Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday musings

Well, our time in the sun here on the Sandwich Islands is done.
Did I mention done?
Anyway this will be a long day as we leave at almost midnight and travel to arrive home in the early morning meaning by the time we call it a day for real, we will have been up for about 36 odd hours.
It is the price one pays for a long flight back against time zones but a small one to pay when compared to what was experienced.
As mentioned before, little news of the world filters through so be ready (hopefully) for a bunch of cranky opinions next posting!
That being said, some news did catch the headlines here, albeit only with some serious searching.
The Argentine peso continues its steep slump and to add insult to injury, the authorities have boosted power rates in the country by up to 27% in some areas all the while every region is suffering crippling brown and blackouts of long duration during an extreme middle summer heat wave.
Really good timing by the bureaucrats...and yes that was sarcasm.
The Canadian dollar (loony to some) is also at 10 year lows vs the USA dollar. And yet voices are raised in cheer from the export sector as those products are now cheaper to sell. Anyone protesting is labelled as a spoiled rich person because their winter "vacations" paid in US money are now more costly.
Something seems a little off in that logic from each example.
There is a World Economic Summit being held in Davos, Switzerland.
You notice they are always held in areas where the average person cannot afford to visit?
Has there ever been one held in, say, Tijuana or the poorer areas of Mexico City, an American or Canadian First Nations Reserve?
Never gonna happen.
And what will come from this extravaganza?
Just a photo op and some lame sound bites.
What a waste of time and resources.
The Winter Olympics start fairly soon in Sochi, Russia amid concerns about security for the Olympic Officials, their families, girl and boyfriends....oh...maybe the athletes but really in the big picture, only the big wigs from the IOC count - right?
Just ask them.
As an aside, how many people even care about the Olympics anymore?
So called amatuer sports riddled with professional atheletes - NHL players for hockey in the winter games and NBA players for basketball in the summer games. And really, how blasted relevant are "sports" like javelin throwing or speedskating anyway to anyone other than the participants and the TV networks (don't forget the obscenely paid IOC royalty!) anyway?
As relevant as a pimple on your...well, you get the idea I think.
 Enough of that for this week, last time for sun and chill.
Friday night we went to another outdoor street festival in the small town of Kihei and had a great time viewing many types of local and imported products and souvenirs (and yes, all the tacky Island remembrances are made is Asia) and sample really, really good food at a number of local imbiss (aha- your new German word for the week!) stands and mingled with a very friendly crowd.
And Saturday, one last breakfast at the Baquette Bistro in Kihei, one wishes there was one in every town. As it is, there is a sister Bistro in Burnaby, British Columbia so that is on our to visit list this year.
So, until next week, here are a few last snaps from these wonderful Sandwich Islands,

take care out there,
flatlander 53
"Aloha a hui hou"

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