Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday musings

Amazingly some news from the outside world has made it here to the Sandwich Islands.
First off, some unsettling news from Argentina, that fabulous country.
Just 2 years ago while visiting, the exchange rate of the US dollar to the Argentine Peso was an unofficial or "blue" 4.75P to 1 US$. Now news reports indicate the rate is over 10P to 1 US$ - an incredible slide in the value of the peso and indicative of inflation and an economy out of control.
This does not portend good things for the average citizen.
And the government acts like nothing is amiss.
Troubling future ahead one thinks.
As well, the country now also mourns the passing of one of its most well known poets, Juan Gelman at the age of 83.
In Syria - what else except continued carnage and death - hello the United Nations????
And in the CAR or Central African Republic murder and violence explodes with scores dying and the world does squat and once again - hello the United Nations???
Iran is bragging to all that will listen that in the signing of the recent agreement to reduce and remove certain economic sanctions in return for inspection of nuclear processing sites that it has "won" the battle and that the world community backed down.
Sure sounds eerily similar to the successful blackmail that North Korea subjects the world to - always seemingly "blinking" according to passive news media but in reality always coming out ahead without giving up anything in return.
Hello the United Nations????
Great start to 2014 for that useless waste of money isn't it?
In America, it just seems that the so called Obamacare health care reforms are being consumed by a boondoggle of ineptitude. Hardly any one seems to be signing up, the total cost structure remains unknown and not a single happy person as a result. As an outsider one cannot grasp whether the plan is so deeply flawed or deeply fought against by entrenched political and medical foes. It does seem like the American taxpayer is the real loser so far, not to mention anyone ill and needing healthcare.
Sad, really sad.
In a story that is probably identical to many, many other developed countries, a report out of Canada estimates that Canadians waste/throw away over 27 billion worth of food a year.
Imagine that.
If only we could harness a way of reducing that by a modest 20% - what a fiscal boon it would be to the average Canadian and also what a potential sharing of food resources with NO sacrifice from the wasting countries and can tremendously benefit countries that desperately need foodstuffs of all sorts.
Surely there can be a way?
The way of Democracy is under attack in the Ukraine it seems.
This week laws were passed severely restricting public protests and that s not a good thing. The first step to dictatorship is that step which is proudly proclaimed as "good for the people".
Aha - your German word for the day?
And yes, sometimes it does feel like the world has come to an end.
OK, here on the Sandwich Islands we had 2 wonderful events happen to us this past week.
First was a superb morning meal at a place called the Baguette Bistro in the small town of Kihei. You go in and the people working there (one hesitates to just call them "staff") greet you warmly and assist you superbly. Indeed after becoming jaded to the well practised and (one suspects cynical) almost robotic "how's the meal?" at most establishments, you actually know that when they ask if there is anything that is not spot on that they really care - incredible. The portions are a welcome change from either the all-ya-can- put- on- a- plate or the equally sad hummingbird portion at eagle prices that are so prevalent these days. Just enough to fill but not to over capacity - excellent. The food - ahh, so good....
So, if in Kihei, here is their website:
Your stomach and wallet will approve!

The other event was one of those once in a lifetime things that you do not plan and until part way through it, do not realize what is truly happening but when you do - it is like rockets going off.
We went to a concert in Kahului,under the stars the other night by a group called Hapa.
They also featured a young lady, Manalani English, Miss Aloha Hula 2013 who performed to three of their songs.
And what a performance she gave.
Until you have seen her, you have not ever seen the hula done properly.
Fluid, sensual and conveying meaning without words and seemingly without elbow or wrists so smooth was she.
And Hapa, they performed so brilliantly in front of  a crowd that was so respectful and appreciative that one could only marvel, and with the canopy of twinkling  stars overhead, well, hearing them was like rainbows could sing...
One knew that at that moment, life was perfect and as it should be and for that I am so grateful.
Look up Hapa, listen to their music and be enthralled.
A hui huo!!!
rumour has it that the poor fellow para surfing in this picture goes by the name-flatlander52!

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