Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday musings

Hard to believe that just one short week ago, I was composing the blog sitting on my lanai in the warm Hawaiian sun and just "a chilling".
Well, that time is over and in the books and of course the bulging digital photo album and video folder as well. But the memories will last and linger and for that I am grateful.
So.....Mr. Bieber ( I know, I really did not want to mention him ever again but circumstances dictate otherwise sadly) is now facing three criminal investigations in two different countries and possible charges.
He is only 19.
One has to ask where the heck in this whole process are his blasted parents and advisors?
They seem to be nothing but the stereotypical scumbag hanger ons. And what about his druggie and pot smoking "buddies"?
One can almost feel sorry for him.
Sad, really sad.
Hand in hand with that sad saga, the infamous Toronto Mayor Mr. Ford continues to seemingly careen down a path of political and personal destruction - and no one helps him either.
So much for a kinder, gentler world eh?
Instead people gleefully flock to every bit of real or imagined news/nonsense about these 2 as if to gloat over the fact that they are morally "superior" to them in some sort of way.
Where is the humanity in this anyway?
Cowards and voyeurs, that is what they are.
The turmoil in the Ukraine continues with death and violence continuing. Can a return to any sort of normalcy ever be possible or is a civil war on the horizon?
You notice how the three  world super powers are not saying a word on this terrible situation-hello China, Russia and the USA?
Makes you wonder why doesn't it?
A Canadian commentator/satirist/comedian the other day had a good comment on the absurdity of the"disaster" mentality of news media these days. He wondered how it was possible for the same folks to be plugging hyper headlines about the so called POLAR VORTEX in North America when for as long as one can remember, this was called WINTER.
And that is what it is when it gets cold and snows in the months from November to April - winter, plain and simple.
Just like every year in the summer time, there is some knothead solemnly proclaiming that any time there is a strong rainfall, that we are in the middle of the "storm of the century".
In Argentina, that great land being tested with fiscal problems, a government spokesman declared ( with a straight face no less) that inflation for the month of January was 5%.
Hmm, perhaps he meant for each week not for an entire month as reports seem to contradict him, including some from other government ministries. Either way, the population continues to feel the negative impact of an economy under duress.
And at one time, just after the second world war, Argentina had over 1064 tons of gold reserves and only 54.7 tons in 2010 and official figures for 2013 are "not available".
What was once the most prosperous country in South America and indeed the world...well today is a different story isn't it?
Too bad when politics ruin a country and Argentina is not the only one. Just look around the world today and you can only shake your head at the folly politicians have gleefully inflicted on their people through greed and pomposity.
This week saw the start of the Chinese New year - the year of the Horse, so to all "Gong  Hey Fat Choy!".
Here on my Island, it was nice to reacquaint ourselves with the neighbours and I also had an opportunity to touch base with my golfing buddy back on the Prairie Flatlands and see how life was treating him.
Good to be home indeed.
So, a little shorter blog as I recover from the return from the Sandwich Islands and the effort to return some sort of equilibrium to my existence,
take care out there,

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