Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday musings

The insanity of people continues with a beheading on public streets in England and a stabbing in the neck in France by what authorities claim are religious terrorists.
It does not stop does it?
Murder in the name of religion.
And the speakers for the faith remain silent.
Maybe the world is just too small these days with the far reaching effects of communications. Now what happens in a corner of one country is spread world wide in less than 12 hours it seems, actually sometimes it seems to spread in seconds.
Many long for the days of telegraph and ticker tape as means of spreading news.
And there is something in that concept. Perhaps the instant rage and reaction to events nowadays would be tempered and slowed if time would be taken for events to be understood.
Who knows....
So many people are so done with flash rallies and artificial concern and rage that seems manufactured on a moments notice.
Indeed, just the other day on an Island news broadcast some city councillor is earnestly promoting the concept of a bylaw banning the riding of dogs in the back of truck beds as a safety concern.
And in the same city a proposed sewage treatment plant is being apparently dropped into a residential area with no recourse to the people living there.
And he spends his time on dog welfare instead of representing the people in the city?
In what seems another step in equality for women in Europe, suicide bombers are more and more of the female sex these days. Just recently one exploded herself in Dagestan killing 18.
You ever notice young people never seem to actually lead conflicts? All the head honchos are older men usually and there is no way you would ever find them at the “front” lines would you?
You have to wonder how long these conflicts would last if the old guys would be put in a room and told to fight to the death don't you?
The mayor of the Canadian city of Toronto is in the news lately over alleged video footage supposedly showing him using crack cocaine. Comedians all across the United States are having a field day with this item. From way out here on the Island I am puzzled at the ferocity of the continued and virulent attacks on the Mayor by the media in that city. If, he is incompetent, inept or just over his head in the political field and office, then start a campaign to replace him at the next election. But not this way by slander, innuendo and “unnamed” sources stating unverifiable facts bound to alarm and anger the voter.
Once again it brings to mind the role of media these days and where it is going as impartiality no longer seems the rule but as shown first by Fox News and CNN in America, blatant bias scores ratings and apparently, the truth be dammed as a consequence.
And that is too dammed bad.....
Once again in the Ya Gotta Love dem French folks come this little item in the news this week. During the French Presidential elections last year, the successful candidate, Mr. Hollande promised stiff new laws on executive compensation as a way of “levelling” out wealth in the country. You know, the head of a corporation employing a couple hundred workers should earn just a little more than one of the staff members. (similar to what Socialists in Canada believe in and dream of) Well, that plan is now in the dustbin of history it seems.
No explanation given, just dropped.
As George Orwell said, not all pigs are equal are they?
And from Germany comes the fun word of the week my friends – sitzfleisch-cool word indeed. Look that up and have a chuckle. Indeed, one of the things I love about the German language is how they can use 57 letters to make a Germanic version of a 5 letter English word – brilliant!
And I would be remiss if I did not mention that this is the anniversary of the 200th birthday of the famous German composer Wagner.
In Spain a large bank named Bankia lost half its value in one day this week, savaging once again the savings of depositors. Is the middle class doomed in this world? Are we going to end up with rich, very rich, obscenely rich and as well the rest of the people living well below middle class expectations of a generation ago? Somewhere between making ends meet and living on the public dole?
Sure seems like that at times.
This week in Argentina celebrations were marked on the 203rd Anniversary of National Day. Thar day was the start of independence from colonial Spain. Quite a long and storied history in that country.
In America, this is Memorial Day weekend. They celebrate this day as well as Veterans Day in the Fall of every year. Here in Canada there seems to be less appreciation of the vets from the Federal Government as it continues to diminish benefits to them even while there seems to be an upswing in interest and respect from the general public for them.
Brazil has written off over 900 million in debt from various African countries this past week. All in part of an aid program to the sub continent. The question to be asked is this – will Africa ever be self sufficient? For a part of the world blessed with massive resources and people, there never seems to be an end to corruption, violence, death and poverty there.
Well, Farmers Market season is in full swing here on the island and there are so many weekly ones to go to in the area. There is quite the variety of food and consumer products available for one and all. From wild rose honey to custom smoked jerky to various articles of clothing, there is lots to spend ones money on.
It is a slower paced life here and that is kind of fun for us.
Take care out there,

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