Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday musings

So last week I mentioned that the Argentinian Peso was approaching the 10 to 1 ratio against the US Dollar and how that was/is not a good sign?
Well, it blew through the 10 to 1 psychological barrier and now is at nearly 10.50 to 1 and the government has announced some form of amnesty law of forgiveness to citizens if they “declare” hidden US money at home or abroad so long as they also convert them immediately into Pesos.
Fat chance one suspects.
A former high ranking finance official in that country has declared that the economic situation is worse than it was back in 2002 when the country started on the road to rampant inflation and fiscal default of international loans.
One hopes for the best but has to fear what may soon be a possibility in that storied land.
It is so hard to believe the rapid change that has occurred there since we visited there last year in February.
A car bomb exploded in Turkey killing 43 and raising fears that the violence in Syria is starting to spread to other countries.
Whether this is true or not, how many times in the past was the international political opinion that even if the ruler of a country was a despotic deranged killer, at least he was keeping the (a) communists (b) socialists (c) religious fanatics (fill in the blank______) at bay and keeping the rest of the world safe for democracy.Thereby action was not required to effect change in that country by the international community? How many died for this lack of moral courage from world leaders?
Many so called democratic countries rushed into invading Iraq on the threat of non existent weapons of mass destruction but these same countries sit on their hands in the instance of North Korea and Syria.
Pathetic isn't it?
In America, as mentioned earlier here, all the small airport control towers (well over 100) that were to close as a result of the dreaded “sequester” and financial cliff twaddle once again have gotten more money to stay open.
Just like all the border staff are still working.....
And politicians wonder why the public is so sick and tired of them and their cynical ways?
Pretty easy to answer that isn't it?
In Canada, a Federal Government Senator who somehow misread the rules on expenses (oh no-not his fault-just ask him!) and was forced kicking and screaming to pay pay some $90,000 is now being praised by his fellow politicos as being a paragon of fiscal responsibility for doing so.
Sounds like he could give Lindsey Lohan some tips doesn't it?
But in Germany, here is good news clip - a center in Nuremberg is offering a course to sex industry professionals on how to cater to the sexual needs of disabled clients!
Practical people those Germans.
In Pakistan where elections were held, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has claimed victory based on partial vote counts showing his party in the lead. The day, much like the campaign, was marred by violence that claimed at least 24 lives. Yet in spite of these attacks, attributed to Islamic fundamentalist styled groups of terrorists who believe democracy is contrary to the way of Islam, people voted and participated in the process – good for them.
History, not just recent by the way, is sadly filled with examples where groups of “people” intent on violent societal change operate under the guise of religion – and not just one but many different religions have been so used. For all the pointing at Islam today, one also should look at the Crusades or the Inquisition, the history of the Southern Hemisphere under colonial Spain and the list goes on and on.
Will mankind ever change?
Remember how a short number of years ago we were bombarded with stories from so many “experts” that the world would be out of oil by 2010 or so? The American colossus was to be brought to its knees because it was the largest importer and consumer of oil in the world? How solar, wind, nuclear was the only hope for mankind and no matter what the cost had to developed right away?
With recent discoveries America is now a net exporter of oil and even Israel is poised to become one as well.
So what happened?
Speaking of oil, I remember being taught that oil was created from the decayed corpses of extinct dinosaurs many millennium ago. Sure must have been one heck of lot of those dino's around wouldn't you agree?
Is that theory still in vogue or is there one that could be said, more realistic?
Also, how come while oil has been under $100 a barrel for quite a while now, that the price of a litre of gas here on the Island has gone up over 20% in the past 7 months?
And the politicians remain strangely quiet.....
Speaking again of oil, you ever wondered how much money Al Gore while crisscrossing the globe in polluting private jets preaching against evil oil, has made?
Has he kept it all or donated any to eco activities?
Remember how he sold his Current TV network to the Emir of oil producing Qatar which owns Al Jazeera?
And people still follow him blindly?
Well, whatever.......
A Canadian man collapsed and died this past Tuesday afternoon after hiking on a Hawaiian lava field little more than 50 metres from a subdivision on the Big Island. Yes, it is tragic, but... really? This is an active lava flow field and I have been to it years ago and I have to tell you that (a) it is clearly marked as to being off limits to people and (b) incredibly bloody hot because, duh, the lava is not ancient but new as in it usually is hours or days old as it oozes out of the ground there. So why is it that people are so entitled these days that they can ignore warning signs and instructions to stay away from things like this or as in the case in B.C., walk/snowshoe into the bush in winter on CLOSED hiking trails due to snow avalanche dangers and then expect to be rescued and at no cost financially to them?
Rules aren't meant for them now?
Speaking of Hawaii, a boat carrying 60 people on a dinner cruise ran aground in Lahaina Harbour this week. Fortunately all were rescued with no injuries. Where is Jimmy Buffet with a song when you need him anyway?
Lahaina town is one of those must see places when one goes to Maui where besides what is arguably the largest banyan tree in Hawaii, there is also fabulous ice cream and shaved ice available at Lapperts Ice Cream shop and superb hamburgers at the local Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurant – well worth the time and effort to visit as we have done over the years.

So in talking with people back on the Prairies, it seems that golf season in almost there and the local greenhouses are slowly starting to display product on the once barren shelves.
That is a good thing.
For as much as the economy there has diversified from mainly being farming, in the case of Saskatchewan, grain is, and always will be, needed by the world and the sooner the crop is in the ground, the better.
And finally, a report on my most recent golf round. It is almost embarrassing but a score of 82 was my result and I have not shot such a low score in decades to be truthful.My buddy in Regina brought me back to Earth when after being told of this wonder, inquired if I had either only played 9 holes or had hit any windmills on what must have been a mini golf course!
Take care out there,
flatlander 52

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