Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday musings

I was watching a show last night where one character dropped a stat about internet users. She said that 4% of the usage was by so called "normal" folks and the rest was occupied by bottom feeders, criminals, currency hiders, drug dealers and the like.
I wonder if this is true or just a line made up to be part of the script of the show.
If true, then that is interesting.
Because, considering how much "we" pay for legitimate usage of the 'net", do the other 96% pay anything? Can you imagine drug lord Mr. X getting a bill from his local ISP provider and going to the local corner store to meekly pay?
And if this was in some bizarre way true, why would not the authorities use this "trail of crumbs" to track down, apprehend and put on trial these folks that seem to always be beyond the reach of the law?
Honestly, doesn't it make you wonder just a tiny, tiny bit?
I sometimes wonder if the electronic media these days has a direct complicit part in the destruction of basic human decency codes?
To wit, it is pretty safe to assume that the amount of ignorant, biased folks in the world has always been around and possibly, just possible, has diminished a little over the years through education etc. With that in mind, it is probably safe to say that the importance granted to these fools is made larger when their activity is broadcast by the media. For example, in a professional hockey playoff game in North America this week, a black player scored a game winning goal and immediately afterward was vilified and derided based on his colour on social media platforms by fans of the losing team. Of course this was widely reported by the media but in the thinking of some pundits, this exposure actually increases the ignorant attitudes among some people instead of diminishing it.
How many campaigns have been launched on social media these days to boycott companies or individusas based solely on unproven allegations? And have you noticed that when the truth comes forward that sometimes disproves the allegations and social furor - hardly a peep from the media that trumpeted the charges forward in the first place?
A reputation once sullied never recovers even if the case made is proven false.
The situation in the Ukraine, well, grim is too optimistic a word isn't it?
One question - where the hell is the United Nations?
In America, proof indeed that certain facets of the media are more interested in pursuing their owners personal agenda as compared to what was once their reason for existence - that is, reporting news dispassionately and accurately is the recent broadcast news conference of Mr. Obama and German leader Ms. Merckel the other day. When a German reporter stood up to ask questions about the situation in the Ukraine, a TV network (Fox) cut away from the feed and said that since no one was asking questions about an issue arising from the attacks on the US Embassy in Benghazi two years ago, it was not broadcasting an irrelevant news conference and that it would stay away unless someone asked about Benghazi.
The issue in the Ukraine is irrelevant?
Excuse me please.
Around the world, journalists are persecuted and imprisoned for doing their jobs. Many are forced to leave their home countries in fear of their safety, while others never get the chance to escape before they are killed.
Organisations such as Reporters Without Borders and the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) fight on their behalf to promote press freedom and the free flow of news and commentary necessary to keep political leaders accountable, to share information without fear of censorship and to keep reporters safe.
And the Fox network is more concerned with the vendetta of the owners of that company against the President over what may or may not have happened two years ago is more important?
What has changed in the land that gave the world press freedom anyway?
Here in Canada, a sad moment this week.
Shawn Atleo, First Nations National Chief resigned over proposed changes to Federal and First Nations dealings in the area of education for First Nations children.
Mr. Atleo represented to many non First Nations people the emergence of a new leader of the First Nations. No longer one of the "good old boys" that plundered band resources and corruptly employed family and friends in non existent high paying "jobs" to the actual fiscal and financial distress of those in First Nations, he is a concerned, articulate and good man who worked tirelessly for the betterment of his people.
His resignation, perceived by many to be a result of vicious, evil infighting within the National Council as evidenced in a TV interview by the smirking head of Saskatchewan First Nations (a bitter rival) is a loss to all Canadians.
Off to North Korea for, well, their version of the "truth" as the official Korean Central News Agency released a news article titled "News Analysis on Poor Human Rights Records in U.S.," which referred to the U.S. as "the world's worst human right abuser and tundra of a human being's rights to existence.
Ask the North Korean gulag "guests" about that.
Off to the Sandwich Islands where on Oahu, this past Saturday night started the 12th annual Waikiki Spam Jam.
The festival will feature 20 eateries serving up a variety of Spam dishes, including Aloha Plate, the winner of Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race.

Spam, that "different" food group in 99.99% of the world is some big deal on my Islands. I dunno, it has to be wonderful but honestly, it escapes me....ahhh but Portuguese sausage sliced and gently fried with hash browns, scrambled eggs, waffles - now you are talking about seriously good stuff!!

take care out there,

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