Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday musings

A former dictator of Argentina, Jorge Videla, died peacefully while in prison this week. His regime was responsible for incredible misery, murder and economic ruin of that wondrous country during the years 1976 to 1983.
It is ironic isn't it that in this modern era, thugs like him, and others from places like Bosnia, Africa, can be allowed to live out their lives after losing power.
Tell that to their victims.
They murdered scores, did unspeakable horror and there is no justice?
And yet justice can be swift and unforgiving to the average citizen if they do something as “wrong” as not being current in income taxes – oh indeed, the compounded penalty interest charges, and auditing and possible property seizure and even prison.
What gives anyway?
The same applies to drug use in places like the United States. Rappers and media “bad boys” are photographed with drugs and smoking pot in public -in spite of very explicit laws, and what happens? Absolutely nothing happens except maybe getting their pictures posted in celeb magazines on shown on celeb TV.
Never an arrest or bust for them.
Tell the young high school kid who gets pulled over, arrested, jailed and either fined or imprisoned that this is equal justice for all OK?
In British Columbia this week, a provincial election had the governing Liberal Party re-elected to majority rule. This was in spite of all polls indicating that the socialist NDP was going to win in a landslide.
Of course the NDP are blaming their campaign of niceness instead of using so called “attack” ads. And they blame the average citizen for not seeing how good and great the NDP is/was. They blame everybody but themselves. Perhaps the average citizen actually wants to have economic growth instead of government staff growth? That perhaps the taxpayer no longer wants to pay and pay and pay even more for programs that appear to reward those not willing to actually work and pay taxes?
One interesting thing that emerged was in the over the top reporting on election night, all the talking heads constantly referred to active “Twitter” postings as if this was doctrine to be followed. Is it not interesting that these professionals have not grasped the fact that it seems that when people “live” their lives and beliefs on “Twitter”, that many of the same people abdicate any and all involvement in the real world? They post their real or imagined outrage against governments, companies, individuals and figure that that is enough. No need for them to actually vote and effect change.
No need at all.
And one day all the businesses that react so quickly to Twitter campaigns and stated moral outrage will say, you know, these comments are from a few thousand or so people, the rest of the people, to quote a famous American politician, the silent majority are the ones we will look after.
And all the good that has/was done to date will vanish – and that is tragic.
In America, all the goodwill built up for the President, Mr. Obama, after re-election is fading quickly. Whether it is the strange details emerging over the attacks and response in Benghazi, the IRS treatment of the political Tea Party or the reading of Associated Press accounts (supposedly confidential without a court order and none seems to have been issued) more and more people are wondering what is going on with their government.
In Canada, the Federal government is starting to be perceived as one of cronyism and corruption. A number of Conservative Senators are being investigated for misuse of money rules and the Prime Ministers reaction seems to be one of “who cares?'
If both instances are really true and reflective of the Leaders, what is going on?
Is there no honour or integrity anymore in any level of government?
And yet, I read the local paper and am so encouraged to see how times the citizenry rally in small groups to pressure local governments on causes dear to them. Usually they are unsuccessful but darn it, they do keep trying and that holds out hope for the future.
More effective that Tweets or Letters to the Editor in my opinion.
And honestly, is any other political system better?
I thought not.
Just to remind the world that they are not going away from the world stage, good ole North Korea test fired some short range missiles off their east coast.
Isn't someone going to spank them soon?
They are so tiresome......
A recent poll in Germany indicates that support for the country to ditch the Euro and return to the D Mark, which is scaring the bejeesus out of the rest of the European community.
Interesting to say the least.
I suspect the leaders of say, Cyprus, Greece, Spain are not sleeping well these nights/ And of course let us not forget the French with a well earned reputation of not being, let's say, not the most industrious country, who talk and dream big but rarely back up their words with actions.
David Beckham is retiring from professional soccer, and the big question is – so?
Just another overpaid athlete, no more no less.
One of the sad things about obscenely paid athletes is that so many retire crippled from injuries and within years are broke. Hanger-ons, instant  “relatives”, flim flam financial advisers strip money off them so quickly and drop them as soon as the money trains ends and yet pro sport leagues do absolutely nothing to help them secure their futures. Where is their responsibility in this? So many of the athletes are basically over sized kids with little real education and yet they are given literally bags of money with no “strings” attached.
Something is really wrong with that.
Almost like modern day gladiators being thrown to the lions like in days of ancient Rome isn't it?
So, a couple of weeks ago I talked about the possible flooding on the Prairies?
Well, now that is a dim memory and reports emerge about a dry spell engulfing the area?
And a long hot summer is forecast as well!
What the heck anyway?
This week on the Island we had 2 cruise ships call into port.
What a sight they were.
Massive beasts of the ocean discharging lots of tight fisted sight seeing tourists. Somehow the local merchants that thought these same tourists would shell out big bucks for items forgot that when they go on tours themselves, all they care for are tacky t shirts and fridge magnets for souvenirs. And good meals, better on board than onshore as on board they are paid for one never knows the food safety of shore meals no matter how good they look and taste.
So why would these tourists be any different?
That being said, these boats and tourists do bring outside cash into the local economy and every dollar should be appreciated.
We went to the harbour front and visited the local trade fair and had some wharf side entertainment provided while there.

Ah summertime, marvelous!
Take care out there,

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