Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday musings

What a heck of a week has passed for the country of Ukraine.
The military was unleashed by the President to snipe at and murder protestors and then the sitting government effectively deposes said President who flees to another city from the capital of Kyev (Kiev to some) and refuses to acknowledge his ouster. And then the army loudly proclaiming solidarity with the protestors? All the while Russia (that paragon of democracy and gay rights) is darkly muttering about American and EU scheming to overthrow a democratically elected despot?
Interesting times for the Ukraine one can say and see develop.
Perhaps one of the lessons emerging from this era of turmoil as well as what is happening in the country of Venezuela is the irrefutable fact that the wired Internet tech savvy world that so many live in ( and not just younger folks but their grand parents as well are part of this) just will no longer accept abusive political leaders. And that abuse can be serious or in some instance minor. Serious as in Ukraine, Venezuela and Syria and as minor as a protest over nature conservatory land encroachment by property developers ignoring the law and the wrath of activist citizens in small cities like Nanaimo, British Columbia. One sees it in demonstrations against oil pipelines where the somewhat old assurances of "just trust us" are no longer accepted or when a politician says "it has always been done this way" is roundly and rightly derided for possible corruption or cronyism.
The one danger of this great movement for sanity and respect for mankind and the planet is the very apparent over reaction to almost any perceived slight by any "outraged" person. Universities, once a bastion of free speech and expression now harbor a form of Orwellian ethics police that if any comment is made that just might offend anyone, anywhere, well that is bad and the transgressor must be harshly punished. The University in Regina, Canada banned a students Hawaiian night because posters depicted a traditional image of a Hawaiian hula dancer. It seems that a First Nations lady said it offended her and portrayed female Hawaiians as prostitutes. Of course when an intrepid reporter conveyed this report to some actual women in Hawaii, the reaction was laughter and pity for, in their opinion, the First Nations lady.
There is an interesting debate - well at least for a couple of writers with, specific agendas, in Canada about the role of the first Canadian Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. They are doing all in their literary power to portray him as an evil, racist thug. He hated First Nations peoples. He hated the Chinese and the list goes on and on. Why is it that these pundits always insist on looking at historical people in the light of today's values? The values we live under today have evolved and changed and grown over time and people have done the same. The people they mock and scorn reflect the values of the society that they lived in at that specific time. In the United States was there not a bounty on the scalps of First Nations people? Of course in America First Nations people are called Native Americans by the way. But anyway, is anyone saying that leaders of that time were evil? What about the Popes during the Spanish Inquisition and the devastation of South America by the Spanish people? How comes no one attacks them or even the Spanish Kings of that era?
Maybe these Canadian critics of Macdonald should think a bit?
Just saying....
Speaking of Argentina, news emerges where the government is offering teachers a 22% pay raise all the while freezing a large number of item prices in grocery stores for an indefinite period of time. And their spokespeople say inflation is not a problem.
A 22% raise is not a problem?
What the heck are they smoking anyway?
And at the same time the balance of trade surplus in January shrunk (government figures here) 88% to 35 million dollars.
Something has to give and when it does, well it does not look good for the average person does it?
And I repeat, oh poor Argentina, such a proud and wonderful land all the same.
North Korea rejected the findings of a UN panel, which accused the state of crimes against humanity that evoked Nazi-era atrocities, saying they were based on "lies and fabrications deliberately cooked up by hostile forces and riff-raffs."
Oh, the world will stand by and do nothing - bet on that.
Syria has submitted a new 100-day plan for the removal of its chemical weapons after failing to meet a February 5 deadline. Honestly, are you surprised over the missed deadline? And of course this slips under the gaze of the international media that is more focused on the Sochi Olympics. And just as importantly, it slips under the gaze of Russia and the USA - big surprise isn't it?
International politics can be such a load of bird poop can't it?
OK, here is a question, what is happening in Turkey these days anyways?
It seems like just a few weeks/months ago riots gripped the country and demonstrations roiled the land. Not a peep today on the news media. What is going on there anyway?
What about Iran?
Or Wales?
Guess we just have to wait until the media decides to start reporting on the news again one supposes.
You ever heard the phrase "bucket list"? It comes from a mediocre movie where a dying man has a list of things he wants to do/see before he passes. And now that phrase is part of today's vocabulary.
I kinda like the phrase want to do list instead. Yes a little cumbersome but  my thinking a little more positive for life than one for the end of life. And yup, I have decided to re-start my own, subject to changes and updating as items are either accomplished or retired because, well the idea may have been, to quote my better half, just plain dumb.
So.... item number one is....going on a glider ride. And that is a tuff one as there is no place near my place that offers such a service.
Any offers?
Speaking of suggestions - anyone care to propose some for me?
Drop me a line (click on my handle under the photo for the link) and if your suggestion makes my list, I will publicly acknowledge it in the blog.
So, take care out there,

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