) is well worth the homage.
Also, May is a month long festival of Mele Mei, the celebration of Hawai'i's music, hula and culture.
A good thing indeed.
Here on my Island, nothing but unicorns and glitter to report.
Actually, life just murmurs along and I have a swell time with my daily walks (all 10,000 darn steps that is!) and watching the fabulous rhodo plants bloom like crazy. I never tire of seeing them to be truthful. Heck, I do not even mind seeing the odd dandelion weed these days.

 take care out there,

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