Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday musings

This week is going to be somewhat different than normal.
Not so much on world events but comments on a couple of topics that have been in my mind for a while and one specifically that sparked some thoughts – and yes, there are those among you that will probably raise a cheer to hear that I have been “a thinking” - hoo-rah indeed!
I read a column in the Huff Post Canada on line this week and it was about bloggers, the truth and journalists.
You know, I always knew in the background of my thinking, that the Interweb is so bloody full of out and out liars, some just stupid, some evil and some just twisted.
But I really believed that a huge number of bloggers, myself included, really, really try and have tried to be honest and tell their opinions based on true recitation of facts. Facts that could be tracked and verified as correct by anyone so inclined to check.
This is why I never became a user of Twitter, Facebook and other social media. I saw and still see those forums as a place for many liars, cowards and cruel people to hide behind while they destroy people via the printed word and hide behind a faceless keyboard while doing so.
Reading that in the Huff Post makes me question the usefulness of posting blogs, mine included.
In all my posts, I tried to discuss in a rational way actual events that happened and many times, my thinking on them, whereas others post a rumour, or a ideology twisted version of “something” just to further their desire to mould the world in their way.
Today's' media is so saturated with reports of people killing themselves over taunting by others on the Internet, and reports of instant boycotts of products, companies or even individuals because of “something” real or rumoured that annoyed someone and the affected party in a paroxysm of fear instantly do a frantic headstand to buy their way back into the public's affection – whether or not the disgruntled group is one person or a million. You have seen on the TV news reports of mass demonstrations where occasionally the camera shifts its lens from the dozen or so professionally angry marchers to the back of the “masses” revealing maybe another dozen folks? And yet the media constantly repeats this event as if it is shaking the foundations of the country it is occurring in.
Is no one accountable anymore?
Anyone at all?
It seems not.
Here on the Island a local newspaper editor published a letter raising some points of interest in the status of First Nations and some thoughts on the history in regards to their treatment by the Federal Government and their own self government. Instantly demonstrations materialized and he was loudly denounced as a racist.
Whatever happened to dialogue?
Everyone is a victim of racism it seems.
Everyone is a victim of bullying it seems.
Everyone is harassed it seems.
Everyone deserves everything for nothing it seems.
And no one is ever at fault it seems.
You know, it really is tiring and disappointing to watch this world unfold these days.
I, as all in my generation, grew older and listened as we were told that the newer generations were so much better than those that preceded them. They were better educated. They were in tune with the planet. They cared about the welfare of all their fellow man. They were not so money grubbing and materialistic as previous generations were. They were a better “species” than existed before.
What the hell happened on the way to this state?
The new generations are no better than the one they rebuked and derided.
And that is a tragedy, dammit.
I have no answer, just as before, my observations. Besides, to be honest, the opinion of an individual on an Island on the outskirts of a minor country like Canada, really does not matter to any movers and shakers in the real world does it?
I sometimes wonder if the impact of mass global communications happening in the blink of an eye, is in all honesty, a bad thing for mankind.
A blip on the financial markets in the Far East sends immediate tremors through Europe and North America whereas in years before, circa 1960 and past, the impact would be minimized by time and distance as the event would slowly unfold in the public consciousness. Peoples' jobs, savings and way of life are now dismissed in a blink of an eye. Check the stock market crash of the 1930's – that was all over the world but took a while to spread and the recovery when it did happen, was different than what now happens such as the continuing recovery from the crash of 2008 shows.
And instant communications sure as heck have done absolutely zero in wars and armed conflicts – right? Shall we mention Bosnia, Syria, Somalia and on and on? How about in cases of natural disasters such as what devastated Haiti three years ago? Where was and is the response?
Of course there is no answer to these questions, just more questions my friends.
And that is today's comments on sorrow and regret.
Ah, enough already....
OK, to a few thoughts on the world....
America is really, really on the edge of a precipice with the government shutdown or as spin masters are spouting – in a slimdown mode with emergency bills being passed to pay some laid off federal workers in an effort to appease the public anger. And this shutdown is the result of the splinter Republican group Tea Party holding all in ransom in its virulent opposition to a passed law- the so called Obamacare Act. They would rather destroy the country than work to repeal the law through legislative means. As a group that proclaims that they are super patriots, one has to wonder about them as one of the group of workers laid off due to money cutoff is a large number of intelligence agents – the folks that help to safeguard America from foreign threats.
Doesn't make sense does it?
Mr. Obama cancelled his Asian visit due to the turmoil in government and many observers see this as an opportunity for China to once again flex some political and military muscle in the Far East. It seems more and more these days like America is retreating from the world stage and that really is not a good thing. While some bemoan what they see as American Imperialism, how about looking at some of the alternatives? And a whole bunch of these people live under the security of the American umbrella don't they? You never see them moving to so called “hot spots” to live under the helpful gaze of dictators do you? Naw – they love their lattes and safe streets.
The world still needs a strong and vibrant America, no question about that.
Here on my Island, fall is slowly approaching with leaves changing from green to red and gold and presenting a vivid tapestry for all to see.

Already we have had reports of an early season blizzard hitting a couple of western states in America – brrr indeed!
Hopefully, not here on my Island!
So ends another weeks posting,
take care out there,

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